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Driving Out The Cheating

| Right | February 17, 2017

(I work at a driving school as a receptionist. The Transport Agency issues driving licenses in Sweden.)

Me: “Hello, thank you for calling [School].”

Caller: “Hello, I need to know if your school also allows cheating?”

Me: “Cheating, miss? We definitely don’t allow our students to cheat on our tests as that would be a danger in traffic.”

Caller: “Well, I heard you hand out CDs with the theoretical test!”

Me: *realising she’s talking about a course CD that includes a mock test to prepare for the real one* “Oh! I can assure you we don’t hand out the answers or even the real test to our students. Our study material just includes a mock test with questions similar to the real test to prepare them.”

Caller: “But that is cheating! I heard schools even cheat by letting the students drive around the area where the actual driving test is taken!”

Me: *kinda confused at this point* “Well, it helps them prepare for the real test if they know the area so our teachers usually have them drive there, but I assure you that is perfectly fine. It’s usually good for the students to get in some practice to—”

Caller: “Like I said, you allow cheating! It’s cheating to check out the area beforehand and it’s cheating to look at test questions!”

Me: “Ma’am, I promise the Transport Agency allows driving schools to practice driving in the same area as the tests are taken and to hold mock tests. It is not cheating and is in fact part of the reason that driving schools exist.”

Caller: “Well, I didn’t do any of those cheating things. How am I supposed to feel safe if schools allow students to practice their driving?!”

Me: *sort of stunned at this point* “The whole point of a driving school is to practice driving in preparation of the test. As we want our students to pass, we make them practice in the same area as the test and take similar questions as the test, but I assure you that it’s not an exact copy and only intended for education purposes.”

Caller: “Just like I said, cheating! You allow your students to cheat or I would have done those things! I’m going to report you to report you to the Transport Agency!” *click*

Meet The Theoretical Family

, | Learning | December 14, 2016

(In Driver’s Ed, we’re talking about what to do when your car is stuck on railroad tracks.)

Teacher: “What you should do is leave your car, and run away at a 45 degree—”

Student: “Wait, how long do you have to get out of the car?”

Teacher: “Seconds.”

Student: “Hold on, what if you have your whole family in there? Like, 20 people?”

Teacher: “Well… first of all, you would need a license to carry that many people, and have a vehicle they would fit in.”

Student: “But what IF?”


Cool Under The Most Testing Of Circumstances

| Learning | December 7, 2016

(I take driver’s ed at the local YMCA and have a total nut-job for a teacher. He’s essentially a party animal and incredibly fun for a driver’s ed teacher. We have four written tests for the class, all of which are required to pass. I have taken three of them and have scored 74% thus far. Essentially I need to get one question right out of 25 for the last, but I am sick that day and presumably need to make it up. On the last day of class he’s handing out graduation certificates and calls my name.)

Me: “But what about the last test?”

Teacher: *handing me the paper* “Get the h*** out of here!”

(So cool. A teacher with both attitude and common sense. That test was a waste of his time and mine.)

An Ironic Accident

| Learning | May 25, 2016

(I’m on a practice drive with a very strict Driver’s Ed. instructor. He’s spent the entire drive so far quizzing me on traffic laws. Finally, he tells me to pull over to practice parking on a large hill:)

Instructor: “Okay, next question… What is the number one cause of accidents involving teenage drivers?”

Me: *trying to answer while pulling over, straightening the wheels, setting the brake, etc* “Uh… uh… I don’t know. Not watching where you’re going?

Instructor: “No! The number one cause of teen driver accidents is talking to other people in the vehicle!”

(After that, it was time for me to drive back to the school, answering even more questions the entire way there!)

Time To Ditch Grandma

| Learning | April 25, 2016

(I am 15 and am taking a driver’s ed course so I will be able to get my license when I turn 16. We are sitting in class one day and watching a video about skidding on icy roads. One car had just slid into a ditched but is otherwise unharmed. Then another car comes up behind it.)

Me: “That looks like my grandma’s car.”

Drivers Ed Instructor: “Well, Grandma’s going into a ditch.”

(Sure enough, the car that resembled my grandmother’s slid into the ditch and the rest of the class burst out laughing.)