That’s What The Spam Bots WANT You To Think

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(I’m at the beach with two cousins. They are discussing an important e-mail message that [Cousin #1] has received, and [Cousin #2] needs to see it.)

Cousin #2: “Don’t forget to forward [important e-mail] to me. Can you do it right now?”

Cousin #1: “Oh, right.”

([Cousin #1] takes out his phone and starts looking for the message. A few minutes later…)

Cousin #1: “I can’t find it; I’ll have to do it later when I get home. I think I put it in my spam folder.”

Cousin #2 & Me: *almost in unison* “Why would you put an important e-mail in your spam folder?!”

Cousin #1: “Because that’s where I put things. Where else would you like me to put it?”

(After a few more minutes of discussion, we found out that [Cousin #1] legitimately didn’t know what the spam folder was for and was using it to store all e-mails that he wanted to save. Thankfully, the important message was indeed there.)

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We Take Cash, Credit, And Intense Stares

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(I’m at a pizza shop for lunch. I order my food, and everything is fine until it comes time to pay.)

Counter Guy: “$6.85.”

Me: “Do you take credit cards?”

Counter Guy: *glaring at me* “$6.85.”

Me: *thinking maybe he didn’t hear me* “Do you take credit cards?”

Counter Guy: *continues to glare at me, saying nothing*

(I then handed him my credit card, and he completed the transaction without a problem, albeit silently, not even responding when I said thank you. I fully understand that some merchants prefer not to accept credit cards for smaller purchases — that’s my only guess as to why he may have been upset — but usually they’ll politely inform the customer instead of just giving dirty looks. If the guy had just told me he preferred payment in cash, I would’ve gladly done so.)

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