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(So members of the country club I work at get a $90 food minimum to spend every three months, the receipts for any order at the bottom show the amount of the minimum that is left. So this little kid walks up to the counter and orders, he comes every day with at least two friends)
Kid: Can I have three fries?
Me: Sure!
Kid: (looks at receipt with amount at bottom): Hey! Why does is say unspent $6.70?
Me: Well bud, that’s how much of the $90 you still have to spend before your minimum is used up!
Kid: But I haven’t bought that much!
(Again, this kid and his friends come in every day and order at least 3 things each)
Me: Well that’s what the computer says but it may be a mistake!
(Next day, kid is back)
Kid: Well I showed my mom the receipt and we know that the unspent number is just what I have spent that day so you were wrong! Next time don’t lie to me!
(My manager is standing behind me laughing her ass off as the kid runs off)
Manager: Wtf was that?

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Customer: Is this Wal-Mart?

Me: Yes.

(This was an actual question asked to me by a woman while I was in the entrance of the store where the carts were stored.)

Treating All The Staff Like Crap

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When I was still a teenager I worked for a country club. The job was very easy most nights, and the clientele was very polite. The only bad thing about it was our general manager. He was a very pompous man who would eat more than he worked and would get in screaming matches with all the staff. The chefs especially hated him because he was always trying to tell them how to do everything, even though he knew nothing about food. There was one night, above all others, that encapsulates him as a manager.

We were hosting a wedding, birthday party, golf tournament, and normal dining. We were very understaffed, and I happened to be sick, so we were all floundering. My supervisor put me on the hostess stand where I wouldn’t have to strain myself too much, but I still had quite a bit to do. At one point, my GM approached me and demanded I clean the bathrooms. I tend to get very confrontational when I’m sick and told him no. I would not be cleaning a bathroom and dealing with food. That was not part of my duties. I guess he wasn’t expecting that from a young girl and just scampered off.

I found out the next day what had happened. At some point, one of the women in the bridal party got drunk and tried to flush multiple tampons down our toilet. Our sewage is connected to the kitchen, and sewage water from the bathroom flooded the kitchen. My manager tried to get every person on staff to clean it, but they all had the same response as me. Instead of calling in a cleaner, a plumber, or closing down for the night, he told the dishwashers to just occasionally sweep the sewage water out the back door. He closed down both bathrooms with a full house, and we continued to serve food the entire night.

After all that, this man even had the gall to write up each person who had said no to him for “insubordination.” I quit not too long after. He is still the GM years later.

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Sob Sister

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(I work at a country club. At a large wedding, I learn that the only thing worse than a bridezilla is an I’m-not-the-bride-or-the-groom-but-I’m-making-it-all-about-me-zilla. This ‘zilla was the girlfriend of the bride’s brother. My manager and I are helping the family do some final cleaning up for the night, and I gradually realize that this one young woman is sitting in the corner, crying. Different family members, including the bride, keep going over to try and comfort her. As we’re all heading out to the parking lot, she’s trailing behind us sobbing loudly. My manager, a sweet grandmotherly lady in her 60s, asks her what’s wrong. Both the bride and her brother try and deflect, but the woman starts yelling how she needs a sister, and she misses her sister, and it’s so unfair she doesn’t have a sister. At this point, my manager and I assume that she has lost her sister — i.e., her sister had passed away — and that’s why she was crying. My poor manager starts telling this girl how she (the manager) lost her son when he was nineteen, and offering to hug her and get her water and stuff. The woman then screams at her boyfriend/the bride’s brother:)

Woman: “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME, [Brother]!” *lays down on the ground and sobs hysterically*

(The bride and her mother are now both pissed at [Brother] because he apparently “promised this wouldn’t happen.” Just as I and the manager are thinking these people are heartless monsters, the groom, seeing our expressions, tells us:)

Groom: “She doesn’t have a sister.”

Me: “I’m sorry. Is there anything I can—“

Groom: “No, you don’t understand. She’s never had a sister. She just gets really upset about totally random stuff when she’s drunk.”

Me: “Oooookay… So, she’s not upset because her sister died? She’s upset because she never had a sister in the first place?”

Groom: “Yup.”

(The brother pulled his car around, they loaded the hysterical crying woman into the car, and he made it all of ten yards before having to pull over so she could throw up. Repeatedly.)

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Years ago, my grandparents decided to join a country club. As they were being shown around the guide talked about what they have…….. and what they don’t have.

Guide: and as you can see. There are no Jews or any person of of color. We do not allow that sort in here.

He was all ready to sign up my grandparents when…

Guide: So, what denomination are you.

Grandpa: Lebonies Jew.

They weren’t. Did I forget to mention that they had serious plans to join a famous march they made a movie about?