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(I’m waiting to speak to an advisor in a car parts shop. When I get to the counter, there’s already a middle-aged woman there, clearly a few minutes into a conversation about what kind of headlight bulb she wants).

Customer: “So it’s main beam I need?”

Employee: “No, the normal headlights are called the ‘dipped’ beam”

Customer: “That sounds wrong, I’m sure it’s the main beam I need”

Employee: “The main beam is for when, for example, you’re driving down country lanes. It’s the dipped bulb you need for normal driving”

Customer: “That’s very confusing. I’m still not sure”

(This carries on for a couple more minutes)

Employee: “I’ll show you…”

(They both leave to look at her car outside. After a few minutes, I hear them coming back towards the counter, with her still prattling away…)

Customer: “Yeah, I do drive down country lanes, so I need something heavy duty! I googled the difference between xenon and halogen… the main beam!”

Employee: “*explains the difference*… it’s still the normal dipped bulb you need”

Customer: “But it’s not for the car outside!”

Employee: “Your husband’s car is the same kind, so it’s the same part”

Customer: “Oh… yeah”

(They complete the sale and she wanders off)

Me: “I need help selecting the right bulb for my *describes car*”

Employee (smiling): “Dipped?”

Me (grinning): “Yes”

Employee: “You have no idea how often I have to go through that…”

Not The Uniform Response For Santa

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(I am about seven years old, and it is Christmas Eve. My parents convince me to go to bed hours before, but out of excitement I’ve not gone to sleep yet. I hear my dad head into the attic.)

Me: “Daddy?”

Dad: *clearly surprised to hear me calling so late* “You should be asleep!”

Me: “I know, but, Daddy?”

Dad: “What?”

Me: “Are you getting your Santa uniform?”

(I still believed in Santa‚Ķ because I was convinced my dad was Santa! A few years later, when my best friend told me the truth, I realised I hadn’t been too far off the mark!)

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We Love (To Pay) To See You Smile

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Me: “Thanks, lovey! Have an awesome day!”

Customer: “Excuse me for being so forward, but are you happy here?”

Me: “I suppose so, although doing the same thing for five years gets a little tedious! Why do you ask, if I may?”

Customer: “Well, I’m a manager at [Popular Coffee Chain] and they’re opening a new store in the area, and I’d love to have you come and join my team!”

Me: “Woah, really?! You’re offering me a job? Why?!”

Customer: “Your customer service is absolutely outstanding! Every time I’ve been through here you’ve always had a smile on your face and you’re always so happy to see us! You’re just the sort of person we’re looking for! I got really worried when you went on holiday, I thought you’d left! I’m sure your colleagues will tell you I’ve been asking after you!”

Me: “Haha, so you’re the lady that was looking for me? I thought I’d done something wrong! Wow! This is amazing! I’d love to come and work with you! Where should I apply?”

Customer: “Oh, don’t bother with that; the job’s yours! How much notice do you need before you can leave here?”

Me: “About a week, I think.”

Customer: “Right. I’d go and hand your notice in now and next week we can start your training!”

Me: “Oh, my gosh! Thank you so much!”

(I immediately handed my notice in and have now been working for the coffee chain for about two weeks. It just goes to show that good customer service and a smile can really pay off!)

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