‘They’ Have Baggage

, , | Working | November 29, 2016

I am in a small souvenir shop with my wife, browsing and looking for something to bring back home. We are the only customers, and I notice the shopkeeper – an older lady – very clearly keeping an eye on us at all times. I find this a bit odd, since there is nothing out of the ordinary about our appearance or behaviour, but I don’t think too much of it.

In the end we choose to only buy a small packet of biscuits, which we intend to eat right away.

I go to pay, and as I am getting my change and the receipt, I reach for the biscuits which I have placed on the counter. The shopkeeper snatches them and says “Oh, no, I need to put them in a bag! Otherwise they will think you stole them!”

Perplexed, I let her put them in a bag. I take my bag, thank her, and leave the store. Once outside, we sit on a bench, take the biscuits out of the bag, and eat them.

Whoever ‘they’ were, they never appeared to question our right of ownership to the biscuits. Had they done so, I would have been lucky to have the bag – not to mention the receipt…

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Hail To The Bus Driver, Part 4

, , , | Hopeless | November 28, 2016

(In high school I would take three buses to and from school. Our school provided a semester pass to ride for free. One day I was robbed and had my ID stolen, so I had to start paying for the bus. The route that I caught after school was always the same driver. I am getting on bus and counting out my change.)

Regular Bus Driver: “Whoa, what’s going on? I know you’re not about to pay on my bus!”

Me: “Oh, yeah, sorry. I was robbed; they stole my bus pass and I can’t afford to buy a new one.”

Regular Bus Driver: *quietly* “How many buses do you catch after this one?”

Me: *confused* “Two more.”

Regular Bus Driver: *loudly* “HEY! What’s going on my friend!” *reaches hand out to shake mine*

Me: *shakes his hand* “Not much, same old stuff.”

Regular Bus Driver: *to me* “Shhhh!”

(I looked at what he passed me, and it was two transfers. He continued to do this for the remainder of the school year to make sure I made it home each day, and if he was going to be off, he let me know so I would have money that day.)


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Getting Ahead Of The Migraine

, , | Hopeless | November 19, 2016

(It is exam week and my computer has broken down this very morning, which leads to me failing the two exams I had. I had put an all-nighter the night before. I am really tired, and have cried for hours, and I have one h*** of a migraine. I have left school feeling like garbage. I go to the pharmacy, eyes red from crying for hours, to buy some painkillers even though I barely have money left.)

Me: *weakly, still sobbing* “Excuse me, do you have something for a migraine?”

Pharmacist: *without looking at me* “Yes, we have [Brand #1] or [Brand #2]. Which one…” *finally looking at me* “Oh, sweetie! Are you all right?”

Me: “Not really… I’ll have [Brand #1], please.”

(She did take the box from the shelf, but instead of selling it to me; she actually opened the box, even though I hadn’t paid for it yet, put one of the pills in my hand, and got me a glass of water.)

Pharmacist: “Here, honey… Do you want to sit in the back for a few minutes so you can rest a little?”

Me: “Oh, thank you, ma’am. That’s so nice of you!”

(That woman got me to smile for the first time through that Hellish day. Her simple demonstration of kindness made my day a lot more bearable. Thank you, lady!)

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Giving Me A Lump In My Throat

, , , | Hopeless | November 12, 2016

(I have just gotten back from sleepaway camp in upstate New York. Nearing the final days, I started feeling very sick, which turns out to be an infection in my throat. It gets to the point where I moan in pain every time I swallow. After leaving the camp, my family decides to stop at a restaurant to eat. I feel horrible in the restaurant and it is easy to see. I am lying in my mother’s lap, with two sweatshirts on. This interaction happens when we are paying our check.)

Mom: “Can we get this iced tea in a to-go cup? My son wants to save it for later since his throat is hurting.”

Waitress: “Sure. What’s wrong with him?”

Mom: “His throat is bothering him and we want to get him back to our hotel to get him some aspirin.”

Waitress: “Okay. I’ll be right back.”

(When the waitress came back, she not only came back with a very large cup with the tea, she also bring some of her own aspirin. Waitress, if you’re reading this, thank you. You made my night much less painful for me.)

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As Clean As Water

, , | Hopeless | November 5, 2016

(I’ve gotten to know some of the cashiers at my local grocery store pretty well; we always chat while they’re ringing me up. One day, I make it all the way to my car with my groceries before I realize that the cashier didn’t charge me for the two cases of water under the cart. I quickly threw my bags into the car and pushed the cart back inside. There just happened to be an assistant manager standing right inside the door.)

Me: *a little breathless* “I’m so sorry! I was chatting and forgot to tell the cashier about my water under the cart.”

Asst. Manager: *looks genuinely surprised for a second, then smiles* “Don’t even worry about it, sweetie.”

Me: “I promise I have no problem paying for it.”

Asst. Manager: “Nope, it’s on us, for being so honest and actually pushing that all the way back in here.”

Me: “Wow! Thank you!”

Asst. Manager: “You have a nice night, now!”

(Even though it wasn’t an expensive item, it was still great to have a nice encounter with the manager since I was the one who’d made the mistake.)

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