Only In Receipt Of Their Vitriol

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Customer: “Hi, I’d like to return this blender. I don’t have my receipt but I have the card it was purchased on.”

Me: “Okay, go ahead and swipe, and I’ll see if I can look it up for you.”

(She does, and when I scan the item, it doesn’t show up.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but it’s not being found on this card. Maybe you bought it with something else?”

(She begins searching her wallet for her credit cards before she slams the first card on the counter.)

Customer: “No, you’re lying. I know I bought it on this card. Check again.”

Me: “I can do that, but also if it’s been more than a year, our computer system isn’t able to track it.”

(She swipes, and once again, it’s not found.)

Customer: “Well, what are you going to do about it? I know I bought this only a month ago, and it was on this card. So, why won’t you return it?”

Me: “I’m sorry. If you can find the receipt, I will be able to help you, or if you want me to check another card I can, but for now, our system is saying that it isn’t on this card. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Customer: “I have another return, but I have the receipt this time.”

(She flings the receipt at me and drops a shirt on the counter. I speed through the transaction, trying to get her out as quickly as possible.)

Me: “Okay, you’re going to get eleven dollars back for the shirt.”

Customer: “No, I should be getting twenty back.”

Me: “The item was eleven dollars; you paid with a twenty and got change back when—”

Customer: “Shut up. You’re wrong.”

(She then looked over her receipt for a couple of minutes, trying to find fault with my math and still berate me. Finally, one of the register supervisors came to the back to drop change off and I begged her to deal with the customer. Whatever she said made her leave, and thankfully, she was there to deal with her the next time she came back. And that time, she had her receipt for the blender.)

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(I’m working at the photo lab counter in the electronics department when a man comes over from hardware.)

Me: “Hi! What can I do for you?”

Customer: “Do you guys price match?”

Me: “No, sorry. I’ve been here three years and they stopped doing it right before I was hired in.”

Customer: “Okay. Also, there’s something that’s not ringing up on sale. When it’s supposed to be!”

(He doesn’t have any item with him either.)

Me: “Well, if that’s the case then they can adjust it for you. Does the UPC match from the item to the tag?”

Customer: “No!”

Me: “Okay… Does the description on the tag match the item?”

Customer: “No it doesn’t! It was in the wrong spot!”

Me: “Well, since the item wasn’t in its proper location, then a manager would have to approve any changes on price, since it’s not on sale.”

Customer: “No! You have to fix it! It’s the law!”

Me: “I’m sorry, the only law I know of is the Michigan Scan Award and that’s for after you buy something and realize that it didn’t ring up right. It’s also for when the item matches the description on the tag.”

Customer: “Is there ANYWHERE I can take my complaint to?!”

Me: “Yep! The service desk, they handle all the complaints and can handle your situation.”

(The customer storms off. I then promptly call the service desk to warn them and also that I have no idea what item he’s talking about.)

No Wire Connected Here

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(It’s been one of those days, and halfway through my shift I get a phone call.)

Me: “Electronics!”

Caller #1: “I need a wireless phone.”

Me: “A cordless handset, as in a house phone?”

Caller #1: “Yeah. It needs to be cordless.”

Me: “Sure, we have plenty! Do you have a specific brand in mind? We have [Brand #1], [Brand #2], [Brand #3]…”

Caller #1: “Wireless.”

Me: “O…kay. Do you have a price range?”

Caller #1: “I need it wireless.”

(At this point I give up. I go and get a price range and tell her they range from $10-$120. She gets fed up for some reason and hands the phone to someone else, claiming that she can’t understand me. This person’s attitude is even more sour!)

Caller #2: “Can they call?!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am……”

Caller #2: “Good.”

(She immediately hangs up. Later, the original caller comes in to the store and asks me the same questions. I show her a phone and I give her the same answers.)

Customer: “Huh… Okay. Well, I’ll just come back then.”

(And then she proceeded to put the box in the wrong spot.)

Has A Lot Of Baggage

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(I’m sixteen and working in the housewares section of a department store. Part of the housewares section is luggage, with every single type of luggage set out in display units. In order to get the boxes with the luggage in them, you have to scale a two-story set of movable stairs in the warehouse. One night, FIVE minutes before closing, a well-dressed man and his wife come to the luggage department to inquire about luggage. I know just from looking at him he is going to be a delight to work with.)

Man: *quite imperious* “I have a very important meeting tomorrow in New York and I don’t have time for your ineptitude! I need to see this particular set of luggage right now!” *points to a set of blue luggage*

Me: *a little miffed by his attitude, but back then, the customer WAS always right* “Right away, sir.”

(I pull the luggage down from the display. The man actually HISSES at me!)

Man: “What do you think you’re doing? I don’t want to look at THOSE old things! I want to see a new set, right out of the box! Make sure the quality is what I need!”

(Off I go, into the warehouse and up the long moving stair/ladder to retrieve a huge box and come back down the stairs with it. Usually a stock person would do this job, but they all have gone home for the evening. I get the box down and return to the gentleman; at this point the speakers blare out the announcement that the store has indeed closed for the night.)

Man: “It’s about time! Do you know what kind of rush I’m in? It took you an hour to retrieve these!”

(It took me three minutes. I’m now freaking out because I’m not supposed to clock out any later than 9:02. I start ignoring the man’s attitude so I can get rid of him.)

Me: “Here we go. Let me open this for you so you can inspect them and we can get you home.

(I take out the large suitcase, unzip it and take out the smaller suitcases in turn. They, needless to say, look JUST LIKE THE DISPLAY. Nonetheless, he goes over them with a fine-tooth comb. 9:00 turns into 9:07.)

Me: “Now, just let me box this back up for you and…”

Man: “NO! These will not do! You will go at once and fetch me….” *looking at the other displays while pointing out his finger* “THAT set there. The burgundy one! Hop to it! I’m in a hurry.”

Man’s Wife: *quietly* “But dear, the store has already…”

(The man holds his hand up to silence her. The poor lady actually cows to her husband’s gesture! Now really pissed off and wanting to go home, I head back into the warehouse, back up the stairs to fetch the burgundy luggage, just knowing with every passing minute I am getting into serious trouble, trouble I can’t get out of because THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. I allow the box to slide down the banisters rather than try to carry it down each individual step, so at least I’m not in danger of falling with this massive box in hand. I grab the box, head back to the luggage section, and un-box this set of luggage.)

Man’s Wife: “Oh, those are nice! I think you should…”

Man: *again with the hand* “These will never do! They are too feminine! You got these out so I would look like a FOOL, didn’t you? You will now go and fetch me the BLACK set of luggage.”

(I now know this guy is just making this a sick joke and is enjoying bossing me around. I’m so desperate to get out of this but I can’t find any solution because I can’t tell this guy off. Suddenly, as I’m heading back for the THIRD box of luggage, the manager approaches me.)

Manager:: “[My  Name], why are you still here? You should have clocked out fifteen minutes ago!”

(I explain the whole situation to him, nearly breaking down in tears. The more he hears, the angrier he gets, and though I think he’s getting mad at me it becomes apparent that’s not the case. The great thing about this manager is he doesn’t take any crap. So, instead of going back into the warehouse, he makes me take him to this man.)

Man: *mistakenly thinking the manager is there to help him* “Oh, thank goodness there’s a MAN to help me! This girl is completely incompetent! She has repeatedly brought me the wrong luggage and wasted my valuable time! Now, if you would be so kind as to fetch me…”

Manager: *cutting him off* “Sir, why do you think we have displays here?” *the man is now stunned into silence.* “They are here so you can pick out the ONE set of luggage you need so my employee doesn’t have to continuously go into the stockroom to get boxes for you! She is NOT your servant; she is an employee who deserves respect! I am here to inform you the store is now closed! Here is what is going to happen: either you are going to purchase one of the two sets of luggage you forced my employee to retrieve for you OR you are going to exit my store. Immediately. The register closes in one minute. Make your decision now.”

(The manager gave the man a steely glare that, to this day, I’ve only seen this particular manager perfect.  The man and his poor wife immediately left, his rants of “Do you know who I am?” and “I make that man’s yearly salary in a month!” resonating throughout the store. I stared at the two boxes and the luggage the man had strewn in the area and the manager said, “Don’t worry about it; I’ll explain to the stock guys in the morning,” and sent me to clock out. Over twenty years later I still hope that guy finally learned some respect for others, especially women. And I seriously hope his wife got a divorce!)

These Cupcakes Were A Steal

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(For reasons I can’t contemplate, we hired a woman during Christmas time even though we suspected she stole from our store and knew she was fired from a previous job for stealing, as well. Since then, she has repeatedly used her associate discount even though she doesn’t work for our company anymore. A couple of days ago, she began complaining of chest pain, so we called an ambulance for her. Today…)

Me: “Hey, what are these cupcakes for?”

Coworker: “Those are from that lady we called the ambulance for. She wanted to say thank you for responding so quickly and making sure she was taken care of.”

Me: “You’d think she could say thank you by not stealing from us all the time.”

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