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(Me and my girlfriend were dating for a while when the question about sex came up. After another week or two I decided to do the responsible thing and I walked over to my local drug store.
Note: I’m 15)

Me: *Strangely Pacing Around The Isles*

(An Employee who looks to be in his twenties comes over to me after pacing around for 10 minutes)

Employee #1: Hey, need any help?

Me: Yeah… I… was uhhh… Kinda looking for…

Employee 1#: Yes?

Me: … Condoms…

Employee 1#: Oh! No need to be embarrassed, there over here I’ll show you.

Me: Thanks…

Employee 1#: No problem bud. If you’re safe then you’re all good.

(I go to the pharmacy counter in the back to avoid the extra attention and right as I hand my money to the cashier a line of customers come right behind me)

Me: *Finished Paying and Flustered* Ha.. Have a nice day.

Employee 2#: *Laughs* No problem.

Customer: *Looks at my purchase* How dare you! Selling a child condoms! That is illegal and wrong!

Employee 2#: Ma’am please calm down, There is no age restriction on the sale and possession of condoms.

Customer: They are! IM CALLING THE POLICE!

(Grabs her phone and dials up 911 saying the drugstore employees are selling condoms to kids)

Employee 2#: Ma’am please don’t do that.
You’re causing scene and I’m going to have leave if you continue.


(Hearing the shouting Employee 1# walks to the pharmacy where I am along with the lady along with Employee 2#)

Employee 1#: What’s going on?

Customer: Are you the manager?! This man is allowing this child to buy condoms!

Employee 1#: …. Excuse me?

Customer: EXACTLY! ITS UTTERLY REPULSIVE! I want this man fired and thrown in jail now!

Employee 1#: Ma’am condoms are not illegal to purchase as there is no age limit assigned by law.

(The customer finally blows her top completely)

Customer: *Leaps at me and grabs my bag* I have evidence! You’re all going to jail you sick ****s!

Officer: *Restrains lady* You’re right that is enough evidence.

Customer: Let go off me! They are selling children condoms!

Officer: Ma’am I watched you steal that “Child’s” bag right from his hands. What I see is assault and attempted theft! So you’ll have quite the talk with the judge!

Customer: *Being taken out of the store* WHAT ARE YOU DOING! THEY ARE THE ONES YOU NEED TO ARREST!

(Long story short I ended up getting refunded and got a new box just to make sure nothing happen to the box when the lady was previously swinging them around. I also had a “fun” night right after I could a uber to my girlfriends)

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I am a pharmacist working in a large drugstore. This takes place in mid-October. A teenage girl is standing in the feminine care aisle looking a bit nervous and uncomfortable. She catches my eye and calls out a bit rudely, but I ignore THIS because she seems to be embarrassed and needing help.

Girl: “Yeah, can I get some help here please?”
Me: (walking out from behind pharmacy counter): “Yes, what can I help you with?”

She grabs my arm and pulls me into the next aisle, the oral care section.

Girl: “Yeah, I’m being a vampire for Halloween. Which of these denture glues would be the best for putting my teeth on?”
Me: “Umm…that’s really not my area of expertise as a pharmacist. But I’m sure they would all work fine.”
Girl: “Well, are there any OTHER pharmacists here who WOULD know?”
Me: (stifling the urge to tell her what a massive waste of time she is) “…No.”

Rudeness Trumps Legality

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I was at the main register, and a man who is a known shoplifter came up and asked to see the manager. I called the night manager over, and the man complained that he thought the manager was following him around. The manager was polite, and didn’t accuse him of anything… but the man was very angry.

The next day, he called the store manager and complained about the night manager. So, the store manager yelled at the night manager for being “rude” to a customer.

Tonight, the same man came into the store. As we were told, we did not follow him around the store. But, as he left — without buying anything — we did notice that his previously empty backpack was full, and he set off the store alarm. And now we’re missing a ton of Red Bull.   

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Exchanged Deranged

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(I walk to the register to check out, just as another customer walks up to the register from the opposite side, blocking my exit. The cashier starts to scan my items.)

Customer: “I want to exchange these things.”

Cashier: “That’s no problem, ma’am. Just please join the line.”

Customer: “No. I was here at the same time as her.”

Cashier: *hesitantly* “Okay. But you’ll have to wait until I finish with this lady.”

Customer: *loudly* “I was here at the same time as her! It will only take a second.”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, ma’am. You’ll just have to wait.”

(Another customer joins the line behind me. The first customer is still waiting in front of me, at the wrong end of the register.)

Customer: “I can’t believe you’re making me wait! I just want to exchange these things! I was here at the same time as her!”

(Another manager hears the commotion and comes over to help.)

Manager: “Is there a problem here? How can I help?”

Customer: “Yeah. I want to exchange these things. I was here at the same time as her.”

Manager: “No problem, ma’am. But you’ll have to join the line.”

Customer: “You’re all just being a**holes. I’m not getting in line. And you just lost a sale!” *stalking away* “Come on, [Friend]! We’re leaving; they’re being a**holes!”

Me: “Didn’t she want an exchange? How did you lose a sale?” 

Cashier: *wearily* “I have no idea.”

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I work at a major drug store and lately there have been lots of protestors outside of the store protesting for small business companies.
*phone rings*
Me: “Thank you for calling (drug store). How can I help you be well?”
Lady on phone: Hi, I’d just like to let you know that I passed by your store and I noticed that you guys don’t appreciate small businesses. I’d like to let you know that I’ve been a customer for years and I am a small business owner.
Me: “Okay?”
Lady: “I just called to let you know that I will no longer be shopping at any (drug store)s
Me: *sarcastically* “Oh, sorry to hear that!”
Lady: “And I have also told my sons not to shop here anymore. I hope you get you situation fixed!”
Me: “Ma’am, if you want it fixed, you should call corporate. I’m just an employee. I can’t change anything. But have a good day and be well!”
Lady: “Do something important with your minimum wage job!” *hangs up*