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Not Even Going To Dance Around This Subject

, , , , , , , | Learning | October 30, 2017

(I am 16 and dance 50 hours a week, as well as being an honor student. I have four students to whom I am teaching solos. All consistently second place or better at competitions, sometimes getting first place out of their whole age group. I decide to open up a fifth slot for a student, because I figure I can manage another one. The mother of my first soloist has helped me recruit students, and because of being my first and helping me find students, I only charge her $15 an hour, compared to the other parents I charge $25. The mom accidentally lets it slip to a new recruit’s mom about her special price, and the following happens at the next tryout:)

Student’s Mom: “I heard you’re taking on another student.”

Me: *smiling* “That’s correct; despite my busy schedule I’ve decided I can take on another student.”

Student’s Mom: “Perfect. So [First Mom] said you will only charge me $15 an hour, correct?”

Me: *heart sinks to my stomach* “No, I actually charge $25 an hour.”

Student’s Mom: “Then why would she tell me $15?!”

Me: “I have been teaching her daughter for four years. She was my first soloist, and that is what I charged when I first started.”

Student’s Mom: “So, why does she get to keep that price!?”

Me: “Because she helped me get started.”

Student’s Mom: “That isn’t fair. You are what, 16? What makes you qualified to get $25 a hour?!”

Me: “Regardless of my age, ma’am, my dances win. Most teachers with a resume like mine are charging $50 an hour. I only charge $25 because I am younger.”

Student’s Mom: “But why do you get to charge that!?”

Me: “Ma’am, I am a busy person. I dance 50 hours a week myself, and I am an honor student, and my choreography wins. I have four other people who are interested in that slot and are fine with paying the $25. I am trying them out this weekend to find out if I can work with their student and them. So far, I can’t work with you, so your daughter is not worth my time.”

Student’s Mom: “Excuse me, young lady?!”

Me: “Ma’am. If my price is so outrageous, why are you still here trying to get me to teach your daughter?”

Student’s Mom: “Because your choreography wins!”

Me: “Exactly! I can charge $25 because my choreography is wanted. Now, $25 is my final price.”

Student’s Mom: “Fine. When can my daughter start?”

Me: “Never.”

Student’s Mom:What?!

Me: “I don’t work with divas, and if you’re like this, I can’t imagine how your daughter must be. Get out!”

(She left, muttering something under her breath about me being a b**** and arrogant and many other things. I found a student the next week who received choreography that won, and she ended up staying with me for two years. I don’t teach divas. I still won’t do so.)

A Fan Of (A)Round Numbers

, , , , | Working | June 28, 2017

(Last year our studio head moved away and we welcomed a more organized replacement. Communication between departments improves, paperwork is filed on time, attendance is tracked, and tickets for the spring show are printed and available for sale two weeks before the performance. Under the old studio head we were lucky to get them the week prior. It seems like this year we’ve sold more tickets. This was confirmed:)

Text: “I just ran the numbers. Last year we sold 29 tickets at the desk. So far this year we’ve sold 92.”

Second Text: “So we’ve literally turned our numbers around.”

Dancing Through The Worst Of It

| Working | December 27, 2016

(I am taking ballroom dance classes, and have just shown up rather early to the first session of the New Year. My dad just passed away on December 14, so obviously I had a difficult Christmas. Because I’m so early, I’m making small talk with the manager of the dance club, who is the only other person there.)

Manager: “So, how was your Christmas?”

Me: *cautiously* “Oh… it wasn’t that great really.”

Manager: “What? But it’s Christmas! Come on. It couldn’t have been that bad.”

Me: “Actually, it was probably the worst Christmas I’ve ever had.”

Manager: “Wow, what happened?”

Me: *not wanting to be one of those people who overshares personal information* “Umm, family stuff.”

Manager: “Oh, come on. Look at it this way: at least you HAVE a family!”

(At this point I can’t stay quiet anymore, as I have a morbid sense of humour and he’s given me a perfect set-up.)

Me: *deadpan* “Actually, my dad died.”

(He splutters about how sorry he is, and I feel a bit bad for him. Just then another girl walks up to us. The manager turns to her quickly to save face.)

Manager: “You! How was your Christmas?”

Girl: “Pretty sucky. My house burned down.”

Manager: *shocked and speechless*

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. My dad died this Christmas.”

Girl: “I’m so sorry! At least we’re pushing through it though, right?” *we high-five each other*

Me: “So, [Manager], how was YOUR Christmas?”


(We all had a good laugh about it. That was the first time I’d laughed since before my dad passed, and it was also the moment I realized I would be okay!)

Not Tickling Your Fancy

| Learning | November 21, 2016

(It is our last Friday class and we have to put barres away by unscrewing them from the feet and hanging them. Two of my friends are having a sleepover.)

Friend #1: *tickles [Friend #2]*

Friend #2: “If you’re just gonna tickle me, then I don’t wanna sleep with you.”

Me: “[Friend #2]! So forward!”

Do The Muffin Top!

| Learning | August 4, 2016

(I am a dance teacher assistant. The teacher was teaching a tap step called a scuffle to a group of kindergarten age kids.)

Teacher: “What other tap step rhymes with this?”

Student #1: “Muffle!”

Student #2: “Muffin!”

(The real answer was shuffle.)