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(I work at a bakery inside a supermarket. We offer to butter peoples buns etc. We are standing with our backs to the customers while buttering. It’s a very slow day. My coworker is buttering a bun for customer #1. Since there isn’t anything else to do, I stand next to her cleaning. I also have my back to the customer area. I don’t notice that a new customer has arrived)

Customer #2 (with and annoyed voice): Is it possible to get some service around here? I’ve been waiting forever.

(Startled I turn around quickly to help customer #2)

Customer #1: Hey, relax. Can’t you see that they’re both working?

Me: Oh, thank you, but that’s just my dad kidding around.

Dad (laughing at his own joke): Here’s your lunch, see you later.

(I love that I have customers standing up for me, even when it’s not really necessary)