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Customer: Could you get me a manager please?

Me: Of course. Is there something wrong?

Customer: Yes, that woman *points at employee* just slapped me.

Me: Slapped you?

Customer: Yes, and it really hurts.

I call a manager and he takes her into his office for a nearly an hour. When they leave, he calls the employee over and fires her on the spot. She’s absolutely distraught and claims she hadn’t even seen the woman. Given how adamant the employee is, I decide to speak the manager.

Me: Maybe you could check the cameras? If she’s certain she hadn’t see the woman, that would definitely prove it.

Manager: I already checked them.

Me: So she did slap her? She lied?

Manager: No, the woman did though. She was in a bad mood after her daughter slapped her, and decided to blame it on [Employee].

Me: Then why did you fire [Employee]?

Manager: Because she slapped a customer.

Me: But you just said she didn’t.

He winks at me and taps his nose before escorting me, by the elbow, out of his office. I’m furious and tell the other staff. Half of us walk out, with a couple of us also handing in resignations.

I lost touch with what happened after that, but I was in the store today, and staff tell me the manager is no longer working there.

The Number One Complaint For Pregnancy Tests

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(I am on break and waiting in line when this happens to my coworker.)

Customer: “I’d like to return this.” *hands over a shopping bag*

Coworker: “Sure, I can do that. Was the product defective or… uh, ma’am?” *taking an opened, somewhat drippy pregnancy test kit out*

Customer: “I didn’t get the result I wanted!”

Coworker: “Did you use this?” *already going for the hand sanitizer*

Customer: “But I’m not pregnant! It didn’t give me the result I wanted!”

Coworker: “I can’t return this.”

Customer: “Why? I should be able to return it if I’m not happy with the product.”

Coworker: “No, you cannot return products that have been… used. Especially if use involves urinating on it.”

Customer: *irately* “What should I do, then?”

Coworker: “I don’t know, maybe try again?”

(I came back from my break early so she could thoroughly sanitize and wash her hands!)

In A Jungle Jumble

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I have very light skin and come from a not very diverse area. My first exposure to people with darker skin tones was when I saw Mowgli in The Jungle Book.

When I was about three-and-a-half years old, I was at the store with my father and, to my amazement, I saw a black man. I immediately asked my dad, loud enough that everyone could hear, “IS HE FROM THE JUNGLE?!”

My dad apologized to the man and hurried out of the store, leaving his cart full of items behind.  

I got a huge lecture in the car, and my father did his shopping elsewhere for a few months. My dad will never let me live this down.

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I am working in the jewelry department when I notice that someone has placed jewelry all over the floor. I begin picking it up and putting it away when a woman storms up.
Customer: Excuse me, I had placed jewelry aside to show my daughter and now it’s gone.
Me: Do you mean the items left on the floor?
Customer: Yes and now I don’t know where I got it all from.
Me: Ma’am I put it away because it was a safety issue. If someone had tripped on it, they could’ve hit their head on one of our fixtures and seriously injured themselves…also, worst case scenario, someone could’ve died because of your negligence. If you want something set aside, you can leave it on the counters or hand it to me.
Customer: Whatever. She leaves and comes back later with her daughter to look again while shooting me dirty looks.
I’d rather get dirty looks than have a lawsuit thank you very much.

Don’t Ever Let Them Put You In A Box

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(I made a Boxtroll costume for Halloween the year the movie came out. I cobbled two boxes together into a large box with a hole on top for my head to come through, tall enough to rest on my shoulders, and altered a skeleton mask to look like the characters that sits on top of my head. I also print out a Candy Brand label and stick it to the box, deciding that was my Boxtroll name. I have the day off, but I decide to drop in at the store to show it off. I sneak into the office, hear two of my managers talking in one room, and set my box in front of the room, blocking the narrow hallway. I duck inside the box, waiting for them to notice me before I show them my mask. They come out of the room, still talking… and inch their way around the edges of my box, going into another room, without a break in their conversation. I wait, a little dumbfounded, and a minute later one of them comes out of the room, carefully moving around the gigantic box in her way, again without a word. I pop my head up through the top, and she’s across the office with her back to me. I shuffle over to her.)

Me: “…Hello?”

Manager #1: *jumps and spins around* “[My Name]! Where did you come from?”

Me: “I was the giant box in the middle of the hallway…”

Manager #1: “Wait, what?”

Me: “How did you not think that was strange?!”

Manager #1: “Well, there are boxes in here all the time…”

Me: *nearly crying with laughter* “It says ‘[Candy Brand]’ on the box! We don’t even sell [Candy Brand]!”

Manager #2: *comes out of the room* “[My Name]! Where did you come from?”

(Clearly I am a very successful Boxtroll. I also have never, ever let those two forget that time they thought I was a box.)

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