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(OK, so I’m the idiot customer this time. We’ve been taken out for dinner, drinks, bowling and a movie by the boss for an exceptional month of sales. We’re at an American style diner and ordering drinks. It’s worth noting that my boss is the kind who likes to splash out, so if you couldn’t decide which of two burger’s to have, he would make you order both.)

Waitress: Can I get you guys ant drinks?

(Everyone else orders alcoholic drinks but as I’m driving I think I’ll have something more than just a Coke.)

Me: (having seen that they do milkshakes) “What flavours do you have?”

Waitress: (Speaking rather fast) “We have vanilla, strawberry, mint choc, honeycomb, chocolate, coffee-”

Me: (Interrupting) “-that sounds nice. I’ll have that.”

Waitress: “Which flavour? Coffee?”

Me: “No, chocolate coffee. That sounds delicious. Can I have that, please?”

Waitress: “Sorry sir, we don’t have that flavour. It’s either chocolate or coffee.”

(My face goes red and I don’t know what to say.)

Boss: “Sorry about that, can you just get him both?”

(I did make a fool of myself, but at least I got what I wanted in the end, even if I had to mix them together myself.)

Some People Just Have Bags Of Anger

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(A woman comes up to the counter.)

Me: “Hello. Did you find everything today?”

Customer: *no answer*

(I continue to scan the items until I get to the total.)

Customer: “That’s not the right f****** price!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. Which one is incorrect?”

Customer: “The handbag, you f****** idiot!”

Me: “Okay, if you show me where the handbag is from, I can have a look at the signage and correct the price for you.”

(She walks me over to the bag and I explain that this particular item is not on sale.)

Customer: “Get me your manager!”

(I walk over to the phone and call the manager to come down.)

Me: “The manager is just coming down; she will be with you in a moment.”

(Less than thirty seconds later, the woman slaps her hand on the desk and screams abuse at me.)


(My colleague then politely replies for me.)

Colleague: “If you would just like to wait a few more seconds, I’m sure the manager will be right with you.”

(The woman then really makes a turn for the worst. She leans over the desk, grabs my colleague’s shirt, and pulls her in.)


(My colleague is in tears and another colleague comes to take her away from the situation. She takes my colleague away and another one comes in.)

Colleague #2: “How dare you talk to our staff like that?! What gives you the right to talk to an employee like that, let alone touch them?!”

(By this point my manager has seen all of the events and comes over to intervene.)

Manager: “What seems to be the problem?”

Customer: “I’m f****** suing you for false advertisement! On top of that, your b**** of an employee just verbally assaulted me! I’m going to the head office and the police about this!”

Manager: “Actually, madam, you were verbally abusing my staff. I have heard the entire altercation and I have a good mind to call the police myself and have you arrested.”

Customer: “You can’t call the police on me! I know my rights!”

Manager: “Actually, I can call the police, and if you don’t leave my store immediately, I will.”

Customer: “I’m not leaving until I get my free handbag and make my complaint!”

Manager: “One, you are absolutely not getting a free handbag. Two, here is the number for the head office; feel free to make as many complaints against me as you like.”

(My manager then gets very close to the customer and says very clearly:)


(The customer turned white and grumbled out of the door.)

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(I work in the main restaurant at my local zoo, this takes places in the outdoor, two-tiered terrace outside the restaurant which I have been assigned to clear. The steps leading up to the top terrace had just been remade and the cement was still wet so the maintenance team had taped off the stairs and had a sign directing people to use the ramp leading up a few meters away. I have just finished cleaning a table and spot a child jumping up and down the taped off steps, with a woman (I believe to be her grandma) just standing watching her)
Me: Hello madam, is that your grandchild on the stairs?
G: Yes, is there a problem at all?
Me: I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask that you take her off the stairs as they have just been relaid and the cement is still wet.
G: Oh, I wouldn’t worry dear, she’s doing no harm. (To her grandchild) Come along dear, this mean woman won’t let you play.
Me: (Now feeling a bit annoyed and offended) The area has been taped off for a reason, ma’am.
(Suddenly the girl slips, knocking one of the bricks out)
G: (Now screaming at me) Now look what has happened! This zoo is a death trap! I demand to see your manager!
(Luckily my manager was on the upper terrace talking to the head of maintenance so came over when she heard shouting)
Manager: How can I help you?
(Grandma angrily screeches about us not clearly marking out a dangerous area and demands compensation for her grandchild’s grazed knee)
Manager: Sorry, did you mean the red tape, orange traffic cones and warning signs that are blocking off the stairs? (She points at the tape, cones and sign, Grandma goes bright red)
Grandma: (Spluttering) Well… Well I-
Manager: I would also like to point out ma’am that your grandchild has caused damage to a set of stairs that have only just been relain and this isn’t the first time you have caused trouble on the zoo grounds.
(After this my manager apologies to me and escorts grandma and her grandchild to her office.)
(I later heard that the other trouble she had caused involved damaging information displays, damaging products in the gift shop and harassing other members of staff and zoo visitors. Grandma and her whole family have now been banned from the zoo for the foreseeable future, thank goodness)

Life… Finds A Way

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(I am over at my in-laws with my husband. My sister-in-law and her kids are there. We’ve just had dinner, and to keep the kids occupied, we are watching the latest “Jurassic Park” film. As my father-in-law gets the DVD player sorted, we start talking about how we can’t believe how long ago the original film came out, and how old it makes us feel.)

Me: “I remember going to see it the day it came out, on the first showing of the day.”

Mother-In-Law: “Oh, yes, we did, too. [Son] pestered me for weeks to take him and dragged me all the way there, he was so excited.”

Me: “It was a bit of a disaster for me, though. The kid in front of us at the concession stand took the last bag of Maltesers, and then we ended up sitting next to him and his mum. The kid would not shut up through the movie, kept asking his mum over and over when they were going to see the T-Rex, and then when it finally came on screen, the kid shrieked and tried to hide under the seat, chucking his drink, sweets, and popcorn all over us. His mum had to take him out as he was bawling his eyes out, so we ended up missing most of the first half of the film and ended up going to see it again the following week.”

(The mother-in-law and her family, including my husband, are suddenly stunned, staring at me. The mother-in-law then smiles.)

Mother-In-Law: “Well, you couldn’t have been that mad at the boy. You ended up marrying him.”

(The mother-in-law then explained that my husband was the boy in the cinema; the story I told is EXACTLY what happened when she took my husband to see the movie. They went on exactly the same day, at the same time, to the same cinema. My husband and I had always known that when we were little we had lived just outside London in towns next door to one another, but we didn’t go to the same schools. It was an amazing coincidence that we joke about to this day. Now, every year on our anniversary my husband buys me the biggest box of Maltesers he can find, and I buy him a toy T-Rex.)

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Very Bad Reception, Part 22

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(The doctors I am with primarily deal with “on the day” appointments, because let’s face it, you can’t schedule when you will be ill. They open at 8:00 am on the dot, and as I’m used to the fact they are busy, I start phoning at 7:59, hitting redial until I get the, “Welcome to…” automated message and not the, “The surgery is closed,” automated message. I’m aiming to be early in the queue of callers trying to get an appointment. Thankfully I get through quickly, having been second in the queue, and ask for an appointment to see a doctor. The receptionist is female, but my doctor is male.)

Receptionist: “Why do you want to see a doctor?”

Me: *politely* “I really would rather not discuss my medical issues with you, and would rather speak to my doctor about it.”

(This is my right here in the UK.)

Receptionist: “But I need to know why you want to see a doctor.”

Me: “I really am uncomfortable discussing it with you.”

Receptionist: “Unless you tell me exactly why you want to see a doctor, you will not today, or at any point, be able to get an appointment!”

Me: *losing my cool* “You are breaching every policy your practice has. I would like to speak to the practice manager, immediately.”

Receptionist: “There will be a short wait.”

(Thirty minutes later I was still on hold, and got another receptionist asking why I was holding for so long. I was put through to the practice manager, who was NOT aware I was waiting. I explained to the practice manager what had happened. I was advised I could come in immediately and see a doctor. I was given time with the doctor to go over my health concerns, which were legitimate concerns, but thankfully came to nothing serious. The first receptionist was made to apologise to me, and when I went back for a follow-up a month later, I was told she was no longer working there. I found out she had been doing this before, but it hadn’t been picked up on as people either caved, or just didn’t complain!)

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