Complaining Is In Some People’s DNA

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(I work for an up-brand mass-market chocolatier. The company has café stores and non-café stores. I was the head barista for two years in a café store, but at this point I am a senior sales in a non-café.)

Guest: “I bought your hot chocolate and I don’t like it.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, sir. Can I ask how you’ve been making it? That sometimes affects the taste.”

Guest: “I’ve done it every way. Whenever I come in they tell me something different.”

(I list the ways you could make it and he nods along, the response being, “No, I didn’t like that way.”)

Me: “The only other option, sir, would be to use a pressure wand, like a milk-foamer on a coffee machine.”

Guest: “That’s ridiculous! I’m not forking out money for a product I’ve already bought!”

Me: “I understand, sir, but there isn’t any other way I can think of to help you. If you have the product or the receipt, I can refund or exchange.”

Guest: “I don’t want to do that! Can’t you just make it here?”

Me: “This isn’t a café store, sir; we don’t have those facilities.”

Guest: “Well, what are you going to do about it?!”

Me: “If you have the receipt or the product, I can give you a full refund. Other than coming to your house and making it for you, there’s nothing I can do at this juncture.”

Guest: “Come to my house, then.”

Me: “Sir, I’m not prepared to do that. I—”

Guest: “You clearly don’t care about your job, then!”

(He stormed off. Apparently the same guest comes in about once a month and complains about not liking a particular product, but never buys anything in-store or has the product or receipt. Some people just like to complain.)

Still Get Some Haggler Stragglers

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(I work at a popular store that is known for being mostly women’s clothing, though we do carry a few other things. I’m in the second level of the building at the fitting rooms, and all of our cash registers are downstairs by the doors. A man starts looking at the electronics in front of my area.)

Man: “Excuse me—” *holds up a speaker* “—but how much is this?”

Me: *looks at the price tag and point to it as I smile* “This is going to be [price].”

Man: “Oh, well, I don’t think it is worth that. I will give you [lower price] for it, instead.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but all of the prices are as marked.”

Man: “I won’t pay that; I do not think it is worth that much. I think it is only worth [lower price].”

Me: “It doesn’t work like that; you can’t haggle in a store.”

(The man seemed frustrated, but eventually agreed to pay the price as marked. Then, he tried to hand ME some cash, and I told him he had to go to the registers downstairs. I don’t know if this was legitimately his first time in an American store, or if he thought I’d be stupid enough to not understand how a store, in my own country,where I am also employed, works!)

Confirming Nothing

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(Our hotel has been booked up for a particular Friday for weeks due to a convention in town. The night before that date, we are still technically entirely booked for that date, and we get a call from a guest.)

Coworker: “Hey, [My Name], I have this lady on the phone, and she says she wanted to book for tomorrow night, but somehow it was booked for tonight, instead.”

Me: “Hmm… Well…”

Coworker: “Yeah, I explained that we were booked up, and she said we should accommodate her because she has a ‘confirmation.'”

Me: *after taking the appropriate time to process this logic* “No. Tell her we’re booked, and we can cancel her reservation for tonight, but that’s all.”

Coworker: *after getting back on the phone for a few moments* “Huh. She hung up. Didn’t even tell me if she wanted to cancel or not.”

Me: “Just put a note on her reservation not to charge it if it no-shows. You know, we’re at the point now that we’ll probably have plenty of rooms after no-shows and cancellations are accounted for. But since she decided to be a b****, she isn’t getting one.”

(If her logic carried, anyone could make a reservation for another night and then call and claim that it was supposed to be for a night when we’re sold out. I’m not going to reward that kind of stupid and solidify it in someone’s head that it can work that way.)

Vie For A Vial

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(I just started working at a small, independent pharmacy. It’s located in the downtown area of a small town that is predominantly upper-middle-class families. And with that population, we get patients in that ask for a bit more specific requests than what I’m used to. I have just started and am being trained when I overhear this conversation with my technician. Note: since we are small pharmacy, profit margins are tight, so for expensive medications, we don’t open the bottles and fill them until the patient has come to pick up and paid. We pride ourselves on customer service, doing almost anything for the customer.)

Customer: “I’m here to pick up for [Customer].”

Tech: “All right, just give me a few moments to pour these bottles into the vial.”

(She is getting over 400 tablets of the medication.)

Customer: “Let me see what you’re putting it in.”

Tech: *shows the vial* “Will this one be good for you?”

Customer: “No! That one is too tall; I’m going to spill it.

Tech: *shows different vial* “What about this one?”

Customer: “No! It’s too short; I’m going to lose it.”

Tech: *shows another vial* “This one? I can fit it in two of them.”

Customer: “I don’t want to; that’s too much!”

(This repeats for a couple minutes, going over various vials, usually the same one, multiple times, the customer making up some random excuse.)

Tech: *showing her the first vial* “What about this one?”

Customer: “Yes! That one is perfect!”

(The tech finishes up putting her medications together and the patient leaves.)

Me: “How did you handle that without freaking out?”

Tech: “I was about to punch her in her face if she said no to another one of these stupid bottles.”

Can’t Hold A Candle To Your Shopping List

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(I am doing my weekly shopping at the local store that always has the best produce and bulk goods. I have a cart full, as does the customer behind me. In front of me is a young couple — probably tourists, since this is tourist season. They have four candles in their hands.)

Couple: “What kind of discount can you offer us for this?”

Cashier: “I’m afraid we don’t do discounts here.”

Couple: “But we’re buying a lot of stuff. Can’t you give us some kind of quantity discount?”

(At that point the customer behind me and I both burst out laughing. The couple turned around, saw our full carts, and quietly paid for the four candles.)

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