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(Despite our 30 day return policy, and the fact that there was no additional coverage purchased with a printer, the customer is insisting that we return her 5 month old printer. We finally agree to store credit only, and explain to her that we are breaking store policy. The customer gets a new, more expensive printer, along with the ink for it)

Me: That’ll be *price*

Customer: ….That you owe me…

Me: No, that you owe us.

Customer: Well how does that work?

Me: The printer you returned was $70 and your new one is $100. plus the ink.

Customer; I thought the ink came with it!

Me: yes, the printer does come with ink, but it’s just a starter cartridge, so it’s not full at all. You’ll have to come back fairly soon to replace it. That’s why *coworker* suggested you get the ink off the shelf.

Customer: NO! I thought the ink was free with my printer since I just bought ink for my old printer that doesn’t work anymore! I just bought ink for it the other day from *different store*!

Me: Um, well just because you just bought new ink doesn’t mean you get this ink for free. You also bought it from a different store. Also the printer you’re returning is 4 months past the return policy, so we shouldn’t even be giving you a refund on that.

Customer: Then I don’t want the ink. Just the new printer.

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This was a few days ago, an elderly women comes up to me.

Customer: “Excuse me, but I need a cord for my TV.”
Me: “Do you know what cord you’re looking for?”
Customer: “No.”
Me: “Well do you need a power cord or something to connect other devices, like a dvd player, to the TV?”
Customer: “Oh probably a power cord. I haven’t taken the TV out of the box and set it up yet.”
Me: “Well TVs generally come with the power cord in the box when they’re new. What you’re probably looking for is a cord to connect things to your TV, but you might not even need one. It really depends on what you need once you set up what you already have.”
Customer: “Oh. Okay.” *walks out of store*

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(A man comes into the store holding his phone.) 

Me: “Hi. How can I help you?”

Customer: “I need help with my phone.”

Me: “Of course. Could you describe the problem?”

(As he talks, it becomes clear that I’m not trained well enough or experienced enough to help him. There are only a couple coworkers in the store, including my female manager in the back. She’s the only one I can think of who would be able to solve his problem.) 

Me: “All right, well, I can’t help you, but I can go get [Manager] from the back. She’s good at this kind of thing.” 

Customer: “[Manager]? No, thanks.” 

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “[Manager] is a girl’s name. This is too complicated for a girl.” 

Me: “Sir, [Manager] is the most qualified person here. Nobody else would be able to help you.” 

Customer: “Look, you’re a man. I bet you could do this better than this [Manager] girl.”

Me: “I just started working here last month. I don’t know how to do this. [Manager] is your best bet.”

Customer: “No! I’ve already said I don’t want a ‘[Manager]’ touching my phone. She’d probably mess it up even more. Look. If you can’t do it, get me another man who can.”

Me: “There aren’t any other men.” 

Customer: “Well, why don’t you go look through your book? I know you guys have a book in the back that tells you how to do everything.” 

(Wanting to get rid of him, I agree to go look in my “book.” I find [Manager] sitting at her computer.)

Me: “Hey, are you busy? I’ve got a real a**hole customer out there who needs your help but doesn’t want to talk to you.”

(I describe the whole situation)

Manager: “Yeah, I’ve seen things like this before. Just bring the phone in and I’ll look at it. “

(I go outside. The man is waiting where I left him.) 

Me: “Could I take your phone into the back with me, please?”

Customer: “I’m not letting my phone out of my sight. For all I know, you could hand it to that [Manager] b****.”

Me: “Okay, well, sir…”

(Unsure of what to do, I trail off and run back into the back room. I tell [Manager] what happened.) 

Manager: “Oh, he’s one of these customers…” *sigh* “Ask him what kind of charger he has.” 

(I spend the better part of an hour running between the back room and the table where the customer is sitting, relaying information from the man to my manager and back again. After the phone has finally been fixed…)

Customer: “Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it? I bet that’s a better job than [Manager] would have done!”

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(I work at a big name electronics store…. I get this call quite a bit)

Me: Thank you for calling (store) this is (name) how can I help you?

Customer: Yes, can I have the electronics department please?

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(I work at a electronics store mainly selling products made by [popular fruit company]. It is about 10 minutes till closing time when a customer comes in to purchase a computer. Keep in mind that computers can take a matter of minutes up to hours to set up, depending on the selected model as well as optional extras purchased by the customer, such as software and protective accessories). The sale has gone well, up to the point where he is waiting for us to finish setting up his laptop.)

Customer: So, as you know, I’m buying this… very nice [fruit company] laptop.
Me: Yes, it is indeed very nice.
Customer: Right. Now, as you may have noticed, I’m paying quite a lot for this laptop…
Me: Yes, sir, what is your point?
Customer: Well, would it be possible for me to to like, receive a few complimentary items, or perhaps get a discount? Please?
Me: Oh! Uhh sorry sir but as this is an official [fruit company] store, we are not allowed to give complimentary items or give discounts, as all promotional campaigns are to be set by [fruit company] head quarters. No store is allowed to come up with their own promotional campaigns.
Customer: So what if I were to go to [fruit company store at another location] would I get anything there?
Co-worker: No, sir, all [fruit company] stores operate under the same set of rules.

(This goes on for a while, and at this point it is about 30 minutes after closing time. My coworker and I are starting to become annoyed. We then explain about the company’s policy once more, and the customer seems to understand and cooperates. Or, at least that’s what we thought).

Me: Alrighty! I’ve finished setting up your computer, and my coworker has also finished installing the protective filmset.
Customer: Oh, cool! Now, as we’ve discussed earlier, I’d also like my complimentary [very expensive accessory].
Me: Sir that’s not what we discussed at all…
Customer: What do you mean?! This customer service is ridicu-
Coworker (now very annoyed): SIR! We appreciate that you’ve spent so much money at our store today. However, it is now 45 minutes past our closing time, and we haven’t even complained once, tell me about bad customer service! Also, you’ve spent $1,799 on your laptop today, as well as purchased about $100 on accessories, so please stop being such a cheap scape and… and enjoy your product! Thank you for your purchase and have a safe trip home!

Coworker (after customer has left): Jeez man, we should be paid more for this.
Me, jaws dropped to the ground: Jeez man, you should be glad [owner] left an hour ago, otherwise you ain’t gettin paid s*** this week!