Nailed It!

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(I’m working in a store that sells sewing and knitting supplies. A man is standing by the pins and needles, looking a bit lost, so I go over and ask if he needs help.)

Customer: “I need something like these—“ *holds up a box of pins* “—but a bit longer and thicker. They need to be sturdier so I can hammer them in.”

Me: “You mean… like a nail.”

(The customer’s face lights up as if he has had a major revelation.)

Customer: “Yes. Nails. Indeed!”

Me: “I think you should check the home improvement store.”

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A customer has brought a piece of fabric to another staff member.

Co-worker “(My name) this fabric has a hole cut in it, can we give a discount?”

Me *looking at hole and measuring fabric “Yes, you can make it $10”.

Customer “$10?  No, you do it for $6,”.

Me “No, I said $10, I can’t take it down to $6”

Customer “But it’s got a big hole in it, I’m not paying $10”.

Me “I’m already giving you more discount than I should, the hole is near the end of the fabric”.

Customer “The hole is huge, I can’t use that part”.

Me “The hole is right at the 2 metre mark, 10 cm from the edge, I”ve already given you more discount that I should have”

Customer “No, that piece isn’t worth $10.”

Me “That fabric is $16 a metre, there’s almost 2 metres of usable fabric there.  You are getting a bargain at $10.”

Customer *realising I know what I am talking about “Oh, I’ll take it then”.

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(I work at a fabric store where a lot of customers come in needing us to help calculate how much fabric they need. Often it is a simple matter of math, but not being so great with numbers myself, I try my best not to judge. I walk up to the cutting table to see two women who have completely unrolled a bolt of outdoor fabric to see if it would fit over a long cushion they had brought with them. I step in to help them finish.)

Me: Hey there! What can I cut for you today?
Customer #1: Oh we just wanted to see if this fit! We’re not seamstresses or anything, so we needed to be sure!
Me: That’s fine! However it’s usually just a simple matter of math. Will you just be needing the cushion or do you need the fabric for anything else?
Customer #1: Well we need two pillows. But all the pieces should be able to fit into the width right?
Customer #2: Oh, definitely!
Me: Well let me just measure to be certain.
(I can tell just by looking that the pillow might be a little too big, but just a little. I don’t blame them for not seeing that though. The width of the fabric is 54″ and the pillow is 14″x18″. 14 times 4 is 56, which is too long to fit all four pieces into the width of the fabric. However two pieces will easily fit in the long way, meaning they will need around 28 inches of fabric.)
Me: Unfortunately the pillow is a little too big to fit all of the pieces for the pillow. The width is 54″ and you need 56″.
Customer #1: *stares at me blankly for a few seconds*
Customer #2: so it’ll fit?
Me: No. You need 56 inches. This fabric is only 54 inches wide.
Customer #1: I’m not following. We’re not seamstresses.
Me: You don’t have to be a seamstress. You need 56 inches of fabric for all four pieces. You have 54 inches. 54 is less than 56. You are missing two inches.
Customer #2: Well it looks like it will fit! (The customer takes the pillow form and rolls it down the width while counting. Even though that’s not as dependable of a way to measure as using factual numbers. Even so, she comes up short.)
Customer #1: Oh…I guess it doesn’t fit…
Me: Yes. You can do it this other way, and then have extra for the ties you want for your cushion. You’ll need 28″ of fabric.
(It still didn’t seem like they understood what I was saying, but they eventually relented. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to help people older than myself with basic addition and subtraction!)

Regular Race Issues

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(In between my semesters at college, I work at the local fabric and craft store. During my years working, we come to know this one regular that most of the staff hates seeing. She will be in the store for several hours shopping, and when she finally comes to the cutting counter, she is very particular about who cuts her material and how they cut it — in other words, a huge pain. She is also known for being a pain at the checkout and each visit always involves her calling corporate with a complaint that, when investigated, proves she is making things up. Eventually, corporate starts ignoring her calls. In one of my last encounters with her, she wished that another customer would get into a car accident after she let them cut in line and they didn’t thank her. I’ve returned for a summer and I’m working closing when I realize that I have not seen this regular yet, so I ask my coworker about her.)

Me: “So, [Coworker], I haven’t seen [Regular] in some time. Has she been in here?”

Coworker: “You didn’t know? She got banned.”

Me: “Banned?! But how?”

Coworker: “It started when she tried to use one 40% coupon on every single item she had, claiming that because she was such a valued customer buying so much stuff, we should do that for her. [Manager] explained that our policy was one coupon per item and that we cannot change it. So, [Regular] then started calling [Manager] the N-word.”

(For context, [Manager] is a six-foot-tall black woman.)

Me: “I knew [Regular] was bad, but I didn’t know she was racist!”

Coworker: “It gets better. [Regular] then hung around telling every customer in the store about the terrible N-word woman and how she was going to shoot her in the parking lot later! [Manager] had enough and, once she got word of this, called the police.”

Me: “Did [Regular] get arrested?”

Coworker: “No, she was long gone before they came. But they got her information and recommend that [Manager] never let [Regular] into the store again, and that they were going to her house to let her know that she’s not allowed at the store anymore.”

(Sure enough, it’s been years and that regular has never once returned to store.)

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(I work at a fabric store measuring and cutting fabric, from quilting cottons to upholstery. One guy comes in, a little confused as to how the process works, but he needs vinyl to repair a seat on his boat)
Customer #1: (After some haggling about how much vinyl he needs) Okay, so I need 20 inches of this stuff then
Me: Okay! (Measures and begins cutting)
Customer #1: Oh! Make sure you cut it straight. Last time they didn’t cut it straight and it messed me up
Me: (Nods, continues cutting)
Customer #1: Okay, now measure that side again?
Me: (Checks) 20 inches
Customer #1: (Grabs other side of fabric, throws it across the table at me) Now measure that side.
Me: (Measures) 20 inches
Customer #1: …Okay then
(He pays and leaves. My manager is cutting some batting for another lady at the table. She glances over her shoulder as she begins to confirm the man has left)
Manager: (To lady, jokingly) I apologize in advance if it’s not cut exactly straight.
Customer #2: (Jokingly) Oh, well if it’s not exactly straight I don’t want it! (laughs)