They Either Complain There Are No Signs, Or Too Many

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(A couple comes up to the register with some jewelry-making supplies and I give them their total.)

Customer: “This was $1.74! It said that it was $1.74 over there!”

Me: “Okay, can you show me? Because if it was in the wrong spot, I can—”

Customer: “It wasn’t in the wrong spot! I even scanned it at one of the price checkers and it said $1.74!”

(She takes me over to the price checker.)

Customer: “As you can clearly see—”

(She scans the item. The screen on the price checker says $2.49.)

Customer: “That said $1.74 before! I swear to God, it said $1.74!”

Me: “Well, let’s go over to where you found it and see if there was a sign put up by mistake or something.”

(We go over to where she found the item. It is clearly marked $2.49, and there are no sale signs. She grudgingly accepts that she was wrong and goes back to the register. I give her the total, but she and her husband are not happy with it.)

Customer: “Why aren’t these all 50% off? There was a sign there that said 50% off!”

Customer’s Husband: “You can even see it from here! There’s a 50%-off sign!”

Me: “I’m pretty sure the sale is only on beads. I was just over there, and there was no sign in that panel. I can go over and show you if you want.”

Customer’s Husband: “How about this? How about we just don’t buy anything, and leave?”

Me: *pause* “Okay?”

Customer’s Husband: “This is unbelievable! You’ve got all these signs in that general area, so that should mean that everything there is 50% off!”

(My manager has been at the register next to me this whole time and overhears this.)

Manager: “Our signs are put up panel by panel, sir.”

Customer’s Husband: “DON’T GIVE ME THAT!”

(The two of them walked out without buying anything. I told them, quietly enough so that no one would hear, to have a terrible day.)


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(In between customers at work, I often times get bored and will sing along to the overhead music. On this particular occasion, a popular song that I know all the words to starts playing just as my manager walks past me)

Me: *singing* Shut up and dance with me!

Manager: No, I won’t dance with you, I have work to do.

(And that is why I love my manager.)

Bouncing Off Bad Parenting

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(I work in a craft store. We stock bouncy balls; kids and adults alike constantly bounce them, which is annoying and dangerous because we have glass. A mom and son are in our store. The son is bouncing a ball.)

Me: “Hey, please don’t bounce the ball in the store. We’ve got a lot of glass in here. Thanks!”

(The mom looks at me with this confused look but says nothing. Two minutes later, the mom comes up to me.)

Mom: “You know, I wasn’t going to let him bounce that around glass.”

Me: *thinking she was trying to explain why her kid was misbehaving* “Oh, no, it’s okay. Happens all the time.”

Mom: “Well, I had it under control.”

Me: “Really, it’s fine.”

Mom: *gets snarky* “I just thought it was really rude of you.”

Me: “Oh, um, I’m sorry?”

(The mom stomped off. Luckily, my manager heard the whole thing and took my side, but we were both clearly baffled by how a mom would let her kid misbehave, then get mad when someone else has to step in.)

Refunder Blunder, Part 40

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(I work as a cashier at a chain craft store. One day a woman comes in with a return of a single plastic dog figurine — which we do not carry at our location — without a barcode, and with a receipt that does not match at all.)

Me: “Ma’am, do you have another receipt? This one does not have the item on it, and the dog does not have a barcode for me to scan.”

Customer: “That is the receipt. I know it is.”

Me: “But none of the items on this are even close; you have ribbon and a book on this receipt. I really need the correct receipt. We do not even carry this item at this location, so I can’t even get a barcode to look it up.”


(My manager happens to be on the register next to me because we are pretty busy, and has heard the whole thing. She comes over and looks at the dirty, untagged dog, and at the receipt, and tells her the same thing I did.)


Manager: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I have no proof that you bought this here, and we do not even carry it at this location.”


Manager: “The item does not match any of the items on the receipt.”


Manager: “Then you should bring it back to them, and I’m sure they’ll take care of you.”

(She continues to insist loudly over and over that my manager has to take it back because she bought it at a different location of the same store. Turns out the store she bought it at is a whole five minutes away. My manager finally caves and manually refunds the book on the receipt, since it is a similar price. All the while, the woman continues shouting at her.)

Manager: “Here you go, ma’am. Have a nice day.”


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Bells And Bubbles And Bags, Oh My!

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(It’s truck day, and my coworker and I are opening our freight in the stock room with no help until other coworkers show up in maybe an hour. For several reasons, our boss has decided that today, he is going to make us lunch. He is in and out of the building checking on people before he begins grilling out back. My coworker and I are opening boxes, etc. I go over to put an empty box where it belongs and as I stand back up, I hit my head on something in one of my coworker’s carts.)

Me: “Ow!”

Coworker: “Are you okay?”

Me: “I think so. Am I bleeding?”

(This would not be the first time I’ve caused myself an injury at work, and my coworkers know I’m slightly accident-prone.)

Coworker: “We need to put you in a bubble!”

(I show her where I got bumped, and she determines that I’m not bleeding, so I go back to boxes.)

Coworker: “Hey, it’s been a while. Did [Manager] forget that he was going to go get you a garbage bin?”

(My coworker has more boxes and garbage than I do, so she uses two garbage bins, while I have been just grabbing a roll and tying bags to things for my styrofoam, etc.)

Me: “He must have.”

(I walk over to the supply area and grab myself a garbage bag, as our boss has obviously forgotten his search for a bin for me. He walks in a moment later, empty-handed.)

Coworker: “Yep, he forgot.”

Manager: “What? What did I forget?”

(He sees me holding a garbage bag and immediately turns back around to go find me an extra garbage bin. I’m used to being forgotten and kept out of the loop, and [Boss] has other things on his mind, so I’m not really surprised that he forgot. He comments on the size of the garbage bag I’ve grabbed myself and I tell him I was just grabbing something to start throwing my garbage in since he forgot about me.)

Me: “[Coworker], I need a bubble and, like, a bell!”

(Other coworkers have commented on how quiet I am and how often they tend to almost run into me because they can’t see or hear me coming around corners, etc. I really do think I need a bell or something.)

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