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(I was selling my hand-made (by me) bead jewelry at a craft show recently. A woman asked the price of a pair of earrings.)

Me: “These are $10.”

Woman: “But those are just regular costume, right?”

Me, in my head: No, lady, for $10, they’re solid gold.

In Bad Company

| Right | November 19, 2016

(A lady comes into my booth at a craft show and is very interested in my products. She asks me for a particular scent and I point out to her where it is on the table.)

Customer: “No, this isn’t it. This is [scent].”

Me: “That’s part of my company name. The actual scent is [scent].”

Customer: “Wait, I thought you said you made all this. Why is there a company name?”

Me: “It’s my company, so the name belongs there…”

Customer: “No! Everyone knows you don’t have your own company. Only big corporations have companies! I don’t want to support that, so I won’t buy from you!”

(She walked out and I was left to ponder how it was that I was not allowed to own a company because I’m only one person.)

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