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Will Not Give Them Credit For Trying, Part 3

, , , , , | Right | August 31, 2022

I deliver for a pizza place. I take an order, and I get to the home and see two women sitting outside on a porch. I tell them their total and they start flipping out.

Customer: “What?! We already paid with the credit card! We called up there and gave the card number and everything!”

Me: “There was no credit card placed on this order, perhaps it didn’t go through. Just hold on one second for me and I can call the store and give them your credit card information. I guarantee you won’t be charged twice. Do you remember who you spoke to?”

Customer: “It was some girl!”

I walk back to my car to get their ticket while they mumble obscenities.

Customer: “Buncha f****** morons up at that place. What the h***? Y’all are so f****** stupid!”

I retrieve the ticket and look up in the top corner where it says who took the order. Sure enough, right there in bold letters is the word “Internet,” meaning these awful women ordered online and never spoke to anyone at the store, and they definitely did not give us their card number.

I interrupt them in the midst of calling me and all my coworkers idiots.

Me: “Um… ma’am… it says right here you placed this order online.”

They both quickly shut up and sulked inside to retrieve the card.

Will Not Give Them Credit For Trying, Part 2
Will Not Give Them Credit For Trying

She’ll Probably Run Into This Problem Vegan And Again

, , , , , | Working | CREDIT: One_Percent_Kid | August 19, 2022

I own a restaurant. Recently, we’ve had a HUGE uptick in delivery orders, so I’ve been hiring delivery drivers for the past month.

Saturday is the first day for one of these new hires. She’s twenty-two, in town for college, and seemingly a nice girl. Six pm rolls around and she shows up for her shift. She’s there for maybe ten minutes when the first delivery order comes in: steak and two vegetables, plus a salad and a chicken wrap.

The food is done, and it’s boxed up and put on the counter to be taken for delivery. [New Hire] just stands there looking at it, so the other driver picks it up and heads out.

While [Driver] is out, we get another order: four deluxe double bacon cheeseburgers, two family-size fries, and four 2XL milkshakes. The food hits the delivery counter, and again, [New Hire] is just sort of standing there looking at it.

General Manager: “What are you waiting for, [New Hire]?”

New Hire: “I can’t deliver that; it’s got meat in it! I’ll pick up the next vegan meal that comes in.”

Mind you, a solid 80% of our menu is meat. We’ve got some salads and some sides, and we do serve Impossible burgers and meatloaf, but most of the time, those get ordered along with other items that do contain meat.

[General Manager] called me, and I came up front. He explained the conversation he’d just had with [New Hire]. I confirmed with [New Hire] that she refused to touch any orders with meat in them, and then I sent her home. She won’t be on the schedule again. [Driver] and I handled the deliveries for the rest of the night.

Sorry, lady. You can’t expect to be paid to just stand by the bar for five hours a day.

Food Is Food, Apparently

, , , , , , , , , , | Working | August 11, 2022

I fully admit that I am a perfectionist and a control freak. I like to do things myself as then I will know that they are done right. It is doubly true when I have done the task before and know its difficulty level.

Unfortunately, like so many people, I get knocked out by the global health crisis and I am unable to go to the grocery store for the week. First, I attempt the pickup method, but for whatever reason, it takes my card information (that was not on file prior) and not the order. I figure it is because my order is small and consists mainly of soup.

I try again with delivery this time. I add a few more things like bread and cheese to my order, and I add a five-dollar tip because I live less than a quarter-mile from the grocery store, and again, the order is small.

When I get my order, I discover that I have soup, all right — a single can of lentil soup, compared to the six cans of chicken noodle and tomato soup I ordered. Additionally, all of my other food is substituted for the weirdest things, like avocado for bananas. And everything was packed in its very own plastic bag, down to each individual avocado.

I almost think I got the wrong order until I go onto the site and confirm that the shopper really did make all of those substitutions.

So now, I am sitting here, sick, wondering which one of us is higher — me on cough syrup, eating lentil soup, or the guy who delivered my order thinking hummus is the same thing as cream cheese — and whether I should bother trying again.

Being A Jerk Is Totally The Way To Make Tips

, , , , , , | Working | August 7, 2022

This happened years ago when I was about fifteen years old. My parents went out for dinner by themselves, and my brother and I decided to get pizza for us. I placed a delivery order and got some money out.

The delivery person came. She gave me the pizza, and I gave her the money.

Delivery Driver: “Would you like your change?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

The delivery driver scoffed and huffed back to her car. I knew I was supposed to get nearly $10 in change back, but I was planning on using some of the change for her tip. The delivery driver came back and handed me my change, minus the coins, which added up to almost $1. Mental math is not my strong suit, so I just stood there for a moment while I tried to calculate her tip minus the $1 in coins she already had. I guess I was too slow for her.

Delivery Driver: “If you’re not going to tip me, then next time, don’t be lazy and get carry-out.”

I was shocked at her attitude, but I’ve never been good at confrontations, so I just put all the money into my pocket and closed the door. She was lucky fifteen-year-old me didn’t realize I could call the store and complain to her manager. I realize a lot of people will just say “keep the change,” but a $10 tip is a lot for one pizza.

Getting A Little Heated

, , , , , | Working | CREDIT: TylPlas26 | August 1, 2022

This happened maybe two or three years ago. Where I used to work, we had a set of double doors at the back of the store that was used for unloading trucks. About three feet from the doors was our store’s AC/Heater unit.

One of our trucks was running late, and when it arrived, we all stood anxiously at the back, waiting for him to back in so we could start unloading. I remember watching him out the back door as he made fifteen different attempts to line up his trailer. I gave up watching him because it was winter, and I was letting cold air in.

Suddenly, we all heard this loud crash from both outside and in the vents. I ran out the back door and looked to see that the driver had driven right into the heater unit, crushing the air intake and buckling the area around it. It basically made the unit useless, and it was the middle of winter, so we were without heat now.

The driver came out and inspected the damage.

Driver: *To my boss, angrily* “There should be bumpers!”

Boss: “In the thirty years that this store and heater have been here, not one driver has ever hit them.”

The driver was quiet after that.