The Sauce Of Discontent

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(I work in a store that customises your sandwich. This story was relayed to me by a coworker.)

Customer: “Could I please have a meatball sub with extra sauce?”

Coworker: “Sure!” *puts meatballs on sub, then grabs the marinara sauce and adds sauce*

Customer: “What do you think you’re doing?”

Coworker: “You asked for extra sauce, so I’m putting it on.”

Customer: “That’s not the same sauce!”

Coworker: “I can assure you that it is the same sauce, ma’am.”

Customer: “But I want extra sauce from the meatball container! That sauce won’t be hot!”

Coworker: “I can heat or toast your sub, ma’am, but I promise you that it is still hot.”

Coworker: “No, I want you to remake the sub.”

(My poor coworker had to remake her sub over this. But, hey, at least the coworker got a free lunch!)

Know When To Hold ‘Em And When To Fold ‘Em

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(I work on the tills at a well-known cheap clothing shop in the UK. I am packing the clothes that a customer has just bought into her bags.)

Customer: “No, no, stop that at once!”

Me: “What is the problem?”

Customer: “You’re packing that bag too haphazardly! My clothes will be wrinkled and ruined when I get them home!”

(At this shop, we are literally trained in how to pack bags to ensure that the clothes are folded neatly and the heavy items are on the bottom and the light ones are on the top. I have been following this training to the letter. I start to pack the bag exactly the same way as I was before, just slower.)

Customer: “There. That’s better! You’re actually folding the clothes now!”

Arabian Plights

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(I work at a hotel, in the United States. A customer with a heavy scowl thrusts his tablet at me.)

Customer: “You fix Internet!”

Me: “Umm.”

(I take the tablet, and it’s ALL in Arabic.)

Me: “Uh, this is in Arabic. I can’t read it.”

Customer: “You fix!”

Me: “I can’t; I can’t understand Arabic.”

Customer: “No, you fix!”

(I try to explain to him that I can’t fix his Internet because I can’t understand his tablet. He doesn’t listen. I give up and press a few things here and there. The screen turns a weird dark color, and it looks as if viruses are being downloaded.)

Me: “Er… Sorry, I can’t.”

(He took the tablet back and stormed off, looking upset. Later, he wrote an email to the general manager, all in Arabic. The general manager didn’t bother translating it, thank goodness.)

About To Have A Technological Meltdown

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(I come into my workplace on my day off to do some shopping. I get everything I need and head towards the exit.)

Me: “All right, I’ll see you guys next week!”

(Not even one step outside, and I feel a firm tug at my sleeve.)

Manager: “Hold up! I need you to help this customer!”

Me: “I’m not even scheduled today. What do you want?”

Manager: “I’m an old man and I know nothing about modern technology! Please don’t leave me with this customer!”

(The customer and I shared a laugh at my manager’s remark, and I stayed for an extra few minutes to assist in the electronics aisle. This type of incident has happened at least two more times.)

That Sale Tanked

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(I used to breed reptiles on a small scale and sell supplies on the side from my home, but I have closed that business down. I still have the same cell number that was used for those listings. A guy calls looking for a fish tank while I’m lounging in bed with coffee.)

Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t have any. Can I ask where you got this number?”

Caller: “Online, under pet stores.”

Me: “Okay, thank you. Sorry, but I closed my business two years ago. You can try the [Animal Clinic], though.”

Caller: “Where else can I get a tank? “

Me: “[Animal Clinic]. They are also a pet store.”

Caller: “How much? “

Me: “I’m sorry; I don’t know. You’ll have to go look.”

Caller: “Where is it?”

Me: “Do you know where the [Landmark] is?”

Caller: “No.”

Me: “I’m not sure of the exact address; I just know how to get there. It might be best just to look up the address.”

Caller: “Okay, what is the address?”

Me: “I don’t know. You’ll have to look it up.”

Caller: “How?”

Me: “Same way you found me. I’m sure Google will help.”

Caller: “What about [Store]? Do they have tanks?”

Me: “Um. Maybe. I’m not sure. You’ll have to go look.”

Caller: “I don’t want to drive into town for nothing.”

Me: *snorts out a laugh* “Okay, but I can’t help you.”

Caller: “Thank you for good customer service.” *hangs up*

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