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I was at the DMV to renew my Driver’s license…and it was MOBBED. There was a line of roughly 20 cars circling round-and-round the lot looking for a space to park. There was one car parked to the side with the 4-way flashers on. I, and everyone else in line passed her several times. When a spot opened up, I took it. I get out and she pulls up….

Her: “Didn’t you see me?!? I was waiting for a spot”
Me: “We were all waiting for a spot. You were parked off to the side”
Her: “Well, that’s my spot!”
Me: “Sorry” (and I casually walked inside)

I’m not sorry…when you see 20 other cars, in a line, circling a parking lot looking and waiting for a space to open up….you get in line and hope for the best. You don’t park off to the side and assume someone’s going to say “oh…that lady back there…maybe she was waiting for a spot….I’ll just go ahead and leave it for her.”

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(I’m buying yogurt for a no-bake pie recipe when an older man addresses me.)

Man: That’s why I can’t stand you teenage girls.

(I’m not a teenager, and try to ignore him, but he just goes on in a louder tone of voice.)

Man: You eat nothing but yogurt, and I bet you’re going to vomit it up later, aren’t you? You just want to be some gold-digging bimbo trophy wife! Why not do something for your brain instead of your body? Useless self-absorbed teenage-

(I have what I need, so I go to leave.)

Me: I’m a college student, and these are for a pie.

Man: *without missing a beat* And that’s why you’re such a lardass! You should buy a gym membership instead of stuffing your face!

(He kept ranting as I walked away. At least the pie turned out good enough to cheer me up after that.)