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I’d been feeling weak and exhausted for quite a while. Medical tests indicated cancer. Blood tests, x-rays, and almost any medical test you can imagine were ordered and a biopsy scheduled.

We scheduled an appointment with my regular doctor for the pre-op exam.

As a nurse was leading me to an exam room, through an open door we saw a doctor (who was not on my case) staring at my chest x-ray . Then we noticed that the doctor was – to use an old-fashioned phrase – pleasuring himself.

Neither of us could look at anyone nearby. Nor could we speak to each other.

Let’s go over the facts again – that doctor was masturbating

with his office door wide open

in an extremely busy medical facility

and his “inspiration” was an x-ray showing my breasts. Or at least a fuzzy white depiction barely recognizable as breasts.

An x-ray to which he shouldn’t have had access.

Soon after, he left the practice and then left the state.

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I have gone to the GP with recurring dizziness. The doctor is new and we have never met prior to today. I am male.

Doctor: *feeling the underneath of my jaw* How long have you experienced dizziness?

Me: About three weeks. I think it might be an inner ear infection, but I don’t have any other symptoms.

Doctor: I see, and does it…

His eyes narrow onto my chest tattoo.

Doctor: You have tattoos?

Me: Just this one.

Doctor: Hmm, it’s possible this could be HIV and or AIDS.


Doctor: It’s a pretty serious condition which can spread throughout infected needles.

Me: I know what it is, it just surprises me that you think dizziness and a tattoo would make you jump to HIV. This is a 20-odd year old tattoo by the way.

Doctor: Hmm…your medical history shows you have had STI tests before, and with your lifestyle-

Me: My “lifestlye” has nothing to do with this, if I get your meaning (I assume he has seen my ‘next of kin’ as my husband in my records) and I have only had one STI test in my life, which was done as part of a sexual health class when I was at college. Now, HIV usually begins to show signs within 10 years of contracting it. My tattoo is over 20 years old, and my STI test was what, 10 years ago? I do not have HIV.

The doctor begrudgingly agrees with my defence and checks my ears. He finds nothing and arranges a set of tests for me. I go to my appointment with my husband as I’m a little shaken by the experience, and the first thing they ask us is if we have ever sexually active woth each other and how long have I suspected having HIV. The doctor decided to put me down for the test regardless of what I said. Once we explained the situation the nurses apologised, but in the end I agree to take the test to learn more about it. My husband took it too to be a good sport. While stressful, it was a jovial experience.

A week later we both go to our GP to find out our results (mostly mine). We had the same doctor as I had the first time. It turns out I had a potassium deficiency which was causing my blood pressure to fluctuate while I was standing.

Our HIV tests came back negative, but this didn’t stop the doctor belittling us and our “lifestyle” for a good 10 minutes while going over the results. We complained about him and he was gone by my next visit. I later heard he was also judgemental with the minority population, and had submitted more requests for HIV testing than the rest of the practice combined.

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The Doctor Must Have Been Sleeping On The Study

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(My son stops breathing when he’s asleep, and has been seeing doctors regularly his whole life for it. They have no idea why it happens, but it definitely does, so we monitor it closely. The following happens with a doctor he’s seen at least every six months for years, when we go in to ask if there are more tests we could run.)

Doctor: “Why are you guys here today? It’s a little early for his next check-up.”

Me: “We want to know if there are more tests we can run. I know we talked about genetic testing last year, and we’re interested in going that route.”

Doctor: “Genetic testing? Who did you talk to about that? Why would you want to do it?”

Me: “Erm… You’re the one who suggested it last year. We got it all approved with insurance and had the paperwork ready to go, when you decided it wasn’t going to be worth it to do it, and to try something else.”

Doctor: “I don’t remember talking to you about genetic testing, and I don’t know why I’d suggest it. His last sleep study looked really good.”

Me & Husband: “WHAT?!”

Doctor: “I mean, there are still instances of the breathing issue happening, but they’re well within normal range.”

Husband: “Five months ago, you told us he wasn’t getting better, and that we couldn’t stop any treatment. You even sent us to another specialist then, too.”

Doctor: “Well, you can’t expect me to remember what I told you that long ago. Genetic testing is expensive, and a lot to do on someone so young, so let’s just run another sleep study and keep doing what we’ve been doing.”

(We left that appointment furious, and immediately called his pediatrician for a referral so we could get a second opinion. We still have no answers, but we like his new doctor a lot!)

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(I’m at the doctor’s office with my mother and five-month-old daughter. Due to having my daughter prematurely, then battling an illness, an infection, and an open wound for two months, I’m finally able to talk to my doctor about how I have healed after my c-section, along with birth control.)

Me: “You sure about this, Mom?”

Mom: “Yes, I had one, and it worked beautifully.”

Me: “I just don’t know…”

Nurse: *walks in*

Me: “I’m a bit nervous to get a IUD.”

Nurse: “Oh, you don’t want that.”

Me: “…I don’t?”

Nurse: “No, those things are hell. They hurt, they ruin your uterus, and they can cause you to lose it. Oh, and they can embed themselves and requires surgery to be removed.”

Me: “W-What?!”

Mom: “Hey!”

Nurse: “Besides, you’re breastfeeding. That’ll keep you from getting pregnant.”

Mom: *dryly* “No… it doesn’t, dear. I got pregnant with my youngest while I was nursing my third child.”

Me: “…No. I want the IUD. And I’m not currently nursing… I don’t produce enough.”

Nurse: “I suggest the pill, or keep your legs shut.” *glares at me*

Me: “Excuse you! For one thing, I don’t do well with pills; I forget them very easily! For another, it doesn’t matter to you what I do with my sex life, let alone what direction my legs go.”

Nurse: “Then get the shot!”

Me: “Um, no. With the shot, I hit up so many negative side effects that it’s just not worth it. May I talk to another nurse?”

Nurse: “No, I’m your nurse. Then just get your tubes tied!”

Me: “No. I am not ready to decide not to have anymore children at all at this time, despite being scared to have another. It doesn’t feel right. I want the IUD.”

Nurse: “You do not! I’ll put you down for the shot.” *leaves the room*

Me: “No! Mom!”

Mom: “Here. Take your baby. I have an a** to beat.” *leaves the room*

(I sit in the room for only a few minutes, holding and feeding my daughter, when I hear my mother yelling at another nurse. At this point, I can only assume it is the same one. While that is going on, and my daughter has drained her bottle, my doctor walks in.)

Doctor: “I assume that is your mother.”

Me: “Good call.”

Doctor: “Wow! She is big! Healthy little girl. May I?”

Me: “Absolutely!”

Doctor: *holding my daughter* “All right. I see here you want the shot? I thought we agreed on the IUD?”

Me: “We did… apparently the nurse was hell-bent on not letting me get it. She was more than rude, not taking no for an answer, and she scared me with the side effects.”

Doctor: “The side effects really don’t happen often. I’ve yet to see them myself to be honest. I think it’s the best choice for you. Let me go get a different nurse, and we’ll insert the IUD. Here’s your baby. She’s beautiful, and a miracle.”

(I got my IUD, and the nurse wound up fired. Apparently this wasn’t the first time. Nor was it the first time my mother went after a nurse during this whole ordeal. It’s been over a year, and no terrible side effects yet!)

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Need To Slim Down Their Patient List A Little

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(My mum is a doctor at a local general practitioner. She is currently on maternity leave, but comes into the GP to pick up a prescription. She bumps into a regular.)

Regular: “[Mum], wow, you’ve really slimmed down.”

Mum: “Oh, thanks! I’ve had my—”

Regular: “You’ll just put it on again though. You fatties always do. You do some stupid diet that makes you lose it super quick—” *laughs* “—then you put it all on again, and then some. Really, you should try something more permanent! You were obese!”

Mum: “…I was pregnant.”

Regular: *unashamed* “Really! What was it?”

Mum: “Two boys.”

Regular: “Well, I’ll be. I just thought you were fat! No wonder my complaints weren’t taken seriously.”

Mum: “Complaints?”

Regular: “Every time I came by, I would complain about your size. It’s so unhealthy, being a doctor AND obese!” *leaves*

(My mum asked about the complaints, and it turns out that HR withheld them because of her pregnancy. No one bothered to correct the regular. She managed to get hold of some of the complaints, and there were so abhorrent she refuses to let me see them. My mum’s looking for somewhere else to work once she comes off maternity.)

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