Bleeding Puns

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(I’m in the ER with some potential heart issues. At one point, I get a very nice lady in to draw some blood, and she’s joined by a coworker who’s about to go off shift. My elbow veins aren’t cooperating, so I have to get blood drawn from the back of my hand as well. It goes faster after that, and soon, the lady who’s leaving heads out, then pokes her head back in the door.)

Phlebotomist: “Thanks for letting me stick around!”

(My mom and I couldn’t stop laughing. Definitely made the whole visit bearable!)

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(At the company I work for, we get emails sent out at the end of each day letting us know about coworkers who have gotten engaged, resigned, promoted, etc. We also have a mentoring program for our first year, and many of us keep in touch with our mentors after the year ends.)

Coworker: *after receiving an email about her mentor giving birth* Oh! I didn’t know she was pregnant!

Me: I mean… she’s not anymore!