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(Note: I am a customer at a deli and I’m in a line of customers waiting to place or pickup their order. Trouble arises when customer 1 steps up to place their order. Customer 1 is a normal looking guy, I’m second in line, Customer 3 is an army guy(based on his uniform), and Customer 4 looks like he works in a lawyer office)
Customer 1:Hey there, I’d like to place an ord-.
Customer 4: Hey! hurry up! some of us have to actually be somewhere today!
Customer 1: yes, I’d like to order a ham and cheese sandwich and a-
Customer 4:God who the hell is taking so damn long. *looks at customer 1* hey I know you, your the F*****T who works at [store]. Hurry up and order your box of pickles and get out of the F*****G way.
*almost everyone is stunned. except customer 3*
Customer 3:Hey…. let’s keep things civil.
*after a few awkward seconds*
Customer 1:(somewhat shaken now) ya, as I was saying I’d like to order a ham sandwich and some chips please.
*deli owner writes down the order and customer 1 goes to the waiting line*
Me: I’ll have today’s spec-
Customer 4: God dammit  another F*******G Q*****r to hold up every normal in the line.
Me:I’ll have today’s special.
*I go to the wait line and customer 3 steps up for their order*
Customer 4: There now you two F******T can F***K each other while you wait.
Deli Owner: That’s enough, you leave my store now.
Customer 4: Oh now the terrorist is siding with the Q****rs. why don’t you go back to Iraq. and kill more of our soldiers! aint the right buddy! *bumps customer 3 for their approval*.
Customer 3: Shut up maggot! *customer 4 pales at being yelled at*
Customer 3:This is the United States of america. We are a nation where all are free and considered to be equal, regardless or race, religion, or sexual identity!
Customer 4: *stammering* but their just q**-
Customer 3: I do not care! They are all proud Americans and I salute them for being so. You on the other hand are a disgrace and as you were told to leave, I suggest that you do so or I will gladly escort you out.
Customer 4: *begins to leave* well. F***K you then you dam traitor. I hope they kick you out of the army for being a F*****T  Terrorist lover.

(After customer 4 left. we all thanked Customer 3 and offered to pay for anything he wanted. He politely declined and said that he was doing his duty to ensure the freedoms and rights of his fellow Americans.)

Not So Tender About The Chicken

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(I work in the deli of a grocery store. An older man with a nasty scowl on his face quickly trudges up to me and abruptly stops. He doesn’t even look at what’s in my hot case before speaking.)

Customer: “So, what, you guys don’t make chicken tenders anymore?!”

Me: “Oh, no, we do have them. We moved them over to the wing bar.”

Customer: “What? I have to get ’em myself?!”

Me: “Yes, they’re self-serve, sir.”

(He picks up the tongs and looks utterly bewildered.)

Customer: “What? I can’t get just one anymore?! I have to get a pound?!”

Me: “Uh, no. You can get however much you want.”

(He roughly slaps one down into a plastic tray and then slams it down on top of the hot case without a top.)

Customer: “How much are they?”

Me: “Six dollars a pound.”

Customer: “What? You raised the price to six dollars a pound?!”

Me: “Actually, we lowered the price to six dollars a pound, sir.”

Customer: “Keep it. This is bulls***.”

(He smacked the tray with the chicken tender in it onto the floor and stomped away just as he’d stomped up.)

Cheese Is Beautiful As It Comes In All Colors

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(It was my first week working in the deli of a local grocery store. Things were going fine with no retail horror story occurrences, until the day I met the man I call the Cheese Nazi.)

Customer: “I want a pound of American cheese, sliced thin.”

Me: “Sure thing! Do you want that white or yellow?”

Customer: *looking at me with disgust* “The only color an American SHOULD be… WHITE!”

Me: “Ohh… kay. White it is.”

(I slice his racially pure cheese, weigh it, and bag it.)

Customer: “A half-pound of the mustard potato salad, too.”

Me: “Sure thing. I can’t do anything about the color of this one, though.”

Customer: *grunts* “Whatever.”

(I dish up his potato salad, weigh it, label it, and almost put the lid on when he stops me.)

Customer: “Stop!”

(He picks out a larger chunk of potato that still had a bit of the dark brown peel on one side, and flicks it at me, bouncing it off my neck.)

Customer: “That one was the n*****.”

Closing Down Any Empathy For You

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(I just began working at a new deli after some issues at a previous job. Starting out, the new job is great! I had fun coworkers and a nice manager, and even the higher-ups seem very kind and helpful. As time goes on, of course, some things start to seem off or annoying, but I let those go. It isn’t much to complain about. One night, I am closing and, unfortunately, I am running a bit behind. I was supposed to be out by 8:00, but it’s coming onto 7:10 and I’m not where I am supposed to be.)

Me: “Hey, [Manager], I’m running a little behind. Can you give me a hand, here?”

Manager: “Sorry, [My Name], I’m running behind on my own stuff, too. I don’t know if I’ll make it out on time myself.”

Me: “Oh, well… Okay. When you get the chance, I could really use some help.”

(I continue doing what I was doing. A few minutes later, I begin to filter our deep fryer. I still have other things I need to do, but I’m keeping calm so I don’t make any mistakes… That is, until my manager comes by and watches me work over my shoulder.)

Manager: “You’re not going to make it out on time, are you?”

Me: “Probably not… That’s why I asked for help before.”

Manager: “Well, I can’t help. I have stuff to do. Man, you’re not making it out of here until well past 10:00!”

(The deli closes at 10:00.)

Me: “Well… I still have quite a few things to do.”

(Once the fryer is done being filtered and has cooled down a bit, it’s about 7:50. I begin taking it apart to clean out the filter. My manager is close by, just watching me work.)

Manager: “Man, you are so behind!! I can’t believe it; how could you be so behind?”

Me: “I’m not sure… Look, if you’re just standing there, not busy, I could use a little help with something else.”

Manager: “I told you! I am not done yet! I’m going to be late, too!”

(A little annoyed, I continue with my work. My manager continues to watch me until the clock strikes 8:00, when she packs up her things.)

Manager: “You’re still behind? Good luck with that! I’m going home. Night!”

(And she left. I didn’t make it out until just before 10:00 that night. The next morning I came in for an earlier shift and my manager told me that I didn’t do anything right, and that I obviously needed to be retrained in closing. I’ve gotten better — and faster — at closing since, but that night just irked me enough to where I lost a little respect for my manager.)

Exploding Over Turkeys Happens Outside The Holidays

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(I work in a bakery at a chain grocery store, but I am also cross-trained in the deli department, which is connected to the bakery. We just hired some new people, and I am scheduled to work in the bakery at the same time as a trainee is working in the deli by herself. The manager asks me if I can keep an eye on her in case she needs help, and I happily agree. It’s also important to note that we just switched some of our deli meat brands and flavors after we finished training our new employees, so some of the meats that we had when she first started training we either no longer carry or we carry it in a different brand. I’m working in my department when I hear this:)

Coworker: “Good afternoon, sir. Can I help you with something?”

Customer: “I would like some oven-roasted turkey.”

Coworker: “Okay. Would you like [Brand #1] or [Brand #2]?”

(Somehow, this question sets him off. He turns red in the face and starts yelling at my poor coworker.)

Customer: “You are so incompetent! Do you not know what you are doing? How hard is it to slice some meat?!”

(He goes on, and my coworker is too shocked to say anything. I step in to see if I can defuse the situation.)

Me: “[Coworker], are you okay?”

Coworker: “I just asked what brand he wanted because I couldn’t remember if we had the same flavor in another brand…”

Me: *to the man, as sweet and cheery as I can be* “Can I help you with something, sir?”

Customer: “NO! This entire store is filled with incompetent people! I just asked for some meat and she can’t slice it for me? How hard can it be to slice some meat?! I just want some meat!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. We are currently switching our brands, and my coworker was confused about which brand of turkey you wanted, Did you want [Brand #1] or did you want [Brand #2]?”

Customer: *throwing a temper tantrum at this point* “I just want some meat! How hard is that?! You are all incompetent, and I will never shop here again! I’m about to leave and I will never come back!”

(I can deal with rude customers, but at some point, a switch just goes off in me, and I’ll be d***ed if I’ll let a customer talk about my coworkers like this. However, instead of blowing up at rude customers, I have a different tactic.)

Me: *with a sweet, peppy smile* “All right, sir! Well, you have a good day! Thank you for shopping at [Grocery Store Chain].”

(The man looks like he is about to lay an egg — just totally shocked. He shakes out of it, and angrily grabs his cart and goes to check out.)

Me: *to coworker* “You okay?”

Coworker: “Yeah… I just asked him a question.”

Me: “Don’t worry about it. Some people are just jerks.”

(I went back to my work and our shifts continued normally. He must have had a bad day, because there is no way that turkey is so important that you have to have a meltdown in the middle of the store over it. That employee left a couple months later; most people don’t stay too long. I still work here, but I graduate school soon, so hopefully, I will never have to deal with rude customers like him again! If I do have a rude customer, I just kill them with kindness.)

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