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It’s the end of my shift and I’m processing my final customer transaction. Everything has been fine until now, where I am expecting payment. Both of us have our hands out expectantly.

Customer: I need my receipt.

Me: I need payment first, sir.

*another mintue goes by*

Customer: Where’s my receipt?

Me: Sir, I still need payment.

Customer: Receipt.

Me: Payment.

Customer: Receipt.

Me: Payment.

Customer: As much as I would love to do this all day, I have things to do. Could you please give me my RECEIPT!

Me: Sir, I was supposed to finish five minutes ago, and would really love to head home, but you have NOT payed me. The receipt hasn’t even been printed yet.

Customer: I haven’t payed?

Me: No.

Customer: Yes I have.

Me: No, you haven’t.

Customer: I’ve just taken my card out of the chip and pin.

Me: Sir, you haven’t even taken your wallet out yet.

*the customer reaches into his back pocket in a daze before becoming extremely irate, screaming at me*


Me: I’m doing no such thing.


A manager is called and after twenty minutes of “heated” discussion, including several threats at me, the manager finally takes the customer in the back to review the CCTV footage. Police arrive soon arrive and after another hour of me standing there not able to do anything, the customer finally returns alone, red faced.

Customer: *sheeping* How much was it again?

Me: £67.99, sir. Will that be cash or card?

Customer: Card.

The customer leaves and I’m finally able to go home. I’m paid double for my shift for the trouble, and I later find out the customer demanded the police review the footage after not believing he forgot to pay. He was almost arrested for threatening to assault the manager, but the manager decided not to persue. He was later barred after the same thing occurred with another colleague.

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(We have a large sign just above the pin pad that reads “All photo orders MUST be paid for at the photo counter.” They changed this policy about 7 months ago.)

(A customer came up to get her photos, so I start ringing them up.)

Me: Do you have any coupons or bottle slips today?

Customer: Uh. I’m going to take them up front. I have other shopping to do.

Me: I’m sorry, photo orders have to be paid for here..

Customer: They didn’t make me do this the last time I bought them. (Starts paying)

Me: I’m sorry, they changed the policy in March..

(This happens everyday, several different customers.. It’s impossible to miss the sign too. And the reason they changed it was because people kept stealing them.)

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(I used to work in this mall department store and I was finished with my shift but I didn’t have a ride home for another hour. To pass the time I walked in a competing department store to pass the time. Apparently they were having a sale and were understaffed because there were a lot of people and the staff looked overwhelmed. It did not help me because my uniform was very similar to the uniform of that store)

Customer 1: “This service is terrible! You should be ashamed of yourself!”
Customer 2: “What the hell?! We’ve been waiting for service and you’re over there, just standing there looking at clothes! What do you have to say for yourself!?”
Me: “I don’t work here, I work at [other department store].”
To prove my point, I untuck my shirt and undo my tie.
they both look at me, guilty
Customer 1: “I am so sorry.”

Down With The Duck-shunds

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I work in a higher-end department store and am constantly surprised by questions customers ask and how they behave but to this day this interaction takes the cake for me. 

A woman comes in wanting to get some new pillows. She specifically asks for down pillows. I show her the selection and she finds a type she likes the feel of.

Customer: “What is it made out of?”

Me: “It’s 100% down fill with a polyester blend cover.”

She gives me a look like I’m stupid.

Customer: “Well, I know that, but what is it filled with?”

I am a little confused, but I show her the tag on the pillow.

Me: “It’s filled with 100% down.”

Customer: *Exasperated* “But where is the down from?”

I understand what she’s asking now and double-check the tag.

Me: “Oh! I’m not exactly sure which type of bird they are from.”

Customer: “I can’t just buy it without knowing!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, I would be happy to check with my manager, but if they don’t list it on the tag there’s no way to know for sure.”

The customer looks horrified, and then stomps away.

Customer: “Well, I can’t just buy it without knowing! It could be anything! What if it’s from a dog?!” 

I didn’t fully process what she had said before she left but my manager, who was maybe ten feet away, caught it before I did and had to physically turn around so she didn’t laugh in the customer’s face. I got on a second later, blinked from confusion thinking, “Did that really just happen?” and then headed to the back to laugh out loud. 

I had assumed she wanted to know if it was duck or goose, but apparently, no one told her that dogs don’t have feathers.

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I attend a competitive college preparatory high school across from a department store. The high school I go to has a uniform and the uniform looks like what the employees wear. A woman comes up to me for help.

Customer: Can you help me find something?

Me: I can try, but I don’t work here. What are you looking for?

Customer: Oh, I’m sorry! It’s [item].

Me: I’m not sure where it is, but you can always go to the front and I’m sure a person can help you find it. (I go to turn around when the lady taps on the shoulder of an employee passing us.)

Customer: Ma’am can you help me find something, I asked this girl for help but I think she’s part of the ‘special program’.

(I’m pretty surprised by the response and the rudeness of the woman.)

Employee: I’m sorry ma’am, what item are you looking for? (The employee is clearly uncomfortable, she frowns at the lady, and I can tell she wants to apologize on behalf of the customer by her facial expression.)

Customer: I’m looking for [item].

Employee : It’s this way, I’ll direct you.

Customer: Thanks so much, I don’t think the poor dear can read and just told me that she couldn’t find it, why else wouldn’t she be able to help me?

(I wanted to say something in reply about why she couldn’t read but I was too shocked by the customer’s rudeness and just walked away from the situation.)