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(I work in a discount department store and I have been there for around a month, but I do have retail experience in another store. I am ringing up a woman and occasionally our signs are set too early or late for a sale and don’t match up with the register.)
Customer: Oh, that sweater should be 30% off.
Me: Nope, it’s coming up as regular price, sorry.
Customer: Well, there was a sign on the rack that said 30% off. It said “This Arm Only” but this sweater should be 30% off.
(The sweater is from my department, so I know which rack she means.)
Me: Yes, but this was on a separate arm of the rack, it was only specific sweaters, not this one.
Customer: But it said 30% off, there was a sign that said “This Arm Only 30% Off”.
Me: There is, but did this sweater come from the arm with the sign?
Customer: “No. But it should be 30% off, that’s what the sign said.
Me: I’m sorry, but that sign is for a different sweater.
Customer: Okay that is ridiculous. I won’t be purchasing that sweater.
(She finished the rest of her purchase, unhappily.)

Your Career Counselor Should Have Said “Lingerie”

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(I am looking through some bra racks and a woman has been glancing over at me every so often before coming over to me.)

Customer: *says something I don’t hear*

Me: “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Customer: “Do. You. Work. Here?” *gestures to the garments she is holding*

Me: “Oh. No, I don’t.”

Customer: *suddenly upset* “Well, you should!” *walks away*

Me: “…?”

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I work at a department store, and I was helping a teenage girl with her items. Suddenly, an old gentleman appears and snaps at me. I turn to him politely and say, “I’ll be right with you sir, just a moment.”
He waits about five seconds, then snaps at me again. I give him the same response. He waits about thirty seconds before snapping, and without seeing a reaction, does an ear piercing taxi whistle. All the other people in the vicinity cringed except for the young girl I was helping.
Without missing a beat, she responded, “Sir, if you’re going to whistle at them like dogs, then you’d better be prepared to get bitchy service.”
Everyone laughed, and the man slunk off, embarrassed.

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Wishing There Was A Customer Clearance

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(I am a customer at a large department store. When paying for my purchases, I realise that my total is a lot higher than I expected, but I pay anyway so I don’t hold up the line behind me. I walk up to the customer service counter after I locate the issue.)

Me: “Hello, I got this item off the $1 clearance shelf, but it rang for [price a lot higher than $1]. I guess someone accidentally left it there. I’d like to return it.”

Employee: “Oh, that’s unfortunate. I’ll issue a return and have the item put back to where it belongs.”

(A random customer hears everything we said.)

Customer: *loudly* “They did this on purpose. They put it there so you pay more and hope you don’t notice.”

Me: “I’m sure it was a customer that left it there while shopping.” 

Customer: *now yelling* “NO. They did this. They are stealing your money!”

Employee: “Sir, we would never falsely advertise the price of an item.” 


(I am very startled and don’t even understand why he is yelling. He steps between me and the customer service desk and continues yelling at me.)

Employee: “Sir, I will have to call security if you continue to do this.”

(He did not stop. Security escorted him off the store. I got my refund and a bunch of great coupons from the store to make up for my experience, even though it was in no way their fault that the guy was insane. I still have no idea why he got so mad.)

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Caller, Call Thyself

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(A lady has left her cell phone behind on our counter. Our department’s phone rings.)

Me: “[Store]’s [department], this is [My Name]; how can I help you?”

Lady: “Do you see a black [Brand] cell phone on your counter?”

Me: “Yes! Did you want to come in tonight to pick it up?”

Lady: “Yes, please.”

Me: “Great! I’ll put it under the counter for you. Could I have a phone number to contact you just in case?”

Lady: “Yes, it’s [phone number].”

Me: “Perfect! We’ll have this for you at the [department] counter on the third floor.”

Lady: “Okay. By the way, the number that I gave you is the cell phone that you have there.”

Me: “Could you please give me a different phone number, just in case?”

Lady: *sighs* “Fine, I’ll give you my husband’s cell phone number.”

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