Put Away Your Confidence

| Chambersburg, PA, USA | Working | November 3, 2016

(I and the coworker in this story are both cashiers at a small craft store. We’re such a small store that normally we only have one register operator at a time and we call for backup as needed. On this particular day my coworker and I have our schedules overlapped for about an hour, so she is sent to put returned items back. However, I keep calling her to register and she’s barely been able to get through the few items there were. Finally, we’re down to the last ten minutes and the last item.)

Coworker: “I’m going to go try to put my last item back.”

Me: “Good luck to you, with the way it’s been in here. I mean, you only have ten minutes. Are you sure you can do it?”

Coworker: *very cheerfully* “Nope! I have zero confidence in my ability to get this put away! But I’m going to try anyway!”

Attack Of The Customers

| IL, USA | Right | October 2, 2016

(Things customers have said to me today that I thought were jokes… and weren’t:)

Customer #1: “What’s this sale you have going on?” *I explain it* “Oh, but that’s not the stuff I came in for. Can you change it?”

Customer #2: “Last month this was on sale. I want that price.”

Customer #3: “I want a yellow marker.” *I ask for clarification because we have at least 20 types of markers for all different mediums* “I said yellow. That kind. Kids… can’t listen for three seconds…”

Customer #4: “Hmm… I don’t like that price. You need to change it for me. I prefer around [smaller amount].”

Customer #5: *after doing a price check* “You are really annoying me right now. I don’t like that price at all. This is so frustrating that you are telling me this.”

Customer #6: “It’s disgusting that you don’t sell groceries here. Why do you make me go to TWO stores each week?”

Arts And Crafty

| FL, USA | Right | September 30, 2016

(I’m the closing manager for a craft store and one of my cashiers calls me to the front. A woman with a baby carriage is attempting to return a collection of high-priced marker sets without a receipt or the original card. I’ve seen this enough to know that she’s stolen these sets and wants the cash. I explain the store policy and refuse most of the return, only allowing about $42. Without a security team, there’s not much else I can do. After following her around the store for about three hours, she comes up to the till.)

Me: “Oh, did you find everything you need? Oops, there’s a marker set on the bottom of the carriage. Let me get that for you.”

Customer: “Oh, thank you! I forgot I put it down there.”

Me: “Of course! Looks like some items slipped under this bag. Let me get this out of the way so you can grab the other items.”

(She purchased about a third of the items, $42 worth, from the carriage and swiftly left the store. The remainder, including what I pulled from under the carriage? About 250 dollars worth of various marker sets and small items. Huh. Glad for the confirmation about that earlier return! I personally thanked all my employees and passed along a note to the head manager.)

Crinkle Brain

| USA | Right | September 17, 2016

(My coworker and I teach art classes at a craft store. We are getting ready for a class when a customer pokes her head in the door and politely asks for help, acknowledging that we are busy. We of course say, “sure!” She is holding a packet of the crinkle stuff that is often used in Easter baskets or gift bags; picture something like confetti, but in long strips instead of little pieces.)

Customer: “Do you know how long each strip is?”

(I don’t know why customers think we have this information memorized. Well, it is in a bag all smushed up, so it’s hard to tell.)

Me: “We can open up the package and look.” *knowing that the package had a sticky closure that would seal right back up in case she didn’t want to buy it*

(I open it up and show her, then seal it again and hand it back to her. While I am doing that, she keeps asking very specific, weird questions that are either simple or impossible to answer, like asking if she can cut the strips smaller and how long that will take. It’s made of paper, so it is fairly self explanatory, I would think…. Then she says:)

Customer: “Thanks. But I do need one more thing from you. Show me where I got this from? I don’t remember.”

(Even though it is all the way across the store and we are busy with our class stuff, we agree. My coworker goes to show the lady and comes back fuming.)

Coworker: “That lady was f***** crazy!”

Me: “What did she do?”

Coworker: “The only reason she asked me to show her where that was is so she could get a new package because she didn’t want to buy the one you opened!”

Me: “Seriously?!”

Coworker: “Yeah, and she’s just going to take it home and rip it open anyway!”

(Mind you, I sealed it up almost perfectly to where you could barely tell it had been opened. And it was sealed completely so the item wasn’t in danger of falling out. I can understand if it was a gift or something, but it definitely wasn’t.)

Scared They’re Just Waffling On

| Norway | Friendly | July 22, 2016

(About a year ago one of my best friends happens to start working at the same shop I work at, but we are rarely on the same shift as the manager knows we’d not get much done besides chatting. This is the night before she and I get to have a full day by ourselves in the store.)

Me: “So, do you want pancakes or waffles?”

Friend: “Uh… waffles?”

Me: “Great! Then I have one reason extra not to oversleep; gotta bring treats so I don’t disappoint you.”

Friend: “I would be very sad, then.”

Me: “No worries, I got it covered. Then we can eat waffles while looking at the handsome workers next door!”

(Let’s just say not a whole lot of work was done the next day, but the customers were kept happy, shelves stocked, and we shared some waffles with the workers next door!)

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