Funny How Those Who Drink And Drive Blame Everyone Else

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We’re a movie theater that serves food and drink to guests while they watch their movies. I am selling tickets. We’re set up so customers buy their movie tickets from us from a booth at the front of the theater before they enter the building.

We are twenty-one-plus, and to make it easier on the servers, we require valid ID for every ticket before people can buy them so people don’t have to get carded in a dark theater every time they order a drink.

A lot of people don’t realize that there’s a lot more to it than just being over twenty-one. If their ID is expired, they didn’t bring it because they’re in their fifties, or it’s damaged and unreadable, then we legally can’t sell them a ticket. Customers get really upset about this. The worst-case scenario for them is that they get turned away, but if we get caught making a mistake, we get fined and we could lose our jobs. As such, I’m pretty firm on IDing people and I spend a lot of time explaining what the problem is and what their options are.

During really peak times, like Saturday, we stop carding for each transaction, we give a little spiel about IDs in case someone is trying to bring a minor in, and then we have someone positioned at the door checking IDs for every person that enters. It just makes everything move faster.

It is just before the 7:00 pm set on a weekend. It’s already started picking up in pace a little bit, but we don’t have someone carding at the door yet. A gentleman requests two tickets.

Me: “Yes, sir. I need to see both yours and the other person’s ID.”

The man goes to get the other person’s ID rather than her bringing it herself. He shows me hers and then shows me his without taking it out of his wallet. The window on his wallet is dirty and his thumb is in the way so I can’t see the expiration date.

Me: “Could you please remove the ID from the wallet?”

He does, but he refuses multiple times to move his thumb out of the way. I finally say:

Me: “Sir, I need you to hand it to me.”

He’s been grumpy and put upon this whole time, but it’s nothing too out of the ordinary since he’s obviously over twenty-one. He finally hands the ID to me, and I see that he’s got a diamond-shaped hole punch through the smaller picture. This means he’s had a DUI, I believe a more intense one, like someone got hurt from it or he was way over the legal limit or something.

While I don’t think they mention it in the online test for being allowed to check IDs in the state of Washington, I’ve asked my managers about it before and they’ve told me we shouldn’t sell tickets to people who have the hole punch. He clearly knows he’s not supposed to be served, since he was so adamant about not letting me see that hole punch.

I inform him of this and tell him about other theaters in the area that are showing the same movie he wants to see, minus the alcohol. He grumbles at me, snatches back his ID, and stomps off to talk to his lady friend. I can see them standing off to the side muttering together, but my line is busy so I just kind of keep tabs on them while helping other people.

I eventually see him hand everything to his lady friend and they get in another ticket seller’s line. I act like I’m going to their station to grab more ticket paper and I discreetly point the couple out and let her know that the gentleman’s ID isn’t valid to be sold alcohol and they’ve been turned away.

It’s getting even busier and we get someone carding at the door. The other ticket seller still cards the woman since she thinks she won’t be able to sell them a ticket and we have to call a manager to process a refund, but she apparently doesn’t know about the DUI hole punch, sees nothing wrong with his ID, and sells them the tickets.

The person carding at the door is a server; he has taken the test, but he doesn’t often have to ID people, so he’s proficient enough to be placed at the door, but he apparently doesn’t know about the DUI hole punch, either, so the two of them get their tickets and go inside without any further issue. I shrug it off. I did my due diligence, so I can’t get in trouble for it. I’m not going to take this home with me. I’ll let the other two staff know about the hole punch later when I get the chance.

But… as soon as the man is admitted to the lobby, he comes around the back of the ticket booth, draws my attention, and straight-up smugly calls me a b****. I’ve been working out some stuff with my medications at this point, so my emotions are pretty close to the surface, and despite working in this position for three years, this is the first and only time someone has ever legitimately sworn at me.

I see red and lunge up off my stool, and the ticket seller next to me grabs my arm to stop me. The man laughs at me and pulls his lady friend along to their theater. I’m still angry and need a second, so I grab the first thing at hand, which happens to be the small broom we use to keep the booth clean, and I head around to the back of the building.

I take about thirty seconds to whale on the side of the building with the broom and then take some deep calming breaths, get myself back under control, and return to work.

While I was outside, the ticket booth called a manager and explained what had happened, and the managers tracked the two down in their theater and kicked them out without a refund. I didn’t get in trouble for the now broken broom.

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We Don’t Remember This Episode Of “The Three Stooges”

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I work for a popular chain dollar store. I wasn’t on shift when the incident initially went down but came on shift as the footage was being reviewed.

It would seem that a couple of thieves decided to come into our store to steal. Wearing oversized clothes, they split up and met back at the clothing section. They started taking packages of socks, underwear, and shirts off the pegs and stuffing them down their pants!

On the playback, we could clearly see them doing this! We all, cops included, laughed as we watched them do the shake-the-legs-and-hop-up-and-down dance, trying to make the stuff settle further. The thieves then left the store, got in their car, and drove away.

The rest of the story is compiled from info that trickled in later.

Our thieves were pulled over by the town cops just a few blocks away for — drum roll, please — not wearing seat belts! The police then saw all the stolen merchandise and no bags. So they started asking questions.

One of the thieves decided that the best course of action was to bolt from the car, because that’s not suspicious at all when asked, “Have you folks been shopping?”

The police promptly arrested the driver. The genius who ran? He did not get far and was promptly caught when his oversized pants fell down! The thieves were soon read their rights and tucked into the back of the patrol car.

Then, the radio crackled to life: a report came in that a dollar store just a few blocks away had been robbed. Wonder of wonders, the suspiciously obtained products all had a [Dollar Store] logo on them!

In the end, we got everything back, saving us almost $100 in inventory. We also now have a story that will go down as a store legend to the following generations of staff.

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We’re Not Cos-Playing Anymore

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I work for a prominent hotel chain as a security guard and bouncer. This hotel hosts a very large annual science-fiction convention. I’m a fan, and I get to meet a lot of authors and artists — including Phil and Kaja Foglio! — and I buy some neat stuff. The con staff do a fairly decent job of keeping things organized.

The biggest problem is some of the fans.

One morning, I get a sort of panicky call from the hotel café about a guest creating a disturbance. I bob and weave my way through the tide of early-rising Klingons, Imperial Storm Troopers, Daleks, Vulcans, and hordes of other creatures and characters. When I get to the café, I immediately discover the problem.

There is a woman there; she is hard to miss. She is wearing an apparently homemade “costume” which resembles mosquito netting… and nothing else. Everything is clearly visible.

She is drunk and/or stoned, combative, and as reasonable as a rabid wolverine with a toothache. And she stinks. She refuses any suggestion to change her attire. It’s only after I have called the police for assistance that she makes an attempt to cover herself. She grabs three cocktail napkins and stuffs them under her mosquito netting until they cover her nipples and genital area.

This is still not acceptable attire for anywhere, least of all a dining facility. She expresses her displeasure at great length and with many profanities, not stopping even after the police repeat the instructions to cover up or leave.

She makes several pointed references to “pigs,” which she thinks is amusing. The police are less than amused and escort the woman out of the hotel in handcuffs. She is issued a summons for public indecency and released to her vehicle after being told not to return to the hotel. Ever.

Not an auspicious start to the day for anyone involved.

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The Wheels On The Bus Go Brrrrrrr

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At the time of this story, the public transit tickets in my city were low-tech cardboard rectangles, with printed serial numbers as their only security device. At work, we’d occasionally joke about how easy it would be to counterfeit the tickets. I never took it seriously; it cost around $80 per month to commute to work on the bus while our company gave us $400 per month, tax-free, to cover downtown parking.

But one of my coworkers always seemed to bring up the subject of fake tickets. Although he had the reputation of being a man who always looked for an edge, no one believed he’d be that cheap.

Then, one fateful Tuesday, the coworker came in three hours late. He just said “something” had happened on his bus and he didn’t want to talk about it. Then, in the late afternoon, he was called into the manager’s office, and twenty minutes later, he was marched out the door with his personal effects.

It turned out he had done more than just talk about counterfeiting tickets. On that day, the transit police had arrested him as he was about to drop a phony ticket into the bin. His downfall was that he had only copied one ticket over and over so the five he had in his wallet were the same — and identical to several dozen that they had accumulated over a few months. He faced a misdemeanor and a hefty fine.

And, of course, he’d used our company’s high-quality color printers to make them. As luck would have it, we’d had an IT audit the night before. It seemed our printers kept digital records of what was printed and who printed them, and his ID came up associated with the images he’s been forging.

To save less than $1000 per year, he risked and lost a six-figure salary. Talk about instant Karma.

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The Facepalm Heard Around The World

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My parents own a deli and convenience store and have been having trouble with employees stealing. My dad decides to install cameras. The back area is huge and there’s no way he can cover the whole area, so he picks the most central spot, puts a black dome over it so you can’t tell where it’s pointing, and hopes for the best.

In a short time, he catches the thieves and he’s dumbstruck. They were the two employees who helped him install the cameras. The only two employees besides my parents who knew the back area’s camera was covering the main part of the storage area. The only two employees who could have easily stolen in the camera’s blind spot. Instead, they stole right in view within a week after installation.

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