Inoperating System

| Montreal, QC, Canada | Working | April 29, 2016

(I am at Computer Store, where I prefer to get my parts from. I have just purchased a new computer and the staff was very helpful. Within a few days I am back with my mom and I find the same person who helped me a few days before.)

Staff: “Hey!”

Mom: *who was with me when I purchased the machine* “We haven’t spent enough so we’re back.”

Me: “By the way, I have a bone to pick with you.”

Staff: *a little concerned* “Yes.”

Me: *as serious as I can* “A few days ago you sold me my new computer without a disc drive then sold me the operating system on a disk.”

Staff: “Huh?”

Me: “You sold me a disc to use on a computer with no disc drive…”

Staff: “Oh… uhhh. You didn’t have a spare?”

Me: *now cheerily to show I am not mad* “Oh, yeah, my sister’s computer is just now a little less functional.”

(Yes, to fix my computer I pulled apart my sister’s computer. I will put it back together… someday.)

Has Only 500 Millibrains

| Laval, QC, Quebec | Working | April 27, 2016

(I go look for an electric adaptor I need for an item I ordered from abroad. Upon my arrival, the girl working the floor asks me if I need help.)

Me: “Yes, thank you. I need a 5 amps adaptor, please.”

(She kindly shows me place where all the adaptors are and hands me a package.)

Employee: “This is what you need.”

(I look at the packaging, and it reads “500 mA.”)

Me: “Huh, miss, this is not 5 amps; it’s 500 milliamps.”

(Never mind the fact that I am a mechanical engineer and I am well versed in the use of prefixes, but I chose not to rub my education in her face today.)

Employee: “Sure it is; mA is a fraction of an A, and 500 mA is 5 A. It’s like in the kitchen. 500 milliliters is a full liter.”

Me: *after a few seconds speechless* “Sorry; I’ll go somewhere else…”

An Instruction Deconstruction

, | Las Vegas, NV, USA | Right | March 16, 2016

(I answer a customer call.)

Customer: “I bought a VCR from you and I followed the cable provider instructions for hookup but I can’t get it to work.”

(I explains the correct hookup step by step.)

Customer: “But that isn’t how the cable provider instructions said.”

Me: “You followed the cable provider instructions and it doesn’t work?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Would you like to follow my instructions so that it does work?”

Customer: “Uh, okay…”

Needs To Install Some Intelligence

| St. Charles, MO, USA | Working | March 5, 2016

(I’m female, in a popular big box electronics store looking over computer components.)

Worker: *condescendingly* “The computer systems are all on display over on the counter.”

Me: *distracted* “Uh huh… What I need is a new LAN card. My on-board LAN has died. It sends packets, but nothing back. I’ve disabled it in settings… Ah, here’s what I need!”

Worker: *shocked look*

Me: “Thanks!”

(I then go around the corner to the USB drives. I pick one up, turn it around, and there is a sticker: “Ask about our free installation!” I look at the worker, showing them the sticker.)

Me: “Seriously?!”

Customer Ignorance Is Soda Pressing

, | Payson, UT, USA | Right | January 21, 2016

(I overhear this between an employee and a customer.)

Customer: “So, what is so great about this smartphone?”

Employee: “Well, it’s waterproof and—”

Customer: “Waterproof? There is no such thing!”

Employee: “I can assure you—”

Customer: “Prove it.”

(As I listen to this, the employee proceeds to dip it in the guy’s soda.)

Employee: “See, it works.” *proceeds to pull it back out and show that it works*

Customer: “Well, umm… the customer is always right!”

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