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(I am ringing out a customer at the Electronics counter. I get everything scanned in, and give the customer the total)

Me: ”The total is $73.06”
(He hands me two twenties)
Customer: ”Here’s $60”
Me: ”This is $40”
(He hands me a ten)
Customer: ”Here’s $60”
Me: ”This is only $50”
(He hands me a twenty)
Me: ”Now it’s $70”
Customer: ”What’s the total?”
Me: ”$73.06”
(He hands me a five, and finally we can move forward)

Time Travelling Is No Fun In The Real World

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I work as a cashier at a department store. This elderly couple comes up to the register. They’re regulars and also happen to be the grandparents of my Person In Charge.

The woman writes a check, like she always does, and hands it to me when she’s finished. I do a quick once-over but then notice something strange. The date she has just written is wrong. And I don’t mean, oh, she put last month or the wrong day on. We are in August of 2018 and the date she wrote was December 13th… 1947. I have her correct it and off she goes.

I call my PIC over to my register.

Me: “Um, [PIC], I need to tell you something. Your grandma came through my line and wrote a check but she got the date wrong. Like… really really wrong.”

I pull the check out and show it to him.

Me: “I think you need to take her to the doctor as soon as possible. My brother is a fireman and I’ve heard of things like this happening. I don’t think it’s life-threatening at the moment; she seemed fine aside from the date. But something is wrong.”

The next day, he took her to the doctor to get checked out. It turned out she’d had a small stroke and had the onset of dementia.

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(It’s Black Friday, and I’m working in the women’s clothing section of a well-known department store. A woman comes to the register with a $149 coat, which is ringing up at $89.99.)

Customer: “That’s the wrong price! It’s supposed to be a Doorbuster for $28.99.”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, ma’am, this coat IS on sale, but it isn’t a Doorbuster. It’s possible it got misplaced by another customer, since it’s such a busy sale day.”

Customer: “There was a sign! It’s $28.99.”

(I offer to go check for my coworker, knowing there’s no way that coat was discounted that heavily. Sure enough, I find the $28.99 sign over a rack of sweaters, with the words ‘[Brand] Sweaters’ written in very big letters below the price. Another customer has indeed hung two random coats off the end of the rack. I remove the coats, politely point out the price and the item listed to the customer, and thank her for letting us know that something was misplaced. She marches back to the register with a sour face, and I get a manager to be safe. As we approach the register, the customer is demanding that she should still get an exception, before she sees my manager and quickly scuttles away.)

Manager: *nodding after her* “A few years ago, she used to shoplift from us. I guess she finally got a job.”

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(It’s a busy Saturday afternoon at my work and I just finish up with a customer when she barely took her bag off the counter when an irate customer waiting in line for maybe 2 minutes shoves her way past my last customer and practically throws the item she wants at me)

Me: “hi how are you today?”

(She ignores me and tries to swipe her credit card before I even scan her item)

Me: “ma’am I’m sorry please wait a minute I haven’t even scanned your item”

(She waits a whole 2 seconds before trying to swipe her card again, she’s swiping it the wrong way, for one, and her card has a chip so she has to insert it instead of swiping it)

Me: “your total is [total] please insert your chip”

Her: “what! I don’t have a chip!”

Me: *points to chip on card, not even touching it*

Her: “don’t touch my card, am I done now!? Can I have my receipt?”

Me: *gives her the receipt while she yanks it out of my hand* “you’re welcome!”

Checking Out And Checking Each Other Out

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After divorcing her first husband, my aunt starts dating a man 22 years older than her; she is in her thirties. They are at a store, and she enters the checkout line without him. He then walks up while the cashier is ringing her purchases up, and he adds a pack of gum to her items. The cashier looks at her for confirmation, and she says it is okay.

Then, this transpires. It is important to note that at no time does either of them use the other’s name.

The cashier gives a total.

Husband: “I’ll get it.”

He gets his wallet out.

Aunt: “That’s okay; I’ll pay.”

Husband: “Please, let me pay.”

Aunt: “No, I’ve got it.”

Husband: “I insist.”

Aunt: “Okay.”

He pays. As he’s getting his change…

Husband: “Now that I’ve paid for your purchase, will you tell me your name?”

She responded by saying his name, quite loudly.

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