They’re Not In The Upper Percentile, Part 3

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I work at a money exchange facility. A girl approaches me in my office.

Customer: “How much is your service fee?”

Me: “Hello! Well, it depends on how much you are exchanging.”

Customer: “Yes, but how much is it?”

Me: “The maximum fee is 19.7%, but it depends on how much you want to exchange. How many dollars do you have?”

Customer: “No, I want to know in Euros how much it’s going to be.”

Me: “Ma’am, it’s a percentage, and it depends on the amount. It could be smaller, but you need to tell me how much you think to exchange”

Customer: *Patronizingly* “You don’t understand! Since it’s a percentage, how many Euros is it going to be?”

Me: “I’m sorry, no, I don’t understand. It’s a percentage; percentages depend on the total amount.”

Customer: “Yes, tell me how many Euros it will be on the total amount!!”

I just look puzzled.

Customer: “Never mind. I’ll ask somewhere else.”

Me: “Good luck!” 

They’re Not In The Upper Percentile, Part 2
They’re Not In The Upper Percentile

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Their Go-To Response About The Go-Back Rack

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In our fitting room, like many other retail locations, as guests exit, they are encouraged to hand us their rejected clothing so we can process it and add it to a rack of go-backs. I don’t know why many people expect this rack to contain anything other than what’s already out on the floor, but I am constantly trying to gently encourage people away from it, especially since it’s not even readily accessible; it’s literally in associate space.

A customer is rifling through the already precariously full go-back rack. Some things are already flung over it due to being folds. I approach them cheerfully.

Me: “Hey there! Are you looking for anything specific?”

Customer: “Nope, just seeing if I missed anything!”

Me: “Just so you know, this rack is a rack of go-backs guests have just tried on. Everything here is already placed throughout the store, and in much more pristine condition! I can definitely help you find something you like, if you want!”

The customer literally shoves past me to the rack of sale go-backs, which are even further into associates-only space.

Customer: “Nope, I’m fine! Oh, there was a sale top. Another girl grabbed it. Is it here?”

We try to find it and eventually conclude it must still be in a room. She leaves and I start straightening up the disaster she made. Seconds later, another customer comes in and starts yelling.

Customer #2: “My sister was just in here and you made her feel very unwelcome and condescended to! You have a very mean tone and we do not like you! Frankly, we find you very racist!” 

Me: *Startled* “Excuse me?”

Always remember: there are untold goodies on the go-back rack… even though everything on it is straight off the floor.

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They Know How Movie Theaters Work, Right?

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At the museum, we have the option to “add on” to your general admission different special or travelling exhibits and also 3D movies.

Client: “Hi! I’d like to see the 3D movie with myself and the kids here.”

Me: “Okay, sure! We have it playing at [times].”

Client: “Oh… You mean the movie has specific starting times? How am I supposed to plan on that with my kids?!”

Uh… no! You’re totally right! This is the magic movie theater, where movies start whenever it’s convenient for you!

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Not The Whale Of A Time They Were Expecting

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Our museum hosts a special exhibit about whales.

Client: “We need a refund! Your whale exhibit was not at all what was advertised!”

Me: “Oh! I’m very sorry about that. Could you tell us please what the problem was so we can pass it to our management?”

Client: “It was supposed to be a whale exhibit and there are no whales!”

Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand. The exhibit is about whales, and we have a full-sized real whale skeleton mounted on display.”

Client: “NO! If you’re gonna call it a whale exhibit, we expected to see real whales! We came all the way from [Place] expecting to see one!”

So, after this happened several times, we realized that people were coming in somehow confused about the difference between a museum and SeaWorld, expecting to see a LIVE WHALE on the fourth floor of a historic building.

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Not Meeting The Bar For Customer Service

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I deliver for an app-based food/item delivery service, and I get an order to pay for and pick up from a Mexican restaurant I have never been to before. I head in and they seem busy with a group that has shown up early so I figure that, like most places, the carryouts are handled at the bar, so I stand by the bar and wait.

For fifteen minutes, I wait, periodically meeting the eyes of several of the waitstaff as they pass and serve the people in the front, and some who go back to the back where I assume the large party is seated. At no point does anyone acknowledge me and no one seems to be working at the bar. After I realize how much time has passed, I head to the host stand and stand there for five minutes. Then, a woman walks up to me.

Hostess: “How many?”

Me: “No, um, where do I pay for and pick up a to-go order?”

Hostess: “Over at the bar.”

The hostess waved for me to follow. I stared off into space as if I were breaking the fourth wall in a sitcom.

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