Minimum Wage Is Totally Skippable

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I used to work at a popular clothing store that had pretty much everything you could need at a reasonable price. Just like every other clothing store, we had a store credit card that we were encouraged to have customers sign up for.

The rule was three “No”s per transaction, which no one really followed because that’s a little ridiculous. And, of course, corporate and managers gave us weekly goals that we had to meet.

Because I was usually working the sales floor and therefore couldn’t enter cards into the computer, I was never really close to my goal. This became a problem for me, but management preferred me on the floor, so they were cool with just keeping me there.

But then, one day, I went into work to see a bright notice on the cork board. It read, “ALL EMPLOYEES WHO DON’T MEET THEIR WEEKLY CREDIT GOALS MUST ATTEND A CUSTOMER SERVICE CLASS. SEE MANAGER FOR DETAILS.”

I did exactly that. When I spoke to a manager, she told me I had to attend the three-hour, mandatory class on being a polite but pushy employee or face “consequences.” When I asked what day it was, she said, “Next Friday morning.”

I was a college student who had morning classes, so I quickly told her that I literally couldn’t attend because of class. I was told that it was fine for me to skip classes, since college kids do that all the time. When I told her I didn’t want to skip classes that I paid $30,000 a year for, she then asked me what was more important to me: college, or my minimum-wage job?

I got a new job that week. I’ve never been so happy to hand in a letter of resignation.

Evenly Scratch That

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(I’m on the till with the lottery and scratchcards. I ring up a customer and she takes a while counting out her money for me. I put it through the till.)

Customer: “I’ll have a scratchcard, as well.”

Me: “Of course. Which one would you like?”

Customer: “Erm… number three.”

(I look at the scratchcards and realise number three and four contain the same scratchcards, but number three only has one left. Instead of emptying one container and having to move over a scratchcard, I decide to take one from number four.)

Customer: “No. I said number three.”

Me: “They’re the same kind. There is only one left in three, so I thought—”

Customer: “No! I must only go by even numbers! I need number three!”

(I didn’t bother to point out that three is an odd number!)

I’d Be Grim, Too, With A Name Like That

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(At our store, you can look up a customer’s account using their name and some other details to save their purchase or receipt. A woman storms into the shop and up to the counter — I guess already not satisfied by something outside the store — with a grim look on her face, and buys a pack of batteries.)

Customer: “Kneel down!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: *even louder* “KNEEL DOWN!”

(My coworkers and I look all confused, as we have no idea what to do.)

Customer: *loud and slowly* “MY NAME! KNEEEEEL DOOOOOOWN!”

(Her name… I looked it up for her purchase. Her name was Ms. Kneeldown.)

How Dare Thermodynamics Happen!

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(I work as a barista in a popular coffee shop with multiple locations in the city. During a quiet time of day, a woman peers at the menu for a moment and then approaches the counter.)

Me: “Hi there! What I can I get started for you today?”

Customer: *just stares at me*

Me: “Would you like a minute to decide?”

Customer: “Oh! You’re not the girl who served me last night!”

Me: “Well, if it was after a certain time, then no, as my shift was done in the afternoon.”

(I am thinking that even if I did serve her yesterday, am I supposed to be telepathic and automatically know what she wants today?)

Customer: “Well, the barista in last night didn’t know what she was doing and made my drink taste awful! I’d like to make a complaint about her!”

Me: “Okay, I can be sure to let someone know.” *grabbing the schedule from the night before next to the register* “Can you describe her to me, please?”

Customer: “Well, she’s a blonde girl. She looks like you, but blonder.”

(I’m a black-haired girl, nowhere near blonde, and actually we have no blonde females working at our location.)

Me: “Um, well, according to our schedule, we actually had a team of males in last night. No ladies. Are you sure you weren’t at [Other Location Nearby], instead?”

Customer: “No, it was here. I remember.”

Me: “Well, all I can say is that we have a guarantee that if you take a sip and you don’t like your drink, bring it to the counter and we’ll either remake it for you or make you something different. At this point, I can let our manager know you were not happy with the drink, and we’ll let our baristas know that they should be more diligent with the recipes. Does that sound fine to you?”

Customer: “Yes, that sounds good. Now, can I get [four of our biggest, most expensive drinks]?”

Me: “Sure!” *rings her up*

Customer: “Wait, you’re charging me for my drinks? They should be free! My coffee last night was awful and it was your fault!”

Me: *inwardly sighing* “I’m sorry, but if you didn’t make a complaint at the time you received the coffee, then how are we to know you were dissatisfied with your drink? We can’t refund you or remake a drink you consumed almost twenty-four hours ago.”

Customer: “But it was too hot to drink right away, so I drove home with it! By the time I got home, the store was closed and I couldn’t call to make a complaint!”

Me: “Fair enough. Do you have a receipt for your drink, or perhaps the empty cup? Something to show proof of purchase?”

Customer: “No, I didn’t get a receipt, and the coffee was ice cold when I got in so I just chucked the entire thing in the garbage.”

Me: *flabbergasted* “Ma’am, maybe the coffee was bad because you allowed it to get cold before drinking it? Either way, I’m afraid your coffee today cannot be on the house as we have no proof you actually bought anything from us in the first place, and if you did, we could only comp the same drink order, not all four. Now, if you would like your drinks, it will cost you [full amount]!”

Customer: “You’re just trying to screw me over! I’m never coming back here!” *stomps off*

Me: “We can only hope…”

I Like Coffee, I Like Tea

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(I’m the only one watching the coffee bar until the people actual scheduled to do it show up. I guess this could be split up into two stories, but they did only occur within ten minutes of each other. It’s a slow night, and [Customer #1] is the first customer I’ve seen at the coffee bar all evening.)

Customer #1: “May I get a green tea and a mint tea, please?”

Me: “You want two teas? What size?”

Customer #1: “I only want one cup. Two bags. What’s your smallest cup? ”

Me: *repeating the order because I’ve never had someone ask for two different teas like this* “So one 16 oz tea with an extra tea bag?”

Customer #1: “Yes.” *hands me her card*

Me: “Campus Meal Plan? ”

Customer #1: “Yeah, but why am I being charged extra?”

Me: “An extra tea bag is fifty cents. With the meal plan discount, your entire order is only 82 cents.”

Customer #1: “But all the other times they just ask me if I want a second bag.”

Me: “Then they need to start charging you for an extra tea bag. They’re not free.”

Customer #1: *rolls eyes* “Fine.”

(I run her card, and [Customer #1] takes her tea and leaves. Not five minutes later, my second customer shows up.)

Me: “What can I get for you? ”

Customer #2: “May I get an iced mocha? Go easy on the ice, please.”

(I run her card, and start making her drink. I fill the cup with about half the ice normally use for iced drinks.)

Me: *showing [Customer #2] the amount of ice in the cup* “You wanted light on the ice? Is this okay?:

Customer #2: “How light can you make it?”

Me: “You want less, then?”

Customer #2: “Put in as little ice as you can. No ice would be best.”

Me: “The espresso is brewed hot. If I don’t put any ice in it, it’s just going to be a hot cafe mocha, and not a cold drink”

Customer #2: “Yeah, actually could you make me a hot mocha instead? ”

(She seemed happy when I gave her the hot mocha.)

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