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I work at a “drop in” daycare which means we take reservations for the time you need (which are only listed with time and their last name wich if the parents listen when we talk will know this) and are open really late. We bend over backwards to stay open 6 days a week and stay open for reservations even if we are have problems that make it super hard on us.
We one Monday and Tuesday we got snowed it. Or I should say our employees did so we had to close for two days.
So our owners change the voicemail, post on the website and Facebook we will be closed due to weather conditions and posted a notice on the door. I come in on Wed to open and I get two parents who address me this way.
Me: Hi, how are you today?
Parent: why weren’t you open Monday?! I came for my reservation and no one let me in! Where were you? I had a reservation!
Me: I’m so sorry we had an unexpected closure so-”
Parent: You can’t close when I have a reservation!
Me: Again I am so sorry but all of our employees were snowed in…
Parent: Well you should have called everyone!
Me: As I’ve said none of the employees…
Parent: Next time you better call!
Me: We will do our best next time. I’m sorry. (Finally the mom leaves)
Coworker: How are you going to call them if they don’t have a number on their account?

A Move Everyone Can Doo!

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My colleague is singing songs with a group of two-year-olds. She is asking them to think of actions they could do for the song “If You’re Happy And You Know It.” Most of the ideas up to this point have been sensible — jump, wave, etc.

Colleague: “If you’re happy and you know it…”

Two-Year-Old: “POO!”

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My first job at 17 was at a daycare inside a gym. The parents generally pretty nice and not helicopter parents, meaning they checked on their kid maybe once during their workout. There were no age limitations, but people never brought really young babies. One day this older lady came in with a two week old in a car seat. The lady looked a little eccentric, but I didn’t think she’d be too much of a problem. The baby had an odd name, the Aztec word for star. She put the car seat on a table and asked me to sit down at the table with her, even though I had 10 other kids to watch. She asked me if I had a boyfriend and if I had kids and when I was planning to have kids. Then she told me I needed to take colon cleanser and that it would clear up my acne. In hindsight she was probably just trying to put off working out, but she made me so uncomfortable. She finally left. Then she started peeking into the glass door to see what I was up to every 5 minutes. I felt like I had to neglect the other kids because I was busy with this crazy lady’s newborn baby. The baby started getting fussy, so I sat down at the table and gently rocked the car seat. The mom saw it and storm in yelling at me about how I was going to give her baby shaken baby syndrome. I apologized profusely even though I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong. She came back the next time I was working with the baby in a stroller. She did the whole asking questions thing again and then left. I left the kid in the stroller because if rocking will hurt the baby then walking around while holding her would definitely make the mom freak out. Baby started getting fussy again, so I wheeled the stroller around the daycare room while I watched the other kids. Mom came in to check on her and said “don’t forget what I said about shaken baby syndrome.” Ok crazy. I quit before I could see her again.

There Are Anti-Vaxx Moms, And Then There’s This…

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I work in a childcare facility offered free to gym members. We have three rooms: one for babies, one for toddlers, and one for school-age kids. The baby room closes at noon so that we can stay within ratio. A mother comes in wanting to register her six-week-old child.

Mom: “So, she’ll be in the baby room, right?”

Me: “Actually, not at this time. We close the baby room at noon, as we have two staffers clocking out and we have to stay in ratio. She will be completely safe, though. A staffer will be with her at all times to make sure she doesn’t get hurt.” 

Mom: “But she can’t be around these older kids! She’s not vaccinated!”

Me: *Pause* “Then why did you bring her to a daycare?”

Mom: “She’s supposed to be in the baby room!”

Me: “Ma’am, we can’t take her by herself into the baby room; it’s against the rules to have one staff member alone with a child.”

Mom: “Then put two in there! Just open it! I don’t want her getting sick!”

Me: “If we put two staff members in with her that will leave two staff members in the toddler room with over fifty kids. That’s double our required ratio and we can’t do that—”

Mom: “You can and you will! This is unfair to my child!”

Even though the mother has interrupted me I am still talking.

Me: “—and besides, we can’t accept an unvaccinated child. That is in our policies. And if you’re worried about her getting sick from the kids, you shouldn’t want her around adults, or anyone, really.”

Mom: “I’m going to work out! Just take her and do whatever you want!”

She holds the baby out to me.

Me: “No. We cannot take her.”

Mom: “Fine!”

She storms out.

Another Parent: “Why… why would she…?”

Me: *Shrugs* “I’m clocking out.”

I leave, and as I am walking out, I encounter the mom again, this time yelling at the manager on duty about my refusing to take her child. The manager is not the childcare manager and has no idea of our policies, so he grabs me and asks what he should tell her.

Me: “Show her the policies about vaccinations. Have fun! She loves her child enough to put her in danger; I don’t think she cares about what happens to you.”

The mom didn’t hear that, but a coworker and I laughed our way out of work.

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Way Cooler Than Whatever His Real Name Is

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One day, my siblings and I go with my mother to pick up my little cousin from daycare. My cousin mispronounces his last name as “Captain,” which my mom finds adorable. When we get to his daycare, a woman announces over a loudspeaker, “[Cousin’s Full Name], dismissal! [Cousin’s Full Name], dismissal!”, and they bring him out.

As we’re walking through the parking lot, my mom, as usual, asks my cousin, “What’s your name?” This time, he answers, “[Cousin] Captain Missile!”

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