Retail Has That Effect On People

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(It’s truck day, so we’re unpacking freight and putting it away. I’ve just brought something to the stockroom, where my coworker is unpacking her freight. She yells for me as I walk away.)

Me: “Yeah?”

Coworker: “If you see anybody come back here with a box for me, I want you to punch them in the throat.” 

(Getting boxes of your stuff after you think you’re done sorting can be annoying, but you never know when others are finished sorting through their own boxes. She’s joking, but I play along.)

Me: “Okay!” *laughing* “Yeah, you know how violent of a person I am.”

(We both start laughing, and another coworker asks what we’re laughing about. We explain, and she starts laughing, too. I go out to my area to begin sorting through my freight. Later:)

Me: *walking into stockroom with a box* “[Coworker]!”

Coworker: “What?”

Me: “I think I need to punch myself.”

(My coworker laughs again and we talk about how we usually each get at least one box of each other’s freight. Even later:)

Co-Manager: *walking past* “Did you punch yourself?”

Me: “I told [Coworker] I should!”

(Some days are rough, but my coworkers make things fun.)

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A Not-So-Crafty Applicant

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(I’m helping with some interviews for a craft store, as I’m a new manager. I am asked to interview a girl in her twenties, just a couple of years younger than me. I go through her application and it looks normal: some retail experience, finished high school, computer proficient. I call her to set up the interview.)

Me: “Hi, is this [Applicant]?”

Applicant: “Yeah. What’s up?”

Me: “This is [My Name] with [Store], calling about your application. We’d like to have you come in for an interview!”

Applicant: “Oh, cool. Can we do it at [Coffee Shop]? I don’t wanna come all the way out there.” 

Me: “Unfortunately, we have all interviews done in the store. I can see if it can be done on a day you’re more open, though!”

Applicant: “Ugh, I guess.”

(We get it scheduled, and I tell her goodbye and hang up. I look at the other manager in the office with me.)

Me: “If driving to the store is such a hassle just for the interview, how is she gonna manage driving here to work when she’s scheduled?”

Manager: “Yeah, I’ve seen that.”

(Later on, she comes in for her interview. She’s dressed somewhat professionally but looks annoyed the entire time. I bring her back to one of our classrooms to do the interview so it’s out of the way.)

Me: “So, do you do any crafts?”

Applicant: “Ew, no. I just go on Etsy a lot.” 

Me: “All right, do you know a lot about any of the crafts?” 

Applicant: “Nope. Don’t care to learn; I finished school and that’ll be it for learning.” 

(I’ve already made my decision about hiring her, but I decide to finish out the interview as a courtesy. The rest of her answers are about the same: she doesn’t seem interested in helping customers, doesn’t care to do overnights to stock, and doesn’t want to work the register. We wrap things up, and I let her know we’ll call her.)

Applicant: “Okay. So, do I do my new paperwork stuff tomorrow?”

Me: “We have work on our end that needs to be done first, which can take a bit. Like I said, we’ll call you.”

Applicant: “Ugh, okay.”

(As I come back into the office, I apparently look exhausted, because the other manager looks concerned.)

Manager: “Bad interview?”

Me: “She doesn’t craft, doesn’t know anything about crafting, and doesn’t want to learn. She says if a customer is rude, she’ll just tell them to leave. And that if they need help, they can just Google it. How has she worked retail like this?!”

Manager: “Probably either lied or has a family member in management. At least you don’t have to try to train her.” 

(She called back weeks later to ask when she should come in. The other manager had the pleasure of telling her we went with someone else.)

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(My friends and I are checking out at a national craft store. I go first, and when the cashier asked for my email I say no thanks, because it is obviously for promotions and coupons. Then my friend checks out.)
Cashier: “And your email?”
Friend: (gives email)
Cashier: “Okay here is your total.” (She pays) “And here is your receipt! Have a nice day!”
Friend: “Wait, what was the email for?”
Cashier: “You will now get email promotions and coupons.”
Friend: “Oh, I didn’t know that’s what it was for. Can you delete it?”
Cashier: “Unfortunately, it automatically goes to our corporate office so there’s no way for me to take it out of our system now. You will have to wait for your first email to unsubscribe from there.”
Friend: “Well I didn’t know what it was for. Why didn’t you tell me what it was for?”
(While uncommon, I understand not knowing what giving the email is for, but the worse part was how she gave her email and didn’t even ask about it, and then stood there complaining about it. Needless to say, it will be a while before I shop with her again!)

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I work in a fabric and craft store.
We have thousands of bolts of fabric, walls full of sewing notions and a whole wall of yarn.
An older woman came in one morning and was there for a long time, browsing and picking things up.
Finally she walked up to me and we had yo following conversations.
Customer: where are your hair products?
Me: I’m sorry, what are you looking for. We have combs and headbands over here.
Customer: no I mean hair products. I need hair dye and mousse.
Me: I’m sorry ma’am, were a fabric store.
We don’t carry anything like that.
Customer: but my sister said you carry all that stuff. Did you stop carrying it?
Me: ma’am I’ve worked here two years and we’ve never carried hair products in that time.
Customer: no, my sister said the fabric store in this shopping center carried hair stuff.
Me; did she mean the beauty supply store a few doors down?
Customer: no, she said you had it.
Me: I’m sorry ma’am, we don’t. But you should find what you need at the beauty
Supply store. They’re just about four doors down the mall.
Customer: I’ve shopped here for years, I’ve never seen them before.
Me: well they are probably your best bet for hair care.
Customer walks off huffing and puffing about what a terrible store this was and what was the world coming too,
I was left wondering how a customer who had shopped here “for years” would think
A fabric store would carry hair care products and never know about the beauty supply store that had been in the same location got over 20 years,

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Serving Sonic

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While cashiering, I have a break in customers and work on some straightening. When I next look up, I see a couple going over their items with a woman cradling her substantial amount of fabric. Then, I see something that looks like a tiny paw reach out. I am too far away to be sure, but I assume it has to be a kitten to be that small. 

They soon come up to my register as I’m the only cashier open, and I ask for the fabric ticket to scan, as well as the usual customer service questions. Just as I’m asking them how their evening is going, the woman sets down the fabric and it rustles. She asks me if I want to see their new baby and starts to uncover the top of this vague fabric nest.

A hedgehog perks up and, within a moment, attempts to dash across my register!

The woman catches her pet before it can get too far away or come to any harm, and thankfully, she holds on to it in the fabric for the rest of the short transaction, both her and her partner pleased and friendly the whole time. It is hardly a bad experience but decidedly one of the stranger things to have ever crossed my register.

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