The Road To A Write-Up Is Paved With Good Intentions

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(I work for a company responsible for getting manufactured items to the end users. [Customer #1] sends out a group email with a number of people involved, including others within her company and a number of people at my company.)

Customer #1: “Hello, [Customer #2]! Please give me the status of order number [number]. This is an extremely important order and I need an update as soon as possible.”

(I see the email, and knowing that [Customer #2] won’t be in the office for another hour or so, I go ahead and answer the email, replying to all.)

Me: “Hello, [Customer #1]! We actually finished processing that order last night, and you will have it today by noon. Please let me know if you have any other questions.”

(You might think that would be the end of the story. Oh, no. [Customer #2] called my manager’s manager to ream me out for making her look bad. She insisted that I should be suspended without pay because I had responded to an email that was addressed to her. Never mind the fact that the only way she would have gotten this information would have been to contact me, have me look it up and then respond to [Customer 1]. It didn’t matter that by the time [Customer #1] would have gotten that answer, the shipment would have already delivered. This has been the only time I’ve ever been written up for providing good customer service.)

Restroom Results In A Rest From Service

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(My sister-in-law speaks English as a second language; communication is a challenge in most situations for her, and today is no different. My sister-in-law, my grandmother, and I go out for coffee before dropping her off at work.)

Cashier: “What would you like?”

Sister-In-Law: “Iced mocha.” *points to the both of us* “Them with me.”

Me: “Grande peppermint mocha.”

Grandmother: “Apple fritter, please. Where is the restroom?”

Cashier: “Around the corner.”

(When we get our orders, mine is fine, but not only have they misspell my sister-in-law’s name, but they have given her a hot mocha, and they have completely missed my grandmother’s order. I go up with my sister-in-law to help her talk to the cashier.)

Me: “She asked for an iced mocha and she got a hot one, and my grandmother’s apple fritter is missing.”

Cashier: “Oh, I heard her ask where the bathroom was and I forgot about it.”

Me: “Can we get the iced mocha and the apple fritter?”

Cashier: “Oh, I won’t do anything, since you got what you paid for.”

Me: “But you put it in wrong! Can you at least get a manager to void the transaction and re-take the order?”

Cashier: “Nope.”

(We were shocked that she wouldn’t do anything and neither would the manager. We had to get my sister-in-law to work, so she drank the coffee as it was, and my grandmother ate when we got back home. We are still waiting to hear back from corporate.)

Unfiltered Story #93705

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My phone rings and i pick it up.
Me – “hello, this is myname”
Caller – “uh, is this myname?”
Me – “uhhh, yes. What can i help you with?”
Caller – “uh, i dont know why they told me to call you. Im calling about ticket #12345 and um…”
Me – “i dont have information about your work order tickets. What does the work order say?”
Caller – “um, i need to check on circuit #6789 but i dont know why i called you. Maybe i need to call this other number…”
Me – “uh… because im a network engineer for the company? What site are you at?”
Caller – “uhhh… *address* but maybe i should call this other number. But it said to call myname..”
Me – “uh, yeah. Because im the senior NETWORK ENGINEER”
Caller – “but i dont know why they told me to call you. Are you sure i shouldnt call this other number?”

At this point my entire department has collapsed into laughter.

Coworker – “jesus, you really do get those calls all the time, dont you?”
Me – *sigh* “….yep”
Coworker – “all because you are female?”
Me – “yep. Just because im a girl it somehow negates 20yrs experiance i guess”
Coworker – “head computer nerd. Im dying!”

Branded You Unworthy Of Their Brand

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(My dad was a church pastor for years, and this is one of his favorite stories about not letting what you see fool you. The chairman of our church board is an old, widowed, retired pastor who, in his retirement, has acquired several businesses and made them moderately successful. This means he drives very nice luxury cars from [High End German Brand]. However, he’s taken a liking to the styling of a new [High End American Brand] sedan, and decides one day to stop into his local dealer and test drive one. He’s just finished mowing his very large yard, and as such, is dressed the part: cutoff jean shorts, a somewhat grimy T-shirt, and grass-stained tennis shoes. He pulls up in his work truck and enters the showroom. He waits for thirty minutes before anyone even acknowledges his presence. He approaches the reception desk and asks to talk to a salesman.)

Reception: “I think they’re all with other customers, sir.”

(He looks around, sees several sitting in their offices, drinking coffee, reading, or otherwise NOT with customers. He begins to figure this out.)

Chairman: “That’s okay, ma’am. I’ll just look around a bit.”

(He looks around, finds the sedan he’s interested in, and manages to get a salesman to talk to him for a few seconds.)

Salesman: “Yes, sir, that’s a fine automobile. Just started getting those in last week. Here’s a brochure and my card. When you’re ready to pick one up, give me a call.” *He then walks away.*

([Chairman] leaves and goes home. He showers, shaves, and puts on a suit. Then he drives back up to the dealer in his [High End German Luxury Car] and parks. He doesn’t make it to the door before three salesmen are trying to corral him. He stops them.)

Chairman: “I’m here to see [Salesman].” *holding up the business card he was given*

(They dutifully go and get [Salesman]. [Chairman] greets him warmly and shakes his hand and asks how he’s been since they’ve talked last. The salesman looks puzzled.)

Salesman: “Have we met? I know you have my card, but I don’t think we’ve met…”

Chairman: “We sure did, not 90 minutes ago. I was the old guy in cutoff jean shorts who was prepared to drop fifty thousand bucks on that car in your showroom. Remember me now?”

(The salesman’s jaw dropped and he stammered out that he did, indeed, remember. [Chairman] sat down with him and his sales manager, they had a long talk, and much discounting of the sale price of the car went on. Finally, [Chairman] stood up, thanked them for their time, and walked out, without the car. He drove thirty extra miles to buy it from a competing dealer, who, when he showed up there in his cutoffs and grass-stained shoes, immediately offered him a seat and a cold drink, asked him how they could assist him, and got him a salesman in less than five minutes. He’s driven that brand ever since.)

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