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Wish He Would Have LEFT A Long Time Ago

, , , , , , | Working | August 31, 2021

A delivery driver comes to our office front door, looking for a nearby company with a similar name to ours. I answer his knock.

Me: “The roads here are a bit of a spider’s web, but if you take the first left and turn right immediately, their office will be straight in front of you.”

Driver: “There’s no road to turn right onto.”

Me: “You need to turn left and then immediately turn right.”

Driver: “I can’t turn right; there’s no road.”

Me: “I get that. You need to turn left and then right immediately after.”

Driver: “There’s no right to take.”

Me: “Because you need to turn left. After you’ve turned left, you can then turn right.”

Driver: “There’s no right there. Can you get someone else to help who knows what they’re talking about?”

Me: “You need to turn left, mate. Left. Turn left.”

Driver: “I CANNOT TURN RI— Oh, you meant left? Why didn’t you say so?”

Me: “I did. You need to turn left and then turn right.”

Driver: “Why didn’t you say that to start with, you [slur for a foolish person]?”

Me: “I’m done here. Good luck, and also f*** off, pal.”

I slammed the door. To heck with him!