Their Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Other Store!

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(I live right up the street from a well-known fast food chain. I don’t eat their food very often, but I do enjoy their milkshakes, and I’ll often go over just for a milkshake. One day, I get a coupon for a free small milkshake with any combo purchase. It’s around lunchtime and I have the day off, so I head over to the fast food chain.)

Me: “I’ll have a [Combo], please, with a small vanilla milkshake. I also have this coupon to get the milkshake free with the combo.”

(I give her the coupon. She takes a short glance at it and hands it back to me.)

Cashier #1: “I can’t take this coupon, sir.”

Me: “Pardon?”

Cashier #1: “It says that it cannot be combined with any other offer.”

Me: “I know. It’s good only with a combo purchase.”

Cashier #: “No. It says here it can’t be used with any other offer.”

Me: “Well, if I cannot use it with the combo I’m buying, what can I use it for?”

(The cashier stares at me blankly for a moment.)

Cashier #1: “You can’t use this coupon with your purchase, sir.”

Me: *giving up* “Can I speak to your manager, please?”

(The manager overhears the conversation and approaches. I show him the coupon.)

Manager #1: “[Cashier #1] is correct, sir. This coupon cannot be combined with any other offer. You can either pay full price for your order, or you can leave and I’ll cancel it.”

(I choose to leave and return home. The following day, I pass one of the chain’s locations in a neighboring town as I’m driving home from work. I still have the coupon with me, so, on a hunch, I decide to go in and see if they will accept it.)

Cashier #2: “Welcome to [Restaurant]. How may I help you?”

Me: “Could I get a [Combo] and a small vanilla milkshake, please? Oh, I also have a coupon to get the milkshake free with the combo. Is it good here?”

Cashier #2: “Why, of course, it is!”

(I hand her the coupon and she puts it through. The milkshake price comes off. As I pay for the order, the manager approaches.)

Manager #2: “Say, just out of curiosity, did you happen to come here from [My Town]?”

Me: “I did, actually!”

Manager #2: “I had a feeling. We’ve been getting a lot of customers from [My Town] lately, because the new manager there won’t accept any of the company’s coupons!”

Me: “That explains a lot, I guess!”

(I now go to that location any time I want something from that particular chain. Sure, it’s a ten-minute drive from my house, but at least it’s along the commute to my workplace. The food’s a lot better, too!)


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The Cookie Crumbles Exhaustedly

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(I’m the crazy customer in the story. The past few days, I’ve had many midterms and papers due and have not slept much. After my last exam of the week, I stop at a drive-thru to get an ice cream dessert as a reward. For being so late at night, the drive-thru is slow and I am texting my roommate. After I order, before I get to the pay window, she asks me to get her a cookie. The cashier has already rung through my ice cream before I am able to mention the cookie.)

Me: “Excuse me. Is it possible to also add a cookie onto my order?”

Cashier: “Sure, let me go get my manager to add it on for you.”

(He gets his manager, who takes my card from him and tries to put it in the chip reader. It doesn’t work so she tries multiple times. She finally notices I don’t have a chip and swipes it. This process takes about two minutes.)

Manager: “Your total for the cookie is 42 cents. Here’s your card back and your receipt. If you pull up to the next window, you’ll get your ice cream and cookie.”

Me: “Thank you!”

(There is another car still getting his food so I wait another thirty seconds to pull up to the window.)

Server: “Here’s your ice cream!”

Me: “Thanks. Have a good night!” *drives away*

(I didn’t realize until I was pulling into my neighborhood that after all that fuss about the cookie, I left before getting it. Now all I can picture are the employees wondering why I had them add an extra cookie, take three minutes to add it on, and then forget it. When I gave my roommate the receipt, she thought the best part was that I paid 42 cents on my card.)

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Penny Dreadful

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(I am at the drive-thru of a large fast food chain. After ordering my food, they tell me my total will be $3.26. I have some change in the tray, so I pick up 26 cents so I can get rid of some of it.)

Me: *reaches the first window*

Worker: “What did you have?”

Me: “The [breakfast sandwich].”

Worker: “That’s $3.25.”

Me: “$3.25? I was told $3.26.”

Worker: “$3.25.”

(I put the penny back into the tray and gave her $5.25. She gave me $1.99 in change.)

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Using Her Microbrain

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(I have this one coworker whom I love to death, but she can be kind of ditzy. Our work recently got these new candy-covered nuts, and we keep them warm under the heating lamps. They’re still really good cold, but they’re best warmed up a little. Said coworker likes to buy a bag of the nuts, but she only eats half of them before they get cold. Last time we worked together, she asked if I wanted the rest of the bag because she doesn’t like them cold.)

Me: “Why not just heat them up in the microwave?”

Coworker: “It’s just not the same as buying them hot.”

(This I get, but I’m trying to make a point as she always throws half a bag away even though she loves them.)

Me: “I don’t see why? I mean, the only difference is either being heated by light waves or micro waves.”

(Cue the stare of slight confusion slowly morphing into understanding.)

Coworker: “OH, MY GOD! That’s why they’re called microwaves? Because they use micro waves?!”

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One Fine Day With A Cluck And An Oink…

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(I work at a popular supermarket as a self-checkout host. It’s a day before Thanksgiving, and all registers are full. I have a woman in her late 20s or early 30s with two toddlers come up to me with this gem.)

Woman: “Excuse me. I have a question.”

Me: *expecting the worst, but being my friendly self* “Sure, what’s up?”

Woman: *in all seriousness, holds a frozen turkey to me* “Is this made of pork?”

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