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Customer Service: [My Name], can you test out this computer?  The customer wants to return it.
Me: Sure. [I ran a few basic tests]… OK, it tests out fine.
Customer Service: Ma’am, I’m sorry but we can’t take this back.  It’s outside the return policy and there’s nothing wrong with it.
Customer: How dare you!  I had to go all the way home just to get the charger for this!
Manager [stepping in]: Ma’am, we could only have taken it back if there was something wrong with it.  But there’s nothing wrong with it and it’s outside the return policy anyway.
Customer: I had to drive all the way home for this!  This endangered the life of my child! He’s sick!  I am a CUSTOMER!
Manager: We cannot take this back. This conversation is over.
Customer: You told me one thing and now your employee is telling me something else.  I KNOW MY RIGHTS!
Manager: We cannot take this back.
Manager: This conversation is over.  Please leave.

Eventually the police were called in… by the customer!  She called 911 to complain that we wouldn’t take her return.

They’re Stealing Your Time By Making You Clean Up

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(I work in an electronics department. Every night we have to lock up expensive items. Since we leave at ten pm, and the store is open 24 hours, no one will be in our department. The manager is helping me with it when this conversation occurs.)

Me: “So, earlier, a father and his two teenage daughters were looking at phone cases. They were sitting in a circle on the floor, trying the cases on their phones. I was working in another aisle at the time but greeted them. After they left, I was doing my rounds through the aisles, conditioning, and I noticed six phone cases out of their packaging, spread around the floor. I was so mad.”

Manager: “Wait, so they stole them?”

Me: “No, the packaging and the cases were there; the cases were just out of the packaging and on the floor.”

Manager: “I was going to say, ‘It’s nice that parents are teaching their children to steal.'”

Me: “It’s just as bad if you think about it; they’re teaching their kids not to clean up after themselves or be respectable in public.”

Sushi And Chopsticks And Steaks, Oh My

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Coworker: *on phone* “[Store], photo and media department. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Hi, do you have a book on steaks?”

Coworker: “What’s the title of the book you’re looking for?”

Customer: “I don’t know. It’s a specific book, though.”

Coworker: “All right. Let me look.” *after searching for a while* “Looks like we don’t have any books on steak.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, have you ever worked at [Big Name Book Store]?”

Coworker: “No, I haven’t.”

Customer: “Do you know if they have it in stock?”

Coworker: “Sorry, I don’t.”

Customer: “Do you know their phone number?”

Coworker: “I’ll look it up for you.”

(She comes back to our photo lab area where our computers and registers are. She begins to look up the information.)

Coworker: “All right, their number is [number]. Anything else I can help you with?”

Customer: “Yeah. Do you guys sell octopus?”

Coworker: “No.”

Customer: “Do you sell squid?”

Coworker: “No, we don’t.”

Customer: “Do you sell cherry blossoms?”

Coworker: *giving me an agitated look* “No.”

Customer: “Do you sell chopsticks?”

Coworker: “Yes.”

Customer: “Do you sell sushi?”

Coworker: “No.”

Customer: “Oh, but, do you know how to make sushi?”

Coworker: “No, but you can look it up on [Video Site].”

Customer: “What’s that? Where do I find it?”

Coworker: “Online. It’s a website.”

Customer: “Okay, thank you!” *hangs up*

Coworker: *to me* “I feel like I was just pranked by a socially awkward weeaboo.”

I Regret Nothing

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(I am a computer tech at an electronics retailer. A customer walks up to the counter.)

Customer: “Hi, I was wondering if you have [tuning equipment for a home theater system]?”

Me: “I would check with audio-video, down in the back.”

Customer: “Oh, I already did, they said you didn’t have it.”

Me: “Then we don’t have it.”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Ma’am, if audio-video says we don’t have it, we don’t have it. They’re the ones who would know.”

Customer: “Oh, okay. Thanks…” *muttered as she walks away* “…for nothing.”

Your Ink Or Your Life

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(There are usually a few days every winter where most stores in our mall close early due to bad winter weather. On this day, we close the store at three pm as the blowing snow has already caused many accidents, which then closes many main roads out of and into town. We close before it gets dark for the safety of our staff who would otherwise have to drive home or into work in the dark. Many other stores in the mall also close at three pm or even earlier that day. We have a sign on the door apologizing about being closed, and I have just let out the last customer and locked the doors, when a lady comes and yells at me through the doors.)

Customer: “WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”

Me: “Yes, sorry, we closed 10 minutes ago because of the weather.”


Me: “I’m sorry.”


Me: “We’ve already taken all the tills off. I’m sorry.”


(She storms off, swearing.)

Me: *to myself* “It’s snowing so bad out you can’t even see across the road, but yes, it’s ridiculous not to expect people to drive in that for a minimum wage job. Sure.”

(My manager who lived out of town didn’t even drive home that night; she stayed in a hotel across the street.)

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