App-lied Communation Failure

, | Learning | July 26, 2017

(Working as the IT guy for some primary schools I get a mail from a teacher:)

Teacher: “You need to activate and install apps on my computer, because the computer says so. I get this message all of the time.”

Me: “Could you provide me some more information? What is the message exactly saying?”

Teacher: “All you have to do is activate and install apps.”

Me: “Okay, since you won’t answer my question, it all stops here. Have a nice day and good luck with your computer.”

(Never heard a thing about it anymore.)

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The Age Of Agelessness

| Learning | July 25, 2017

(My husband and I work at the same school, him as a high school teacher and I as a teacher aide in the primary school. I’ve only recently started at the school, but my husband has been teaching there for a year and is well known amongst the students. We are both in our early twenties, and I am actually a few months older than my husband. We share a last name and are the youngest members on staff.)

Girl: “Are you Mr. [Name]’s daughter?”

Me: “…”

(I shared the story with my not-yet 22-year-old husband later on. I’m not yet sure if she was insulting him, or complimenting me, or just completely clueless.)

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A Dramatic Change In Behavior

| Learning | July 24, 2017

(At the time of this story, I am in the seventh grade at a K-8 elementary school. My homeroom teacher is known for being a bit of a drama queen, and on this day, students in our class have been talking despite his multiple requests not to.)

Teacher: *to the talking students* “I’ve asked you multiple times to stop talking!” *to the class* “Why don’t any of you respect me? I’m doing my best to teach you and prepare you for your futures, and instead you ridicule me and make fun of me!”

(The teacher is nearly in tears at this point and his voice is cracking. It should be noted that while I had heard people talking about his propensity for drama, I had never heard him made fun of or ridiculed.)

Student: “Mr. [Teacher], nobody makes—”

Teacher: “Yes, they do! I’ve heard it! I am your teacher; I’m supposed to be respected, but nobody does!”

(At this point a teacher came in from an adjoining classroom and escorted him outside. A few minutes later he returned, composed, and continued the lesson. We never saw him again after that day, and we were all a bit glad to be away from the drama!)

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Weather Is Getting Ant-sy

| Learning | July 23, 2017

(In fifth-grade science class, we’re learning about weather.)

Teacher: “Hurricanes always form over tropical bodies of water. But that doesn’t mean a puddle on a tropical island. Unless, of course, it’s a mini-hurricane, sucking up ants and stuff.”

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Seems Like She Was Born Yesterday

| Learning | July 16, 2017

(I am a teacher’s assistant, helping the parents of new students prepare for their first year in school.)

Parent: “It says here that on a kid’s birthday, you give them a crown and a small present. My kid’s birthday is during the summer, though.”

Me: “Ah, you see here? We have a special celebration at the end of the school year for kids whose birthdays happen while we are on vacation.”

Parent: “So he can’t come in to celebrate on his birthday?”

Me: “No, if the school is closed for vacation, he can’t come in.”

Parent: “But his birthday is in July.”

Me: “Our school is closed in July.”

Parent: “How will he celebrate his birthday then?”

Me: “Well, here it shows, our summer birthday kids have a special celebration in May, while we are open.”

Parent: “But his birthday is in July.”

Me: “Right.”

Parent: “So my son can’t have a crown and a gift because school is closed over his birthday?”

Me: “He gets his crown and gift in May.”

Parent: “But his birthday is in July!”

Me: “Yes, but we celebrate all kids who have summer birthdays at once, while we are in session, in May because we aren’t open during the summer.”

Parent: “His birthday is while you are closed though! This is ridiculous!”

(He stormed off. Later, I heard him having practically the same conversation with our director, who seemed no better than me at explaining things.)

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