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Me and a few friends decide to get some doughnuts from a popular doughnut chain that recently opened in our city.

Friend: Hi I’d like a strawberry doughnut and a glazed doughnut and…
Worker: How many doughnuts total did you want?
Friend: ummm six
Worker: And would you like those in a box or bags?
Friend: Yeah sure
Worker: Which one?
Friend: Yes
Me: Oh my god he’s asking if you want a box or bag, it’s not a yes or no question
Friend: Oh um bags
Worker (to me): Thankyou so much

I get so many people like my friend at my work that I couldn’t resist having a go

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(I am the customer in this story. My husband, my friend, and I are in the drive-though at a donut shop chain that is known for turning on a lighted sign when fresh hot donuts are available. The sign is currently on.)

Employee: Welcome to [donut shop], how can I help you?

Me: What’s hot right now?

Employee: Excuse me?!

(My husband and my friend start giggling.)

Me: The hot donuts sign is on. What kind of hot donuts do you have?

Employee: Oh! We only serve the glazed donuts hot.

Me: OK, we’ll take six of those.

(We get our donuts and start to drive away.)

Me: What were you guys laughing about?

Husband: I think the drive-through guy thought you were hitting on him!

Friend: Hey baby, what’s hot right now?

Me: That has to be the worst pick-up line ever!

When The NAR Reader Becomes The NAR Customer

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(I’m the customer in this one. This site has made me paranoid. I’m at a donut shop, getting a coffee and a donut. The clerk goes to the display and grabs a donut that’s very similar to the one I ordered.)

Clerk: “Is this one you ordered?”

(It’s close enough, and I don’t want to raise a fuss.)

Me: “Yeah, fine. Whatever.”

(The manager decides to step in.)

Manager: “Hold on a minute, [Clerk]. We’ve been getting a lot of complaints lately because you keep getting [donut I ordered] confused with [donut she grabbed]. Are you sure that’s what he ordered?”

Clerk: “Yes, I am. I even checked with him.” *turns to me* “You ordered [donut she grabbed], right?”

Me: “Umm… actually, I ordered [donut I ordered].”

Clerk: “What? Why didn’t you say anything?”

Me: “I didn’t want to look like one of those idiot customers you read about on the Internet.”

Sprinkling In Some Bipolarity

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(I work in a donut shop.)

Me: “Hi. What can I get for you today?”

Customer: “Can I have a Boston cream?”

Me: “Sure! Sprinkles or no sprinkles?”

Customer: “DO I LOOK LIKE A F****** CHILD!?”

Me: “…”


Me: “Um… I’m just doing my job; I have to ask.”


Me: “Okay.” *silently hands them their donut without sprinkles*

(Sadly, this is not the worst conversation I’ve had with a customer this week.)

Better (Choco)Late Than Never

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(I’m returning to a donut shop that got my order wrong after I ordered food and a non-coffee drink. Mind you, this is not a coffee shop, but a true donut shop.)

Me: “Hi. I just got a frozen hot chocolate and it had coffee in it. I had said no coffee.”

Worker #1: “What do you mean? You asked for a frozen mocha. We swirl mocha into it to make it sweet.”

Me: “I specifically asked for no coffee. I hate coffee, I despise it, and I would never order something with coffee in it.”

Worker #1: “[Worker #2], we need a frozen mocha!”


Worker #1: “But then it won’t be as sweet.”

Me: “I don’t care. I’ve had this dozens of times, and I like it as it is without the coffee.”

(It took another two minutes, but I finally got my frozen hot chocolate, free of coffee. I can accept mistakes, but he was seriously fighting with me over what I wanted versus what he thought I wanted.)

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