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Flights To Hell Use Runways Paved With Good Intentions

, , , , , | Right | March 13, 2023

I work for an extremely famous airline company as a customer service advisor, which is basically a glorified call centre agent.

I have a call from a passenger about changing her flight details. Once that’s all done, I notice that her last name on the booking doesn’t match the one on the passport, e.g., Sarah Jane Smith-Parker on the booking and Sarah Jane Smith on her passport.

I inform her about this. I know it will be a major problem since she’s flying with a partner airline that doesn’t allow this. How do I know? Because I had an exactly similar situation a few hours ago where the passenger was denied boarding and marked as a no-show.

The passenger is already irate as it took me longer to get her changes done since she is travelling on a travel agency booking and her flight is within the next twenty-four hours.

Me: “Sarah, I noticed your last name on the booking is not the same as on your passport. Do you want me to help you change it? It might cause problems with your travel since you’re also travelling with [Partner Airline]. I would just need you to send me some documents to validate.”

Sarah: “No. I’ve never had a problem before. I have traveled with [Partner Airline] before, but I’ve never had a problem.”

Me: “Okay, Sarah. If that is your wish, I will not be making any further changes to this booking.”

Sarah: “No, no, no. Why did you say I will have a problem? I’ve never had any problem before. Why are you trying to make problems for me?”

Me: “I have faced a similar situation before where the passenger was not allowed to board, so I just wanted to make sure that you are aware of it.”

Sarah: “No, I won’t have any problems. You’re the one who is messing with my booking. First, you put me on hold for twenty minutes, you can’t even do one thing, and now you are creating more problems for me.”

Me: “I apologise that I made you feel that way; it was never my intention. I just noticed it and thought that you should be informed about this.”

Sarah: “I had no problems, and now you made problems for me. Now, if I have any problems, it will be because of you.”

Me: “Sarah, can you please help me understand how it is a problem because of me?”

Sarah: “I want to talk to a supervisor. I just wanted a few changes, and you put me on hold for twenty minutes! You are the one who is making problems for me!”

At this point, I’d had enough. I decided to contact a supervisor to see if I could transfer the call to her. But it was at this moment that I decided not to go out of my way to look out for the passengers.