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My store generally has classes and all of our information is posted on the website. We have one girl who knows the class list and she had left for the night.

Me: thank you for calling [store] this is [my name] speaking, how may I direct your call?

Caller: I’m calling to find out if you have a certain class.

Me: okay well, unfortunately the girl who knows about our class list has gone home for the evening. But all of our class information can be found online on our website.

Caller: I didn’t see what I was looking for which is why I called. Do you know when she will be back in?

Me: I don’t, but again, everything can be found on our website.

Caller: can you take a message?

Me: yes ma’am I can-

Caller: nevermind just give me the name and I’ll call back tomorrow.

Me: okay her name is [name]

Caller: okay. *click*

She probably couldn’t find it because we don’t have the class she’s looking for.

Might Need Their Eyes Checked, Too

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(To get fabric cut, customers take a ticket with a number instead of waiting in a line.)

Me: “Number 38! I’d be happy to help number 38!”

(No one answers, so I use the phone system to send a page through the whole store.) 

Me: “We’re now helping 38 at the cut counter. 38 to the cut counter!”

(No response, so I wait for several seconds and then move on.)

Me: “Number 39!”

(A woman, who has been talking to friends, but is standing next to the phone I just paged from, turns to me.)

Woman: “Excuse you, what about 38?!”

Me: *already helping 39* “I’m sorry, I’ll put you in the line right after her. I called a couple of times and I didn’t hear you respond.”

Woman: “You don’t know what it’s like to be hard of hearing. You don’t know!”

(I help her as soon as I can, and she tells me three or four more times that I’d have better customer service if I could understand what it’s like to be hard of hearing. Eventually, I finish the cut, and she leaves.) 

Me: *turns silently to coworker*

Coworker: *wordlessly points to my visible hearing aids*

Coworker & Me: *dramatic fake shrugs*

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Not App-y About The Experience

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(I work at a craft store that’s pushing their app. They advertise it in emails, texts, and mailed ads. A woman comes through my line looking annoyed.)

Customer: “I hate your app! I can’t log in for the coupons and you won’t send me any in the mail!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, we—”

Customer: “And I don’t want email coupons! You send too many emails!

Me: “Okay, we have—”

Customer: “And I don’t want you having my phone number! That’s too personal!

Me: “Well, I can—”

Customer: “I’m going to go to [Competitor] from now on!”

(I finished checking her out without another word.)

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Framing A Christmas Disaster  

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(I work in custom framing. People bring their art to us and we help them design a frame, order it, and assemble it. Sometimes they will already have a frame they want to use and just need a mat to border the picture so it fits the frame. If we order it from the warehouse, it looks nicer but takes about a week and a half to come in without adding expedited shipping costs. For a limited selection of mats, we can cut it ourselves within a couple of days, but it’s not as nice. A few days before Christmas, this lady comes in.)

Me: “Hi! How can I help you?”

Customer: “I just need a mat for this. I mixed up the art pieces, so the mats are the wrong size. I don’t need anything fancy. You cut them here, right?”

Me: “Yes, we do! Now, did you need it by a certain time? Because these orders usually take a couple of days.”

Customer: “Well, you see, I’m putting together a frame for an elderly lady who lives in an assisted living home and her niece is coming to visit today so I’d need it as quick as possible. Also, I’m going to a Christmas program at three.”

(It’s almost two at this point.)

Me: “Hmm, well, as I said, it usually takes us a day or two, but let me go ask.”

(The frame shop manager is there, so I ask her about it. She tells me we’re not taking same-day orders because it’s the busiest time of the year and we have a lot of work to do before Christmas. I go back to the lady and tell her we can’t.)

Customer: “You mean you won’t just cut it? It takes, what, five minutes?”

Me: “It takes a lot more than that since it’s fairly technical. I won’t even attempt them because I’m still pretty new.”

Customer: “So, you can’t just take ten minutes and cut it?”

Me: *apologizes and repeats that we can’t take same-day orders*

Customer: *starts crying and says in an accusatory manner* “I guess she just won’t get anything for Christmas!” *leaves*

(Why do they wait until the day of to do this?)

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It’s Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas

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(It’s December, a week or two before Christmas. I’m walking back toward the office when I see a man coming up an aisle near the restrooms. I pause for a moment to greet him and ask if he needs any help, and he pauses to think.)

Customer: “Actually, yes. This is going to sound really weird, and you’ll probably never hear it again. Your store has the best-smelling public restrooms I’ve ever been in.”

(I pause and blink at him for a minute.)

Me: “Well, thank you! We try to keep them clean!”

(I then proceeded to answer another of his questions and try to help him find an item he was actually looking for. Definitely my favorite interaction of the week.)

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