Check The Check: It’s In The Name!

| IL, USA | Working | November 29, 2016

(I work for a competing bank, yet leave my accounts at my old credit union for convenience. I do everything online or at the ATM and have visited a branch maybe once or twice. I have just received a fairly large check (over $10k) from my insurance company for my totaled car, and figure that depositing it in person would be the best option. I visit a branch I’ve never been to and walk up to the teller.)

Me: “Hi! I just need to deposit this today. If you need to put a hold on it, that’s totally fine, too. I don’t need it right away.”

Teller: “Oh, no, we won’t need to do that! I’ll just put that in your account right now.”

Me: “Do you need my ID? That’s a large check.”

Teller: “Not at all! I know you.”

Me: “No, you don’t.”

Teller: “Well, of course I do!”

Me: “I’ve never been to this branch. I do everything online.”

Teller: “It’s okay. I see you work for [Competitor]. You’re fine!”

Me: “Please, just check my ID…”

(The first thing I did when I got home was to log on to my online banking to make sure the check actually went into my account. Thankfully, it did!)

It’s Going To Be A Long Week

| Selah, WA, USA | Working | September 1, 2016

(I went in to the credit union to make a withdrawal. The teller had obviously had a long day and mistyped my account number three times.)

Teller: “I’m really sorry about this.”

Me: “It’s okay; I have days like that too.”

Teller: “Well, at least it’s Friday, right? Or actually, Thursday.”

Me: “It’s Wednesday…”

Will Not Be Held Accountable For Their Account

| New Windsor, NY, USA | Right | June 13, 2016

(I call up next member in line.)

Me: “How can I help you today sir?”

(The member does not look up or reply, just throws ID and a check onto counter.)

Me: “What are we looking to do with the check today, sir?”

Member: “Balances after.”

Me: “I’d be happy to provide balance information… but what are we doing with the check today?”

Member: “Deposit and cash.”

Me: “Okay, how much would we like to deposit today?”

Member: “Cash deposit.”

Me: “Sir, I’m not sure what you’re asking to do. Would you like to cash the check or deposit today?”

Member: “Deposit cash check.”

Me: “I can either give you cash for the check, or I can put the check into your account. I just need to know what you would like to do today?”

Member: “Oh, put it in my account.”

Taking Account Of The Offers

| CA, USA | Working | March 26, 2016

(I have just paid off my car loan and closed the account when I notice a sign by the teller’s window.)

Me: “Oh, hey, you’re selling discount tickets to [Theme Park]? Could I buy two of those?”

Teller: “I’m sorry, no. Those are for account holders only. Would you like to open an account?”

Me: “Uh. No, thanks.”

(The other tellers looks appalled that she wouldn’t sell me the tickets literally 10 seconds after closing my account, but she wouldn’t budge!)

Freedom To Give Stupid Answers

| Salem, OR, USA | Working | October 12, 2015

(My manager and a coworker are looking from another person to help process cash.)

Manager: “Is [Coworker] free?”

Me: “We’re ALL free. This is ‘Murica.”

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