Not Addressing The Readiness Issue

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(Many of our customers are older and need a little extra instruction for basic tasks, like how to visit a website.)

Me: “Go ahead and open up your Internet. Let me know when you’re ready, and I’ll g—”

Customer: “I’m ready.”

Me: “—ive you the addr—”

Customer: “I’M READY!”

Me: “—ess to… Okay, great! That address is www—”

Customer: “Hang on, hang on! I need to find the box!”

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Someone Else Needs That Coffee

, , | Working | March 27, 2018

Me: “[Combo] with a medium black coffee, please.”

Cashier: “Would you like cream and sugar in that?”

Me: *long pause* “No.”

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Her Brain Is Not In The Fast Lane

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(At my store, there is a one-lane, paved area for loading and unload. It leads from the main street and into the parking lot. It is meant for our trucks to drop off product, but many people use it, despite the sign that clearly states “DO NOT ENTER” on both sides. Today, we are receiving many different trucks, and this is the wonderful customer I get. A woman walks up to my register, clearly upset. There are no other customers around.)

Me: “How can I help you today?”

Customer: “You need to tell the drink truck to move! He is blocking the side entrance!”

Me: “I am sorry, ma’am, but we cannot ask him to move. He is unloading our products that we need for the store.”

(We have two other entrances and exits.)

Customer: “You have to tell him to move! That’s not fair that he can just sit there and block the lane!”

Me: “Ma’am, that is actually our loading dock, specifically made for trucks to unload. Also, there is a ‘DO NOT ENTER’ sign because it is not meant for customers to drive through.”

Customer: “EXACTLY! There is a ‘DO NOT ENTER’ sign! So, you need to have him move.”

(I am losing my patience.)

Me: “Ma’am, that sign is for you, the customer, not for our trucks.”

Customer: “No, it is not! It means he is not supposed to park there! I demand you tell him to move his truck!”

Me: “I am not going to do that. It is meant for unloading, not for customers like you to drive in. There is a sign that clearly states ‘DO NOT ENTER,’ and it is one lane. It is to prevent a head-on collision. If someone from the main street drives in and someone from the parking lot drives out, there would be no room for the cars to pass. That would cause a hazard, which is why it is not meant for customers!”

Customer: “That is just stupid! Why would someone go in when I am coming out?! I use it all the time!”

Me: “Do you ever drive in from the main street using that lane?”

Customer: “Yes, all the time!”

Me: “Do you ever drive out of the parking lot using that lane?”

Customer: “Yes!”

Me: “Is it big enough to fit two cars?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “So, do you see why it would be a problem for customers to be using that lane? Especially on days when we have trucks parked there?”

Customer: *pause* “You should tell him to move!”

(She stormed out, never to be seen again. And no, we did not ask the truck to move!)

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Email Fail, Part 17

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(I work in the print center of a chain office supply store. Sometimes we custom design things such as flyers for customers, but we do not keep the files in our system. We always notify customers of this and ask if they would like us to save it to a flash drive for them, or we can email it to them. An elderly couple comes in to get custom envelopes printed for their church.)

Me: “Now that we have the design set up, is there an email I can send it to, in case you would like to order these again?”

Customer: “Oh, we don’t have an email. Can you just mail it to us?”

Me: “Mail? Like in an envelope?”

Customer: “Yeah, like with the post office.”

Me: “Uh… No, sir, that’s not possible.”

Customer: *getting upset and raising their voice* “Why not?! Aren’t you supposed to do everything you can to make the customer happy?”

Me: “Yes, sir, but it’s on the computer. It’s just not possible. I can email it, or you can purchase a flash drive to save the file on.”

Customer: “Just forget it. This is way too complicated!”

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Doesn’t Understand The Prints-iple

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(This takes place in the self-serve area of our copy shop, where we have little tablet-like computers beside the copiers, where you can pay, insert a memory stick, or print from a few online sources.)

Customer: *pointing at the tablet screen which says “the copier is now ready to use”* “It’s not working! How am I supposed to get the files on my memory stick to show up!?”

Me: “It looks like you selected ‘Make Copies.’”

Customer: “Yeah.”

Me: “If you’re printing from a USB, you need to select ‘Make Prints.’”

Customer: “That’s the same thing.”

Me: “Um… No, it’s not. ‘Make Copies’ would make photocopies at the copier. ‘Make Prints’ would mean you are printing something… from a digital source.”

Customer: “Well… I’ll give that to you… but they’re the same thing!”

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