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I work as a closing shift manager at a local grocery store. We close at 10 pm and we will sometimes get customers that come in a few minutes before we close and take their time shopping and make us late closing. We have a policy that we do not do refunds or exchanges after 9:50. A lady comes in at 9:57 asking for a refund.

(I’m walking out of the office to start my closing routine.)

Lady: I need to get a refund on this dress.

Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t do refunds this late.

Lady: (Irritated) Why the f*** not?! You’re not closed until 10, I need to return this!

Me: I am sorry but we do not do refunds or exchanges this late, we close in 3 minutes.

Lady (Angrily): Well whoever i talked to on the phone a few minutes ago told me i could come and get this refunded, so either you are lying or they were, which is it?!

I turn to my cashier and ask him if he talked to her, he says no as she gets mad and says she spoke with a female, i turn back to her and tell her that the only employees here are the two of us, both male.

Lady:(Angry) Are you calling me a liar?

Me: No, but it is apparent you did not talk to anyone here, and as i have said, i am sorry but we do not do refunds or exchanges this late.

Lady: Angrily storms out) F***ing unbelievable

Customer checking out: Just be a duck and let it fall off your back.

My cashier and i laugh with him as we walk him out to lock the door.

Me: I just wonder who the hell she thinks she talked to.

Cashier: No idea, the only phone call we had was right before she walked in, and you were the one to answer.

Me: Yeah, that was just some guy asking about paint, not a refund.

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(I work food service in a department store, and we were dangerously low on many supplies for serving customers. My coworkers write me a list and send me to the upstairs storage room as I am the youngest and most able-bodied employee there at the time. To get to the storage room, I have to walk down the main isle of the store. I am walking towards the edge of the isle and glancing over the list when out of my peripherals I see an arm very quickly reach across my path and directly in front of my face. I stop in my tracks and see an older customer with his arm up, trying to get me to smack into him. He looks me dead in the eye)
Customer: Watch where you’re going! (Keeps walking down isle)

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I’m working a closing shift at customer service at a very popular department store. We close at 11:00. Our fitting rooms normally take calls and transfer them, but the fitting rooms close at 10:00; so any calls after then are automatically transferred to customer service. The phone rings at 10:45. The conversation goes as follows.
Me: Thank you for calling [Town name store]. This is customer service. How may I help you?
Customer: *stifled laughter* Yeah..uhh..do you sell condoms?
Me: Yes, we do. You can find them in the pharmacy section.
Customer: *more stifled laughter* Do you sell small ones?
Me: Yes, again, you can find them in the pharmacy.
Customer: I need really small ones, like [race] size. Do you have those? *badly stifled laughter*
Me: *sighs* Yes. They are in the pharmacy.
Customer: *giggles* Can you help me pick some out? *giggles more*
Me: I personally can’t help you. Maybe your mom can.
Manager: What the f*** was that about?

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As part of child awareness week, we are all given shifts doing collections outside of the store for a well-known children’s charity. As someone who knows how invasive some charity workers can be, I stick to just asking people if they want to donate. I am about an hour into my shift when I have an older couple approach the store.

Me: “Hey there! Would you like to make a donation to the [Charity] today?”

The couple blanks me and walks past me a couple of metres. The woman comes straight back to me and taps me on the shoulder.

Woman: “Excuse me! You do realise that what you just said to me is illegal!?”

Me: *surprised* “Pardon me?”

Woman: “What you just said. It is illegal to ask someone to donate to a charity and I could sue you!”

I am a little taken aback that this woman is threatening legal action, so I just respond honestly.

Me: “I’m sorry, but I am working for a charity. I wasn’t invasive or aggressive in asking.”

Woman: “Oh, I know, but I could sue you for it!”

The woman then wandered off into the store, trailing by her husband, happily gloating that she could sue me. Slightly panicked, I checked with my manager, who cleared up that as long as I did not shake the collection tin or be aggressive, I was completely fine. About ten minutes later, the woman came back out alone and threw a handful of change at me and stormed off. I can only guess her husband told her off and she went off in a huff!

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(I am ringing out a customer at the Electronics counter. I get everything scanned in, and give the customer the total)

Me: ”The total is $73.06”
(He hands me two twenties)
Customer: ”Here’s $60”
Me: ”This is $40”
(He hands me a ten)
Customer: ”Here’s $60”
Me: ”This is only $50”
(He hands me a twenty)
Me: ”Now it’s $70”
Customer: ”What’s the total?”
Me: ”$73.06”
(He hands me a five, and finally we can move forward)