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(I used to work at an order desk for a company that supplied drug stores with all of their products – medicine, makeup, candy, and so on.  These orders came through on an answering machine, and I was expected to enter the orders on a computer based on what the message said.  I was told to never call the stores directly if I had any confusion about what they were ordering – I was just supposed to enter a message at the top of their invoice asking for clarification.)

Voicemail from store:  Please send us light bulbs.
Me:  Great.  No indication of how many, what wattage, or anything.  *types message*  Regarding light bulbs:  please clarify how many you need, what brand, and what wattage.  Thank you!

*Following day*

Voicemail from store:  Please send us LIGHT BULBS.  You didn’t send any yesterday, and we’re almost out.
Me:  *sighs, types message*  Regarding light bulbs:  please clarify how many you need, what brand, and what wattage.  Thank you!

*Following day*

Voicemail from store:  LIGHT.  BULBS.  I don’t know why this is so difficult!
Me:  I can’t stand this.  If it costs me my job, so be it.  *calls store*  Hi, regarding those light bulbs – can you give me more details, please?
Store owner:  Oh, right, sorry!  We need (number) of (brand), 60 watt.
Me:  Thank you!  I’ll put that in for you today.  Just to let you know:  there’s a message area at the top of your invoice, and I’d put a message there a couple of times asking for clarification about those bulbs.
Store owner:  Really?  I never noticed.

(That’s what I thought.  I didn’t blame the customer for this, actually – I blamed my company for having a silly rule about me not calling stores.)

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(I work at a smaller store in a chain of pharmacies, and we’re rather short staffed this morning, so I’m a little out of it by this point.  I just finish ringing an older woman.)

Me: Alright, ma’am, your total is $11.21.

(The woman hands me $21.  I figure that I will go ahead and be nice and use a penny from my pocket to give her exact change, but she doesn’t notice.)

Me: Ma’am, your change comes out to be $9.80.

Woman: WHAT! I gave you $21, that should be $10 back!

Me: Ma’am, there was about 21 cents as well, that doesn’t

Woman: But I gave you $21! you should give me back $10!

(This continues on for a few minutes, before she gives up)

Woman: Fine, but I don’t want a bunch of ones!

Me: Ma’am, it’s $9. I can’t break that into anything but a five and four ones.

Woman: Whatever, see if I ever come here again.  It wasn’t what you said, but how you say it, SIR!

Me: …I’m sorry to hear that ma’am, but I at least hope you have pleasant day and [Corporate leave-taking].

Woman: I will, SIR!

(She then storms out of the store.  The kicker? I am smiling and pleasant at my job, and have never gotten a complaint about my “attitude”.)

Lack Of Military Intelligence

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(I’m manning the register at a chain drug store. It’s usually slow, but today two customers — a man and a woman — come in and they look over the newspapers for a while until they finally come up to me to buy one. The woman slams the newspaper onto the counter and jabs her finger at the headline. It’s something about the armed forces.)

Female Customer: “We’re in there. That’s us.”

Me: *confused, but ringing them up anyway* “In the article, the picture?” *tells them the total*

Female Customer: *starts to look upset and gestures angrily at the page* “I’m in the armed forces; I served.”

Me: *giving her her change, visibly confused but smiling* “T-Thank you for your service. Would you like your receipt?”

Female Customer: *scoffs, snatches the paper, and starts to walk away* “You have no clue what I’m saying, do you?”

(No. And to this day, I still don’t.)

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(I’m a supervisor at a national chain drug store/pharmacy and I get this call one night)

Store Intercom: [My Name], help the caller on line 1 please, [My Name], line 1.

Me: This is [My Name], how can I help you tonight?

Caller: Yes, I was wondering if you had [Brand] of women’s incontinence underpants, not the pads, but the underpants.
(I can tell she’s definitely older.)

Me: OK, I understand, let me go take a look ma’am, and if we have them I’ll have the prices for ya when I get back.

Caller: Thank you.

(I go and I look and I bring the products back to the phone with me)

Me: OK ma’am I have two [Brand] women’s underpants. One covers size [size to size] for [price], and the other covers size [size to size] for [price].

Caller: …

Me: …

Caller: I…I don’t know what this means.

Me: You asked me if we hadna product, and I just told you that we did, what sizes we had and how much they were.

Caller: Ok.

Me: Ok.

Caller: …

Me: …

Caller: …Goodbye!

(I don’t know what she was expecting.)

Wireless, Clueless, And Racist

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(I’m working at a retail drug store that has a photo kiosk available for customers to come in and print photos from their phone. I am ringing up a line of customers when another customer calls me from the kiosk, yelling across the store.)

Customer: “Can I get some help, please?!”

Me: “Absolutely, ma’am. I’ll call up my manager, since I’m the only cashier today.”

Customer: *scoffs*

(I call up my manager, and can hear her trying to help the lady from several feet away.)

Manager: “Just plug your phone into the cords we have provided. That’s the simplest and fastest way to do this.”

Customer: “No! You’re going to steal all my information from my phone! I want to do this wirelessly!”

Manager: “Okay… the best way to do that is to do it as an online order, which may take up to an hour. We will be watching the kiosks, so as soon as the order comes through, we can print it instantly. However, as I said, it may take up to an hour for the order to come through. I highly recommend you plug the phone in, instead, as that will be much quicker.”

Customer: “I’m not using your cords. You’re trying to steal my credit card information! I’ll just do it as an online order.”

(The customer proceeds to put in an online order with her phone. Ten minutes later, her order has not yet come through, despite both my manager and I checking the kiosk repeatedly. My manager goes to the bathroom and is gone for a total of one minute and thirty seconds. During that time, the customer brings her four-year-old daughter up to me and screams:)

Customer:If and when those photos finally come in, you can throw them out. I’m taking my business somewhere else. I’ve been waiting for these photos for thirty minutes! This is absolutely ridiculous! That [racial slur] of a manager promised me that they would be ready instantly. I’m leaving and never coming back!”

Me: “Ma’am, I heard her tell you that it could take up to an hour, and I heard you agree to this. Are you sure I can’t take a phone number and call you when they’re ready?”

Customer: “No! Throw them out. I’m going elsewhere.”

(As they are leaving her daughter turns around and says:)

Daughter: “We’re going to [Direct Competitor].”

(Her photos were ready seconds after she left. There were over 300 photos and we had to just throw them away.)

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