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(I’m working night stock in a Midwestern grocery/department store, currently pulling out pallets of stock. While in the back room, I see two girls walking by in street clothes. I smile and give them a funny look, as I don’t recognize them and wonder if they’re vendors or cashiers coming to look at their schedule. I thought it odd when the older one laughed and pointed to my pallet jack, telling the other about how she used to use those, but I just shrugged and moved on. When I looked back, I saw them go into the break room, then back out onto the floor.

Fast forward 10 minutes and I’m on the hilo, pulling heavier pallets across the store, when I hear chatting coming from the doors by our media department. I see them hanging out for a moment in the doorway before walking toward the corporate offices and peeking into the window.)

Me: “Ok, now I have to ask. Who are you?”

Woman: (nonchalantly) “Oh I used to work here”

Me: “Used to? Then you know you can’t be back here, right?” *points to the swinging doors*

Woman: “Oh I know. I was just looking around.”

(They leave, I called the media person to have her keep them out, then my boss comes around the corner.)

Me: So, I just kicked two girls out of the back room.

Boss: Seriously? Show me who they are.

(I do, and she confronts them. Apparently the woman worked here 20 years ago (she looked much younger) and just wanted to check things out. She looked at my boss as if confused/offended about why she was being confronted before being kicked out.)

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(I work at a Toy Store that also does birthday parties and other events. We have a garage theme and use windowed garage doors to divide rooms)
Girl at Birthday Party: WOAH YOU GUYS HAVE DOORS HERE????
Me: Yes we do?

Oh, Did I Say [Room]? I Meant [Other Room]

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I am travelling for business and staying in a hotel. After a very trying day, I decide to stop in at the hotel’s bar for a couple of drinks before turning in. My boss is willing to cover things like that, so long as it is kept to a reasonable amount.

“Hey. I’d like a [Drink], please.”

“Sure. Are you staying with us? We can charge it directly to your room if you are.”

“I am. I’m in [Room].”

I started fumbling in my pocket to pull out my hotel key.


The bartender punches something into the register and then wanders off before I get my key out. After about half a minute, he comes back, hands me the drink, and starts to walk off again.

“Don’t you need my key card?”

“Huh? Why?”

“To prove that I’m actually staying at the hotel?”

He stares at me blankly for a few seconds before the light seems to come on.

“Oh. Yeah.”

He took the card and swiped it at the register, but that was how I found out that apparently, anyone could come in and throw out my room number, and he’d bill drinks to my room.

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(I’m ringing out a customer who wants to update the information on her card. This requires scanning it twice, once for the update, and once for the actual transaction)
Me: Alright, let me see your card so I can update your phone number. Thank you, and please leave it out so I can scan it again during the transaction.
Customer: *puts card away*
Me: Okay then, your current phone number is now attached to your card. Can I please see your [Store] card again? I need to scan it so that you can receive the sale prices on our items.
Customer: Oh…I didn’t know you actually meant what you said earlier.

Indecisiveness: A Sign Of True Management

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(The shift manager and plant manager stop me and pull me into the office.)

Plant Manager: “[General Manager] is denying the fifteen minutes of daily overtime to the team leaders, and they still haven’t gotten paid for what they did work.”

(I had, with approval, asked the team leaders to come in fifteen minutes early each day to set up.)

Shift Supervisor: “I’ll have to tell HR to pay out what they already worked, and then tell the team leaders no more coming in early.”

Me: “But I thought [General Manager] had given me a verbal okay for the overtime?”

Plant Manager: “Well, now he’s giving a verbal no.”

Me: “But we only did this because he said okay.”

Plant Manager: “Your logic is correct.”

Me: “So, I didn’t do anything wrong?”

(I’ve only been a supervisor for three months and I’m still kind of skittish.)

Shift Supervisor: “No!”

Plant Manager: “No, you did everything right. [General Manager] just changed his mind.”

(And this is but one of the many reasons no one likes the general manager.)

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