I Have The Power To Grant You Power

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(I work in a department store. Today, I am the door greeter; I also check bags on customers leaving, direct customers to areas, and answer general questions they might have.)

Customer: “Hi, darl, I know I should be at the customer service desk but there is a long line and you might be able to help here. I just bought this iron but the plug won’t fit into the power point.”

(The customer holds up the iron. I see the plastic cover on the plug and take it off.)

Me: “There you go! Most products come with this cover now.”

Customer: *stares for a moment* “My husband is not going to let me forget this; he was insisting the product was fine and I didn’t believe him. Thanks, darl!”

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[we have a policy that any returns without a receipt under $25 we won’t need to see an ID for and they’ll be put on a gift card for the store. Often times, customers will steal things that are lower than that and then return them.]

Customer: Hi, I’d like to return this.

Me: Okay, do you have your reciept for it?

Customer: No.

Me: Okay.. did you pay with a credit card or use the online coupons when you purchased it?

Customer: No.

Me: Alright. That will $21.99 on a gift card. Anything else I can do for you?

Customer: Yeah. [pulls out a stylus] Can you see if this comes from here? I want to return it. My daughter got it as a gift.

Me: [scans it, it does.] Alright, that will be $10 on a gift card. [This drew some red flags for me. Normally customers would bring out all the items they had questions about or wanted to return. If I would have been able to process it together, it would have been well over $25. Since, I haven’t seen her before I can’t be for certain that she’d stolen them. However, it is such a common occurrence that it always bothers me when this happens.]

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[I’m taking out the trash in the store when I overhear this conversation between a customer and my coordinator. We’ve two lanes open at 8pm due to a few employee’s breaks, my coordinator is trying to find a department worker to run a lane for a minute, since it picked up a little. Mind you, there’s max 3 people in line.]

Customer: You need to open more lanes! I only have a few items and I shouldn’t be waiting in line for this!

Coordinator: I’m sorry, I’m working on that.

Customer: Yeah, but are you?

Coordinator [to coworker]: Hey, would you mind running a lane for a minute? .. lane 17 maybe?

Customer: SO, lane 17 will be open!?

Coordinator: Yeah, they’ll be up in a moment.

[the customer walks over to lane 17 and angrily unloads her things as she stares at me. I leave to take my 7:30 break since it was overdue. When I come back, my coordinator is on a lane helping ring an older man and his wife. Apparently they were screaming at her, too, about “needing more lanes open”.]

Probably A Fencing Operation

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(One of our stock workers opens up the back door to put out some pallets today and is shocked to find a customer in the loading dock area who immediately demands to speak to a manager.)

Customer: “I am horrified! I was out here for two hours! In this cold!”

Me: “I’m confused. What happened?”

Customer: “Well, I was looking for a register, and I went through some doors, and then I found another door. But when I went through that door, I was outside and the door locked behind me!”

(I realize he went through the marked employees-only doors, down the hall, through the back stockroom, and somehow out one of the fire doors.)

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, but why were you there for two hours?”

Customer: “There’s a fence on all the sides! I was trapped in a pen like an animal! I can’t believe you’d do this to a customer!”

Me: “Well, this really isn’t something we prepared for. Why didn’t you open the gate and leave?”

Customer: “How was I supposed to know that was a gate? You should have had someone come out and open it for me. I should sue.”

(Security found footage of him walking through the store and has set it aside, just in case.)

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[I’m working the self scan with this man with a cart full of gallons of water walks up]

Man: [to coworker] Can you just quantity this for me 20 times?

Coworker 1: [turns to me] uhh?

Me: I’m sorry, we can’t quantity it, but we can scan it for you 20 times. [I reach for my hand scanner as he walks away]

[The man goes up to the customer service desk]

Man: Yeah can you just quantity it for me?

Coworker 2: Sorry, I can’t do that, the system won’t allow it without a manager’s override, but I can scan it for you. It would be a lot faster than waiting for a manager.

Man: [reaches for her hand scanner and starts to scan] NOW THAT WASN’T SO F***ING HARD WAS IT?!

Coworker 2: I was going to scan it for you, but okay.

[my manager heard the story later in the day and informed my coworker’s that if any customer swears at us or is generally rude, that we don’t have to deal with that and can call a manager to take over]