In Need Of Hire Education

, , , | USA | Learning | December 1, 2012

(At the fast food restaurant where I work, most of my coworkers are in high school.)

Manager: *to Coworker* “I need you to stay late and close. [Another Coworker] called in sick.”

Coworker: “I can’t. I have to study for a test I’m taking tomorrow.”

Manager: “But I need you to stay. What’s more important, school or this job?”

Coworker: *stunned* “Finishing high school is more important!”

Manager: “Fine, have it your way. But with that attitude, you’ll never amount to much!”

An Alarming Way To Get Fired

, | | Learning | October 1, 2012

(We’re at school taking an exam when the fire alarm is triggered. We all drop our our pens and prepare to leave, but the teacher, who stands in front of the door, doesn’t move an inch.)

Teacher: “Nobody leaves this classroom until I say so. Back to work!”

Class Rep: “We can’t work with the sound of the alarm. Besides, what if there—”

Teacher: “Back. To. Work.”

(Defeated, the class rep and the others continue to work. We hear the other classes leaving their rooms and going in the courtyard. 30 minutes later, we hear a fire truck’s siren coming to the school.)

Class Rep: “The firemen are here! We can’t stay in the class!”

Teacher: “[Class Rep], either you shut your mouth or everybody gets minus points for your behavior.”

Class Rep: “The F***ING firemen are here and you only care about your stupid test?! Are you insane?!”

Teacher: “[Class Rep], you get a F- and I’m reporting you to the director. Leave the class at once!”

(The class rep storms off, but returns a few minutes later with the school director.)

Director: *to the teacher* “What are you doing? There’s a fire in here! You want to kill your students?!”

Teacher: “I have an exam to watch. Can we discuss this later?”

Director: “For God’s sake! Everybody, follow me!”

(In one swift move, the whole class ran out of the room, with the teacher yelling at us in tow and threatening to expel us for “purposely missing an exam.” Turned out there really was a fire in one of the classrooms. Nobody was hurt, but the classroom was destroyed. The teacher was fired the next week and the school is suing her for putting students’ lives in danger.)

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Out Of State, Out Of Mind, Part 2

, , | Florida, USA | Related | December 26, 2011

(My brother has just came back from vacation in Virginia. Our sister-in-law, who is 20, sees him pull out cash to pay for the airport parking.)

Sister-in-law: “You switched your Virginia money back to Florida money already?”


When Two Wrongs Make It Right

, , | Washington, USA | Right | December 5, 2010

(The night previous we had a customer shoplift about $300 worth of merchandise while I was on shift. Thankfully, while she did get away with quite a bit, she escaped with only one boot of a pair as I had removed the second boot, with ink tag intact, pending acceptance of her check.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Store]. What can we help you find today?”

Caller: “Hi! I was at your store last night and the lady that helped me shorted us a shoe!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. What style was it?”

Caller: “A [ Brand]. It was the right shoe. She was going to take the tag off and never did! I live far away so do you think you could transfer it to the [Different Location] store?”

Me: “I don’t believe that would be feasible as we don’t have a way to get it to that store, but we might be able to mail it to you! Can I get your name, phone number, and address?”

Caller: “Sure. It is [Name, Number, and Address].”

(I get off the phone looking like the Cheshire cat. The thief had just given her full name, phone number, and address.)

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This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 5

, | Ottawa, ON, Canada | Right | November 17, 2010

Me: “Hi! How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I deposited a cheque in your ATM and wanted cash back, but it won’t let me. I need that money!”

Me: “All right, let me just pull up your file.”

(I find her in the system and see the deposit’s held as she’s overdue on her credit card payments by several months, which caused her accounts to freeze.)

Me: “Your deposit was definitely completed and is in your account, but unfortunately I cannot give you any cash as your accounts are frozen.”

Customer:”What?! No! They can’t do that! That’s my money!”

Me: “Well, yes, they can, because you haven’t made a single credit card payment in months.”

Customer: “So?”

Me: “So, you need to pay it back.”

Customer: “I have to pay? Why?”

Me: *blinks* “You didn’t know you had to pay it back?”

Customer: “No one told me!”

Me: “Miss, it’s a credit product, meaning you’re borrowing money from us. We don’t give money away. After you borrow the money, you’re expected to pay it back. All of it’s explained in your Card Agreement.”

Customer: *stares blankly at me*

Me: “The agreement you would’ve received in the mail along with your card.”

Customer: “That sheet full of ‘garbledygook’ that no one ever reads?”

Me: “Just because you didn’t read it doesn’t mean you’re exempt. By using the card, that means you agree to the terms associated with the card.”

Customer: “But I need my money! They can’t do that; it’s my money! I got no job! I have no money!”

Me: “Don’t worry, I’ll call them and speak with someone for you. We’ll figure out a solution together based on your current situation, okay?”

(I call them and discuss with the rep, then they ask to speak to the customer. I hand the phone over, and within seconds she starts yelling.)

Customer: “GIVE ME MY MONEY! You can’t do this! No one told me I have to pay!”

(She slammed down the phone, storming off while shouting “They won’t give me my money!” to random people on the way out.)


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