Chocolate Cures Everything

| Houston, TX, USA | Friendly | May 9, 2017

(I just got diagnosed with a sinus infection and a really bad ear infection that I don’t feel. On top of that my period had started and is rather painful the first two days. Nonetheless, I still come to work but have a ton of medicine in my system. About a half hour into my shift, I suddenly lose all strength in my body and fight to not pass out by leaning against the counter and baskets whenever no one is looking. I see a customer approach and straighten myself and put the best smile on that I can.)

Me: “Hello, how much do you need?”

Customer: *looks really concerned* “Are you all right?”

Me: “I’m fine.”

Customer: “Are you sure? I saw you leaning against the basket and you look pale.”

Me: “I just feel very weak right now. I’m on a ton of antibiotics after seeing the doctor yesterday.”

Customer: “Do you want me to get you something? Like chocolate?”

Me: “That… would be nice.”

(As I cut her material, she runs to the front and returns a few minutes later with a chocolate bar.)

Me: “I…”

Customer: “Don’t worry, chocolate is a good pick me up.”

(I finished cutting her material and thanked her, send her on her way taking a few nibbles of the chocolate. About an hour later and a quick break my strength returned, allowing me to finish my shift with no problems. The customer returned a few days later allowing me to thank her once again for the chocolate and she was glad to hear that I got better and that my infection was almost cleared. Thank you so much, miss.)

Asking The Wrong Questions

| UT, USA | Right | February 6, 2017

(I work at a well known chain fabric store. A customer approaches me with a bolt of fabric.)

Customer: “Can you tell me if you have this in black?”

(There’s no easy way to find a fabric in a different color because it has a different number so it’s a job of pulling down every bolt of that color and looking for the name. But I’ll always try on the off chance I can find it.)

Me: “Sure, let’s take a look.”

(After pulling down 20+ bolts of black fabric and checking the names, I can’t find it.)

Me: “Looks like I’m all out of that one in black, unfortunately.”

Customer: “Okay. Where would it be if it were in the wrong place?”

Me: “…”

A Close-Knit Employee

| OH, USA | Right | January 16, 2017

(I recently started a job at a fabric store, where my main duty is to cut fabric. During my training, since I have no prior experience with fabric or sewing, I constantly ask my supervisors for answers. While I am currently on seasonal pay, the general manager has said that I am actually a part-time employee.)

Customer: *approaches me* “Miss, can you help me?”

Me: “Sure, what is it?”

Customer: “Can you recommend a spray for my tee-shirt quilt? You have two different kinds and I want to know which you think is better.”

Me: “Umm, I personally do not know, but let me ask someone who’d know.”

Customer: “Oh, you’re one of those seasonals?”

Me: *about to page my supervisor on the radio* “Yeah?”

Customer: “Figures. These days, you’ll hire anyone off the streets who can wield scissors.”

(I have no answer to that. I page my supervisor and get an answer. Before I can relay it, the customer continues on.)

Customer: “What experience DO you have with fabric?”

Me: “None, but—”

Customer: “Figures. I probably won’t see you after January.”

Me: “But I am the only employee who knows a lick about knitting.”

(The customer had the decency to look ashamed! As for my knowledge of sewing, my supervisor and my mother are both teaching me.)

Fifty Percent Off Is Way Off

| Orlando, FL, USA | Right | November 29, 2016

(I’ve been helping a woman with her fabric. She has been a challenging customer from the start, insisting I carry her fabric for her, choosing fabric inappropriate for her project (using blackout curtain lining to upholster a chair), and disputing the measured length. I’ve finally cut her fabric and given her the ticket to check out when she asks if she can use a 50% off coupon on her purchase.)

Me: *in an attempt to be lighthearted* “The bad news is you won’t be able to use your coupon; the good news is that it’s because this fabric is already on sale for 50% off, so you can save your coupon and use it on your highest priced non-sale item!”

Customer: “I can’t use my coupon? It didn’t say it was on sale! I don’t want it then!”

Me: “You don’t want to buy this fabric on sale for 50% off because you can’t use your coupon for 50% off? Is that right?”

(It took me and the manager on duty ten minutes and a calculator to show her that she was paying the exact same amount for the fabric either way and was actually saving money because then she could use her coupon on another item in her transaction. She still didn’t believe us and the manager thankfully took over and rang her item at full price and let her use the coupon on it.)

Some Customers Are Cut From Different Cloth

| LA, USA | Right | November 7, 2016

(We have glass doors, so when I see someone pull up and try to get in after closing, I signal and mouth to that we are closed. Most people would see this and leave, but not everyone.)

Customer: *through the glass doors* “Do you have [fabric]?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Can you go get it and show me?”

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