Kindness Is The Most Powerful Drug

, , , | GA, USA | Hopeless | September 6, 2016

(I’m dealing with severe depression and anxiety and am on medication to try to manage them. To afford my prescriptions, one just half the dose of the other, we need to dig into rent money, but without my meds I crash so hard I’ve been institutionalized, so we don’t have a choice.)

Pharmacy Tech: “I’m sorry, but the price on [Medicine] has gone up again, it used to be [very cheap price] but now it’s going to be [seven times as much].”

Me: *sighing* “All right, we’ll have to pay that.”

Pharmacy Tech: *leaning in to whisper to my husband and me* “I’m not supposed to tell you this, but go home and print out coupons from [Website] and come back. Or, if you have a smartphone, look them up on there. It should save you quite a bit of money. It infuriates us too that the prices keep going up.”

(My husband and I walk outside to put away what we’ve already purchased, and in the meantime, look up coupons on his smartphone. When we get out to our car, we see a truck parked in front of us with the hood up and a young woman messing with the battery. It is over 90 degrees outside and it’s pretty clear she doesn’t know what she’s doing.)

Husband: “Everything all right?”

Woman: “Yeah. I’ve got someone coming to help. I think the battery’s dead.”

Husband: “Do you need a jump?”

Woman: “It wouldn’t hurt.”

(While I sit in the passenger seat of our car and look up coupons, my husband tries to get the truck going. After several minutes of attempting, it’s proven that the battery is truly dead, and the woman goes inside to wait for her ride. Meanwhile, I’ve successfully found a coupon that will get me my larger dosage for 50% off, making it much more affordable. We go back inside and show it to the pharmacy tech, who enters it into the system.)

Pharmacy Tech: “All right, that’s going to be [much more affordable price].”

Pharmacist: *interjecting from behind the tech* “If you can get your doctor to write you a prescription for one and a half of the larger dose, it’ll be cheaper, too, and you can just split the pills in half.”

(My husband and I agreed that it was probably karma working for us that day. We still go to that pharmacy every time we need a medication and try to pay it forward every chance we can.)

A Small Nugget Of Kindness

, , , , | Salem, VA, USA | Hopeless | September 3, 2016

(My family and I are battling homelessness. While my husband works, I basically tote our two children (three-year-old boy and two-year-old girl) around the city. Keep in mind, this is August and we’re in the middle of a heat wave. I bring the kids into a well-known fast food chain restaurant to keep them out of the heat. We’ve been sitting here for a while, my son playing a game and my daughter asked in her stroller.)

Manager: *walking over* “Do y’all need anything?”

Me: “Oh, no. We’re fine.”

Manager: “Are you sure? Y’all have been sitting here for a while. When is the last time you ate?”

Me: *shifting uncomfortably* “Not since breakfast.”

Manager: “Okay. Do your kids like chicken nuggets? You want a 20 piece and some fries?”

Me: “I have no money.”

Manager: “Don’t worry about it. You want a soda, too?”

(I’m stunned. All I do is nod. She walks off and returns about five minutes later with a tray. On it is the 20 piece nuggets, two medium fries, a drink for me, and two milks for my kids. I thank her and she walks off. As we’re eating, she walks back.)

Manager: “See, I’ve got this problem. I got extra kids toys and no one to give them to.” *addressing my son now* “Do you want them?”

Son: *ecstatic* “Please! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

(She told us we could get anything else if we needed it but I didn’t ask for anything else. Her kindness kept us fed that day and I even wrote a letter to corporate praising her and recommending that she get some kind of raise. I’m not sure if she did but the next time we were in there, she did the same thing. That simple act restored my faith in humanity. Thank you, miss, wherever you are now!)

The Gift Of Trust

, , , | IN, USA | Hopeless | August 25, 2016

(I have to leave very early the next morning for a long trip so I decide to go get gas the night before because my car is almost empty. I don’t have any cash on me and plan on using a gift card. When I pull up to the pump the machine is not accepting my rewards card so I go in and wait in the long line of customers to pay inside.)

Me: “Hi, I wanted to put $10 on pump 3 but the machine didn’t accept my rewards card so I figured I’d do it inside.”

Employee: “I’m sorry, but some of our machines are down so we can only accept cash or credit. Rewards cards and debit are not currently working.”

Me: “Oh, well, that explains that. I wanted to pay with a gift card so I’ll just do that here.”

Employee: “No problem and thanks for understanding. For the inconvenience we can give you a dollar’s worth of free gas.”

(As he says this he tries to run my gift card only for it to not go through.)

Employee: “This is the first gift card I’ve seen since our system went down and it appears that they are not working either. Just give me a moment.”

(He then steps off to apparently ask a manager what to do.)

Employee: “Do you have any other form of payment or is there anyway you could come back tomorrow?”

Me: “No. I only have debit and you said that wasn’t working. Also, I really need this gas tonight as the warning light has come on in my car.”

Employee: “Here is what my boss told me. I will pump your gas for you and we will hold onto the gift card and ring it through in the morning. That way you can still get your gas.”

(He then proceeded to follow me out to my car and fill it up with the right amount of gas. When he was done he told me I was good to go and not to worry about it because they would ring it up the next day. I was so appreciative of the employee’s help. He could have just told me to leave, but instead went above and beyond to help me out. Also, I called back the next day to thank him and the store and make sure everything went over well when the systems came on line. They did and I was grateful for the station’s help.)

Hope For Humanity? It’s In The Bag

, , , | Gray Summit , MO, USA | Hopeless | August 22, 2016

(I have just found out about a discount grocery store. This store has items that are close to expiration dates and sell at a really low price. I usually can’t afford to get all the groceries needed for my house.)

Cashier: “Your total is $27.47.”

Me: “Oh, I don’t have that. Let me put a few things back.” *starts looking at the items I will return*

(An an older fellow I assume is the owner is bagging my things.)

Man: “Tell you what. You pay what you can, sign the receipt, and come back when you get caught up and pay us, okay?”

Me: “Thank you! I don’t have much, and I have family coming and don’t want my house to be empty; this means so much! *near tears as I sign the receipt*

Man: “Not a problem. You come back when you get caught up, if you get caught up, and pay us, all right?” *pats my shoulder as I leave, while I’m almost crying*

(Sir, you have no idea how much that meant to me. I got enough groceries for snacks, and even a full meal, when I had nothing. I will continue to shop there just on principle.)

Rihanna Would Be Proud

, , , | Ames, IA, USA | Hopeless | August 20, 2016

(After another stressful day at work, I have to walk in the rain for 20 minutes to get to my bus stop. I’m about 15 minutes into my walk when I see a woman who has a huge umbrella.  We both arrive at the bus stop at the same time.  It’s still pouring rain and I have another 20 minute wait for my bus.)

Woman: “You’re welcome to share my umbrella!  This thing will cover both of us.”

(I thank her and we share the umbrella while we wait for our separate buses. I’m never one to have a conversation with a stranger but she and I have one of the best conversations I’ve had with anyone. After 20 minutes go by, her bus comes first.)

Woman: *to driver* “She’s waiting for the [Later Bus].  Can you wait a few minutes so she’s not left in the rain?”

Bus Driver: “No problem. The [Later Bus] is only about two minutes behind me.”

(Sure enough, my bus was there within two minutes.  Thank you, random stranger and bus driver, for your kindness!)

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