Arts And Crafts Is So Rock And (Toilet) Roll

| Right | November 27, 2013

(I run into a customer coming out of the store bathroom. She’s clutching two empty toilet paper rolls and looks angry. I’m expecting her to round on me about no toilet paper in the stalls.)

Customer: “You work in a craft store. How can you let people just throw these away!?”

(The customer puts them in her shopping basket and stalks off. It left me wondering what craft is so awesome that the finished product would negate the ick-factor of digging through a public toilet’s trash bags.)

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Expects You To Buy That Story

| Working | October 27, 2013

(I’ve been scouring a very large craft store searching for a certain kind of glass jar, but I can’t find it anywhere. I approach a very bored-looking employee.)

Me: “Excuse me; do you have a moment? I’m having trouble finding mason jars. Could you point me in the right direction?”

(The employee heaves a sigh and rolls her eyes.)

Employee: “Mason jars? Where do you think we are? This isn’t a… a…”

(The employee trails off, searching for the right word.)

Employee: “…this isn’t a ‘buying things’ store!”

Me: “…a what?”

Employee: “You heard me!”

Me: “…but [Competitor] carries all kinds of mason jars. Are you sure you don’t have them at all?”

Employee: “WE’RE. NOT. A. BUYING. THINGS. STORE. Go to Walmart!”

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Spinning A Yarn About Being Sorry

| Right | October 23, 2013

(A customer brings up a skein of yarn to the register. I see she is intending to use a coupon.)

Me: “Ma’am, that coupon won’t work on the yarn because it is on clearance.”

Customer: “Well, that’s not very fair. It’s only a few cents off from the normal price, anyway.”

Me: “Actually, these are normally about $6, and it’s coming up for $2.64, so it’s cheaper than you would get using a coupon on a regular-priced one. Would you still like to buy it?”

Customer: “It’s not fair! Why can’t I get my discount!? This is ridiculous!”

Me: “I’m sorry you feel that way, but we don’t give discounts on clearance items.”

Customer: “Oh, I bet you are.”

(I am becoming both annoyed and nervous that the customer is going to have a full-on meltdown over this. I attempt to sound deeply sorry.)

Me: “I cannot express how bad I feel about this, ma’am. There’s really just not much I can do here.”

(The customer suddenly starts laughing and smiling.)

Customer: “Oh, I’m sure. I still don’t think it’s fair, but thank you for having some humor about it!”

(The customer pays for her yarn and leaves. The next customer in my line has been watching the whole exchange and is just as surprised as me that things didn’t turn ugly.)

Next Customer: “Is your boss around?”

Me: “Actually, I’m the boss right now; I’m the only manager here tonight.”

Next Customer: “Oh, well I would like to compliment the crap out of you! I was going to say something pretty soon if she kept on like that!”

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A Bad Frame Of Mind

| Right | October 11, 2013

(I work in a frame shop for a large craft store chain. I take a phone call.)

Caller: “Yes, do you have black frames?”

Me: “Yes.”

Caller: “How much are they?”

Me: “Well, it depends on the size, style, etc.”

Caller: “Okay, can you tell me what each of them costs?”

Me: “Ma’am, there are at least 75 different black frames; you really are going to have to come in and look for yourself.”

Caller: “Well, I’m not going to come in unless I have some idea how much they cost.”

Me: “Anywhere between $1 and $70.”

(The caller hangs up. Later that same day, the caller comes in. I recognize her voice.)

Caller: “Excuse me; can you tell me where your frames are?”

Me: “This whole section over here.”

Customer: “I see you have this frame in a 16 x 20, but I need it in a 20 x 16.”

(I take the frame from her and turn it on its side.)

Customer: *huffs* “Well, they should put on the package that you can turn it either way!” *storms off*

Coworker: “Dude, seriously?”

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Be The Change If You Want To See The Change

| Working | September 24, 2013

(My aunt and I are at a craft store buying fabric. She checks out without incident, and I am helped by the same cashier immediately after her.)

Cashier: “Your total is $20.97.”

(I hand the cashier $21, and she gives me twelve cents back, instead of the three cents I should have received. Confused, I look at the small screen on the credit card machine which shows that the total is $20.97 before tax and $22.12 after tax.)

Me: “Oh, I haven’t given you enough money. Take these 12 cents back, and here’s $2. That makes $23 that I’ve given you.”

(I put out my hand to give her the $2 and take the change, but she just stares at me.)

Cashier: “But you gave me $22.”

Me: “No, I gave you $21, and now I’m giving you $2 more, so you owe me 88 cents in change.”

Cashier: “But you gave me $22. The total was $22.12 and you gave me $22, so I gave you 12 cents.”

(My aunt steps in and takes the $2 from my hand, and gives the cashier $1.12, meaning the cashier does not owe us any change.)

Aunt: “Here, take this. Now you don’t owe us anything. Your drawer will be correct when you count it.”

Cashier: “But, you gave me $22, and I gave you twelve cents!”

Me: “Trust me, it’s all correct now. Just give me the receipt please.”

(The cashier reluctantly gives me the receipt. We turn to leave.)

Cashier: “Wait! You gave me 12 cents!”

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