Might Not Run The Store, But They’re Running With It

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(Another staff member and I unofficially run our department because the manager who is supposed to run it only ever works at the registers and usually has no interest in anything else. But there is also another staff member who thinks he runs the store. He’s made some of our staff put stock out in a particular way, and had it wrongly priced. I am about to put it right when the store manager comes along.)

Store Manager: “Who did this?”

Me: “[Coworker #1] and [Coworker #2] put it out this way; I’m just about to redo it.”

Store Manager: “Why did you let them do this? You are supposed to be supervising them.”

Me: “I didn’t. I was at lunch. [Coworker #3] told them to do it this way.”

Store Manager: “[Coworker #3]? When will people ever learn he doesn’t run this store?”

(A few days later, the store manager is away, and for the first time, the woman who is supposed to run our section decides she will take an active role in our section — for about five minutes. She has the brought [Coworker #3] with her.)

Department Manager: *looking at stock she has no idea about* “Where is this going?”

Me: “It’s going in the floor stack right here. I have to condense this stock to fit it.” *pointing to other stock* “I’m about to start on it right now.” *I describe how I’ll set it up*

Department Manager: *turns to the other coworker* “Is that okay with you if [My Name] does it that way?”

(Maybe the store manager should have told his second in command that [Coworker #3] doesn’t run the store.)

A Library Of Sarcastic Comments

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(I’m the misbehaving employee in this story. I tend to be a bit snarky and sarcastic, but I can usually “turn it off” at work. Today, I’m shelving DVDs when a woman pulls a DVD off the shelf, loses her grip on it, and drops it on the floor. The snark just pops out before I can stop it.)

Me: *cheerfully* “You can just set that down anywhere, ma’am.”

Patron: *laughs*

Me: “Oh, my gosh. I’m so sorry. That just popped out of my mouth.”

Patron: “It’s okay! It was funny!”

Me: “Thanks. Sorry, I speak sarcasm as a second language.”

Patron: “We should get you a t-shirt that says that.”

(Thanks for being a good sport about it, lady.)

The Way They Give Change Is Changing

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(I’m the dum-dum here. A customer comes up with a $15 purchase and pays with a $20 bill. I grab the anti-counterfeit pen and a $5 bill, check the $5, and hand back the $20.)

Customer: “So, it’s free?”

(I then realised what I had done, apologized, and gave the customer her correct change. At least the customer got a laugh out of it.)

Not Looking Good

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(I go to pick up an item that is on sale, but I can’t find any of them. There is one on a display.)

Employee: “Can I help you find anything today?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m looking for the [item] that’s on sale, but I don’t see any.”

Employee: *turning away from me* “Yeah, we put all of those out; if you don’t see it we don’t have it.”

Me: “Your website said you had some in stock, but I don’t even see a shelf space for them.”

Employee: *turns back around and points to an empty spot on the shelf* “They belong there, and as I told you, we are out of them.”

Me: *examines shelf spot* “That says it’s for [different item].”

Employee: “Oh, right. We don’t sell [items].”

Me: “I find that hard to believe, since they are on your website, and you have a display [item] right here.” *points to the exact item on display*

Employee: “I don’t know what you want me to say to you.”

Me: “How about you say you’ll look for it?”

(The employee called a manager over at that point. We found the item and I got a discount.)

Taking Stock Of Your Actions

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(A customer has just called to check the quantity on a product. The register says we have one, so I go to double-check. There is a customer standing right by where they should be.)

Customer: “Hey, do you have [odd piece] mechanic’s tool set?”

(It is the same set the person on the phone wants.)

Me: “We should… Ah, yes, right here.”

Customer: “Thank you so much! I was looking everywhere for this! I have to find one more thing. Where can I pay?”

Me: “Up front at the register. I’ll hold this for you up there while you shop around.”

Customer: “Thank you so much!”

(I return to the phone.)

Me: *to customer on phone* “Hello, sir? I’m sorry, but we don’t have anymore in stock.”

Customer: “That’s really weird. Your website says you have one.”

Me: “I’m sure it’s just an inventory miscalculation. If you hit refresh a couple of times, it usually gives the correct quantity. The website’s weird.”

Customer: “Okay, I guess. Thanks.”

Me: “Have a nice day!”

(I hang up as customer wanting the tool set in store comes up to the register.)

Customer: “Found it. Thanks for holding this for me.”

Me: “No problem. That’ll be [total].”

(I ring up the customer and they walk happily out with both of their items.)

Coworker: “Wait a minute. Didn’t the guy on the phone want that tool set?”

Me: “Yep.”

Coworker: “Did you just…?”

Me: “Nooo… No. No… Yes.”

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