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(At my store, like most, we have impulse buys at our registers: lotions, candy, small toys, etc. Among these items are individually wrapped caramels.)

Customer: What’s this?
Me: Caramel.
Customer: Chocolate?
Me: No… It’s caramel.

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(I work at a craft store “Where Creativity Happens”, but recently our competitor that sells fabric opened up near mine. Since I am a huge crafter, I went to the grand opening to purchase fabric. I must also add that I have blue hair, and am fairly easily identifiable)

Me: *waiting in line for the cutting counter*

Customer: EXCUSE ME! *grabs my arm* Where are your buttons?”

Me: I’m sorry Ma’am, I don’t work here-


Me: I work at the other one!

Customer: Then why are you here?!

Me: Because I’m buying fabric?

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(I’m ringing up a customer when I need to call my manager up for a problem with a return.  While we’re waiting, a mother with two young kids comes into the line. The kids grab some balls out of a bin and start throwing them around while their mother is playing around with her phone.  This has been happening all day, and customers don’t take me seriously when I ask them to stop their kids so I ignore it. My manager comes up and scolds the kids and ask them to put the balls away.)
Mother(to older kid, probably around 8): What did you think you were doing? Why did you let your brother do that? You were supposed to be watching him!
(Don’t blame your kid woman, watch them yourself!)

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A woman walks up to my manager as he’s setting up a display, I’m in the next aisle stocking.
Woman: My friend told me I could get something here.
Manager: What is it that you’re looking for?
Woman: Pieces of metal you bang on.
Woman: Little pieces of metal  you bang on and it stamps things.
Manager: (getting confused) I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

I suddenly realize what the woman’s trying to say and go over to save my manager.
Me: You mean a stamping kit for leather and metal?
Woman: Yes! Thats it!

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(My brother works at a large craft store which stocks countless adhesives in almost every department.)

Brother: Hi! Are you finding everything OK?
Customer: Oh, maybe you can help me! I’m looking for adhesive tape.
B: OK, do you mean just regular [common brand] tape? We also have duct tape, masking tape, etc.
C: No, it’s none of those. I don’t know what it’s called. But it’s tape with adhesive on it and you use it to stick things together.
B: Well, what things do you want to stick together?
C: I don’t know. I just need adhesive tape that can stick different things together.
B: Um…
C: I know my description isn’t very good, huh?

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