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(I am on the returns desk for a major electrical retailer, and am known for having a no nonsence attitude to difficult customers. Im currently serving a customer and theres a small line)

Man: Hi this radio dont work and I want an exchange

Me: Ok, if youd like to get in line and I’ll serve you when I can

Man: Sorry, Im late for football practice, I need to be quick

Me: As I said, Im serving another customer right now, but I will be with you shortly

Man: Hey, Ive just been signed for Gillingham FC! So serve me now!

Me: Good for you! Back of the line!

Man: I get more a day then you do a week! Im a professional sportsman god damn it!

Me: Well right now youre a professional jackass! And all the money in the world wont save you from me booting your ass out the door! So you got two choices, back of the line and show some bloody respect, or the door! You got five seconds before I come out from behind here and choose for you.

(Ive never seen anyone run so fast out the door in my life)

Customer: Thats a shame, I was looking forward to seeing him get booted out

Me: Yeah same here *to my feet* sorry guys, maybe next time

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Customer: “How long is the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty? Is it 1 year?”


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(I’m a rough looking guy with a a full beard and not really athletic, but quite built and sturdy looking. I also was quite troubled when I was a kid and teenager. I fought through it along with coming out as a young adult so I ended up with high self-esteem/confidence in later years as a result. This is important to the story as you’ll see.

I worked at a small electronic store outlet a couple of years ago. One day, I’m standing at a register/computer, doing a task I can’t remember, when my Manager comes over to me. He was helping two clients in the MP3 players section, a woman and a young teenage kid. We’re the only four people in the store at the time.)

Manager: [my name], do you know these people?

Me : *looks over* No, never seen them before.

Manager : Weird. The kid has a question he wants to ask you.

Me : There’s something you don’t know about a product?

Manager : You misunderstood… he wants to ask YOU.

Me. Me? What?

Manager : Yeah, erm… well, her mother was asking all the right questions and I was making a sale, which was for the kid. The kid was looking at your direction for almost the whole exchanche. Out of nowhere he said to her mother that he had a question for you… and only for you, before she could buy the iPod for him.

Me : What? Why?

Manager : We don’t know. Her mom tried to prod him further, but he’s adamant and only wants to ask you personally.

Me : Really?

Manager : *shrugs* Can you… ?

Me : Yeah, sure. No problem…

I approach them and the Mother is looking at me like a statue, not knowing what her son is cooking up, who’s standing in front of her.

Me : Hi, you had a question or wanted to talk to me?

Boy : Can we speak in private?

Me : Huh, it’s not a big store, maybe we could lower our voice?

Boy : *looking shy, he speaks quietly barely looking higher than my shoulders* It’s… I don’t know if I should ask.

Me : *quickly glancing at her mother I gather from her I’m allowed to prod further* Well, you’re lucky because we’re alone in the store. Even if it’s personal or silly, I promise I won’t make fun of you and I will take your question seriously. Do you want us or your mom to walk on the other side of the store?

Boy : No it’s okay. I want… Well I… *sigh* Do you think if I take a white iPod over a black iPod, it would make me look less manly? Is white for girls?

I look at the mother and her gaping mouth matches my surprise. As a gather my thoughts, I figured he jugded me on appearance.

Me : Uhm, I think I get it… You saw me over there, looked at how I stood and my apperance and thought you want to look a little like me, meaning you think I look manly. Am I right?

Boy : *looks at me in the eyes for the first time and nods*

Me : Okay. Then this might shock you but it’s not your judgment that’s off, you simply judged a book by it’s cover… but would you guess me as a bisexual?

Boy : *lower jaw drops to floor*

Me : I’ll take that as a no, but I am. I get that my orientation doesn’t affect my looks I you couldn’t really tell but let me tell you something I’ve been told when I was bit older than you are : “If what you wear defines your virility, then you weren’t very manly to begin with.” It’s not because I wear a black uniform that I look manly, it’s because of my attitude and stance standing up. So I’d be saying the same yo you. If the color of your iPod defines how manly you are, you weren’t very virile to begin with. You could wear a pink dress a still be the manliest thing in the room if you acted like it… That’s good for you?

Boy : *popping a smile* Hehe. Okay.

Mother : *stabbing at the boy’s sides with her finger* What do we say for the awesome personal advice FROM A STRANGER?

Boy : Ow, heh. Thanks.

I didn’t feel that comfortable finishing the sale with them so I left it to my manager who sold a white iPod. The next week the boy came back on its own to exchange some accessories… with a huge smile in a bright pink t-shirt.

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A customer who worked in the same mall came in with his uniform on, which is similar to ours but put close it was for another shop. He came in to browse around.

I sat behind the counter and saw someone come into the store. Instead of coming to me, the one behind the counter, she walked over to the guy. She asked him where a cellphone charger is but he was looking around and didn’t notice that she was talking  to him.

Though he did not respond, she followed him for a bit while he looked around. He finished browsing and walked towards the exit. She followed him, thinking thi was the direction and he would show her the chargers. When he left the store she clued in he didn’t work here.

She then looked at me, who was behind the counter the entire time and without asking I pointed where the chargers were.

She laughed it off but was really embarassed.

I told this my co-worker and asked why I didn’t step in.  I replied:

“I wanted to see how long this woman would follow this guy who didn’t work here.”

I am a woman working at an electronics store so I am used to people not thinking I am as knowledgable as the guys. However, I never had someone follow some guy who did not work here.