Needs More AC To Deal With The Heated Anger

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(A customer, already irate, approaches me with his wife in tow. He is waving a receipt in front of me.)

Customer: “I paid you guys a lot of money to fix my AC and now it’s broken again! I demand compensation. This is outrageous! I paid 700€ for this and you can’t even do your work properly. You guys are scamming us!”

Me: “I’m very sorry your AC is broken again, sir. I will have someone check that.”

Customer: “Yeah, you’d better be fixing that s*** right now and I won’t be giving you a single Euro for that!”

Me: “Of course. Would you mind if I take a look at that receipt you brought with you?”

(He hands it to me, and as I take a look at it and a look at our files, I instantly know that this is going to get even worse.)

Me: “Um, sir, this is not for repair work. This is for the recommended annual inspection for your AC, and it’s from last June, and it was only 120€. If you had someone repair your AC, it sure wasn’t us.”

Customer: “What? Are you calling me a liar?”

Me: “No, sir. But if my coworker hadn’t done his job properly, you would have probably noticed during the summer months of last year.”

Customer: *starts to get verbally abusive, practically screaming*

(The good thing is that we have a great manager who is always very supportive, and tells us that no one has the right to treat us like that. I decide not to take his s*** anymore. I’m already a tall woman, but I make sure to stretch as much as I can to look even taller.)

Me: *in my most determined voice* “Firstly, if you want to talk to me, you are going to do so in a respectful manner, and secondly, if you want our help with your AC, you will sit down over there and wait for one of my coworkers to schedule an appointment for you. If you’re not okay with that, please leave.”

(His wife had the most shocked facial expression I had ever seen. Apparently, no one had ever had the guts to talk back to her husband. I turned around and walked away because I had other customers waiting, but I was later told that they did, in fact, sit down without speaking another word, wait for my coworker, and treat him with respect.)

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Wasn’t Alerted To Her Character Death

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(It’s about three months after my mother-in-law, who is estranged from all her kids and grandchildren, died. I get a call from a medical alert company. This is a company you pay a fee to and you wear a bracelet or necklace with a button that, when pressed, has medical help dispatched to your home. The rep who calls me asks if I am the daughter-in-law. I confirm and ask why he is calling me.)

Company Representative: “Well, we lost contact with your mother-in-law’s medical alert device and wanted to make sure she was okay.”

Me: “Well, considering she’s been dead for three months, I would have to say no.”

Company Representative: *stuttering* “Oh, I… I… am so sorry. I… I hate making calls like this. Again, I am so sorry.”

Me: “You would be the only one.”

Company Representative: “Huh?”

Me: “Look. The woman was an abusive alcoholic. Frankly, there isn’t a person in the family who is sad the evil woman is gone.”

Company Representative: *silence*

Me: “Now, if you are calling about an unpaid bill…” *which is the real reason I figured they called*

Company Representative: “Normally, under these circumstances, we wouldn’t even discuss that, but since you did bring it up. We do need to get the equipment back because she was leasing it.”

Me: “Sorry, I can’t help you. None of her kids or family has a key to the house. She left everything to some shyster lawyer who is supposed to sell whatever she had, which wasn’t much, and give the money to charity.”

(I gave the man the lawyer’s number and told him not to call again or bother any other family members. I felt kind of sorry for the guy but some family members said I gave him a great story to tell his coworkers.)

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(I work customer service for an online retailer. This call happens a lot)

Me: Thank you for calling (Retailer), my name is (Name). How can I help you today?

Customer: You guys owe me $20.00. I’m missing $20.00, they issued me a $20.00 certificate and it’s gone now.

(I go searching for the certificate, find 3 for $20.00)

Me: Sir, I see that you had three $20.00 certificates, and they were all spent.

Customer: No, you owe me Twenty f*cking dollars, and I want it now.

Me: Sir, I’ll have to research this. Can you tell me when and why you got the $20.00?

Customer: You people are supposed to keep record of that, I have no god d*mn idea!

Me: Sir, I do apologize, but I will need this information in order to find out what happened.

Customer: Look, I’ve been f*cking nice up until now, don’t make me blow up.

Me: Sir, I would be more than happy to figure this out for you, but I do need this information so that I can look it up.

Customer: Don’t make me ask for a god d*mn supervisor, you people are a bunch of c*ck suckers!

(at this point I could have hung up because of the language, but I was not letting him win)

Me: Sir, I would be more than happy to transfer you to a supervisor if you asked for one.

Customer: (loudly) F*CK!!! *Hangs up*

(Pretty sure this customer was trying to bully me into giving him something for free, and he already had complaints on his account for abusive language so I was prepared. I thought he was funny lol)

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A customer walks up to me at the customer service desk.
Customer: Can I give you my coat to hold onto while I shop?
Me: I’m sorry, but I can’t hold any personal belongings behind the desk.
Customer: But I cannot shop in this. It’s too distracting!
Me: I can offer you a shopping basket to put it in, but that’s the best I can do.
Customer: I would have to carry that around with me?
Me: Yes ma’am.
Customer: That defeats the purpose then!
(After another minute of conversation along the same lines she grabs a basket, puts her coat in it, and then leaves it on a window sill. She goes on shopping and my co-worker and I start talking about what products need to be moved where).
Customer: Excuse me! Do you two mind being quiet? For me, please. It’s very disconcerting and I cannot shop with all the noise.
(My co-worker and I nod, then look at each other like ‘what the h*ll)

No Person At All Would Be Better

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(As the lead customer service associate, I am responsible for training new customer service associates as they are hired. One woman — not some airhead teen, but a woman in her 40s — seems to have the IQ of a bag of bricks. Everything I say goes in one ear and out the other. I ask my manager to speak with her, but shortly after every conversation, things go downhill again. About six months into her employment, I am sorting returns into their appropriate department bins when I come across an empty container of baby food with a competitor’s sticker on the lid.)

Me: “Hey, [Associate], what’s this?”

Associate: “Baby food.”

Me: “Okay. Um… We don’t take back open baby food.”

Associate: “Since when?”

Me: “Since… ever.”

Associate: “Why?”

Me: “There was a video about cutting drugs with baby food and other weird things addicts do with it. Do you remember that?”

Associate: “Oh, yeah! But it was empty. There couldn’t be drugs in it.” *laughs*

Me: “No, it wasn’t about leaving drugs in baby food. It was… okay. Regardless of why the customer purchased the baby food, they used all of it and you gave them their money back.”

Associate: “Oh.” *shrugs and walks away*

Me: “It also has a [Competitor] sticker on the lid.”

Associate: “Oh, yeah! I saw that.”

Me: *deep breath* “And you returned it because…?”

Associate: “Well, she said she took it to [Competitor] but they needed the receipt to give her her money back, but she already threw it away. I told her we didn’t need one!” *proud smile*

Me:Any food product needs a receipt. We don’t take back open baby food. We don’t take back items with stickers from competitors, and we definitely don’t take back things customers admit they bought from other stores.”

Associate: “Oh. I didn’t know that.”

Me: *trying not to yell at her* “Okay. That was all part of your initial training. Please be more careful with your returns.”

(I went to management and begged them to do something about her, but they basically told me that any person at the desk is better than no person at all. I quit the day we both applied for a loss prevention position and she got it.)

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