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(I am 18 and am currently working my first job at my aunt’s costume rental business after beginning recovery for anxiety and depression. It’s just before Halloween so things are pretty busy. We don’t rent hats and wigs without a costume to go with them.)

Me: Hi there! Can I help you find something?

Customer: Yeah, can you get me that Raggedy Anne wig on the wall? *gestures vaguely toward a wig*

Me: *managing to figure out which wig she wants* Well, not without a costume. That wig goes with-

Customer: *suddenly irate* That’s not what the guy on the phone told me two weeks ago!

Me: I’m sorry, but that’s always been our policy. The only man who works here has been here for four years, so I doubt he’d tell you that we can give you a hat or wig without a costume.

Customer: This is bullshit! My daughter is heartbroken now! She wanted to be Raggedy Anne so bad!

(The customer’s daughter, who is maybe 5 or 6, is looking at our display of costume necklaces without a care in the world.)

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but that’s always been our policy. I’d be more than happy to rent you the wig if you rent a costume with it.

(At this point, the customer grabs her daughter by the arm and begins roughly dragging her out of the store.)

Customer: Well, I guess you’re not FUCKING going trick-or-treating this year! This is fucking bullshit!

Me: … I’m sorry?

(The wig she wanted wasn’t even for our child-sized Raggedy Anne costume. It went with an adult-sized sexy rag doll outfit. She never came back.)

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I’m the customer in this story, I’m browsing masks at a popular seasonal costume shop when I see a wolf mask- it’s the last of its kind as far as I can see. I’m a furry but not at all open about it because of the volume of hate. There’s two teenage boys and their mother blocking the corner where the mask is so I can see it but can’t reach it without invading their personal space. They’re taking their time and I’m in a little bit of a rush so I decide to get their attention.

Me: “Excuse me Ma’am but could I get to that corner there?”

She says nothing and takes a few steps over, just enough for me to reach the mask. I grab it and start looking it over, deciding how I could alter it for an upcoming party. Suddenly I hear a gasp but think nothing of it, the prices in this store are paticularly steep.

Mother: “Oh my god, you’re not one of those furf***s!”

I know exactly what she means.

Me: *Dying in the inside* “Excuse me ma’am?”

Mother: “I didn’t think this store catered to YOUR KIND!”

She proceeds to knock the mask out of my hand, me completely dumbfounded and frozen in shock, then storm out of the store dragging one of her kids by the arm the entire way. Her second younger son sneers at me.

Younger son: BURN IN HELL FURF**!!”

He stomps of the mask, crack the plastic and follows after his mom and brother. An employee approached me afterwords and said he had their license and assured me they would be paying any cost it took to get me a new mask for free!

He Might Want To Go Easy On The Milk And Cookies That Night

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(I work at a local costume shop, and it’s right before Christmas. We get a lot of calls reserving Santa suits. The following happens over one of these calls.)

Me: “Hello. This is [Store]. [My Name] speaking; how can I help you today?”

Santa: “Hi. I want to know if you rent Santa suits?”

Me: “We sure do! We have our most popular deluxe Santa that comes with [high-quality accessories] for [price]. Our next most popular is our mid-grade [Santa] that comes with [less accessories] for [lower price].”

Santa: “I’ll take the deluxe Santa for [date].”

(I get his measurements and set up the reservation.)

Me: “And you are ready to go! Is there anything else?”

Santa: “Yeah, I have a question. Do you sell adult diapers? ”

(I laugh because I think he’s joking. But I soon realise he isn’t.)

 Me: “W-what? No. I would suggest going to a grocery store?”

Santa: “Well, that’s just a lot of accessories. It would be hard to take all that off just to use the bathroom.”

Me: “…”

Santa: “…”

Me: “No. We don’t sell adult diapers.”

(We made sure to wash his Santa suit an extra time after he returned it, just in case.)

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Seeing Red Can Make One Roll Up One’s Sleeves

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(A huffy-looking woman comes in with her teenage daughter.)

Me: “Hi, can I help you?”

Woman: “My daughter needs a flapper dress for a ’20s dance her school is doing.”

Me: “Okay, great. I’ll pull a few options for you to look at.”

(I pull several styles of flapper dresses for the girl to try on. The woman stops her daughter before she gets the chance.)

Woman: “These are all sleeveless.”

Me: “Well, yes. Most flapper dresses did not have sleeves. If you’re not comfortable with that, I’d be happy to pull some more casual ’20s dresses. They were worn far more often than the flapper ones, and we have some darling ones that would look perfect in a dance.”

Woman: “No. It has to be one of these kind; it just has to have sleeves.”

Me: “The only dress we have in this style with sleeves is unavailable to rent, currently. If you would like, we can add a cardigan, jacket, or shawl to one of these dresses to add some coverage.”

Woman: “No. That would ruin the effect. It has to be one of these dresses but with sleeves.”

(The woman argues with me for a while longer before I go to my manager. She gives me the go-ahead to show her our only sleeved flapper dress. I thought it would be exactly what they were looking for, as the daughter had been drawn to the style it was in: a red fully-fringed dress. Relieved and thinking I have the answer, I take it to them. The woman’s eyes widen with shock when I show the dress to her. Fuming, she takes her daughter by the arm and tells her they’re leaving.)

Me: “I’m sorry. Is something wrong?”

Woman: “There are some colors we don’t wear in this family. Red is definitely one of them!”

(She dragged her daughter out, glaring at me all the way out the door.)

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The Nightmare Immediately After Halloween

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(I work at a seasonal pop-up store that sells Halloween decor and costumes. Because we don’t want everyone to return their costumes right after their parties, we only accept returns up until the 20th of October and exchanges up until Halloween. However, managers can override the return policy at their discretion, such as if an item was marked down for damage, or the customer was being super nice. An older woman walks in.)

Customer #1: “Hello, I’d like to return this costume. I bought it for my granddaughter and it didn’t fit her.” *the costume she bought was $45*

Assistant Manager: “We can’t do returns, only exchanges. We do have that costume in a larger size if you’d like to exchange it.”

Customer #1: “No, I want to return it. Why can’t you do it?”

Assistant Manager: “Well, as it says on your receipt—” *she picks up the receipt and points right under our logo* “—we can only process exchanges past the 20th. It’s the 26th.”

Customer #1: “Well, I didn’t see that.”

Assistant Manager: *points to a placard on the register* “It’s also posted at all three registers.”

Customer #1: “You really can’t do a return? I need a return.”

Assistant Manager: “Sorry, we can’t.”

Customer #1: *looks to me, a lowly minimum wage cashier, for pity*

Me: “Sorry, all we can do is exchanges. Why don’t you look around the store and see if there’s something else you want?”

Customer #1: “No, I want my money back.”

(The customer huffs, shoves the costume back in her bag, and walks out. This part of the story is pretty normal, as people come in ALL the time trying to return things. The story gets a little more interesting though when another customer comes in… with the same costume and goal.)

Customer #2: “My wife came in and purchased this lovely, lovely costume for our granddaughter. And sadly, it didn’t fit at all. So, I want our money back.”

Assistant Manager: *once again goes over our policy, slowly and in detail*

Customer #2: “I don’t care. Give me my money back.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, we can’t. Like she said, our policy states—”

Customer #2: “I don’t give a d*** what your policy states. I. Want. My. Money. Back.”

Me: “We can only do exchanges, not returns. You can buy anything of equal or greater value in the store and get what you paid taken off.”

Customer #2: “I want my money back. It’s illegal not to give me my money back. I ought to call the police; it’s illegal to do this. I want to speak to a manager.”

Me: “Certainly, sir, I’ll page her right now.” *I pull out my walkie* “Could I get [District Manager] to the front, please?”

Customer #2: “That better be the d***ed manager. I don’t want another cashier telling me I can’t have my money back!”

Me: “She’s the district manager, sir.”

Customer #2: “Good. She’ll give me my d***ed money back.”

District Manager: *with the store manager in tow* “What’s up?”

Customer #2: *points a finger at both myself and the assistant manager, recounting his story and demanding his money back, again*

District Manager: *explains the store policy to him a third time*

Customer #2: “You cannot do that. It’s illegal to keep my money when I want it back. How about I call the cops right now?”

District Manager: *without missing a beat* “You go right ahead and do that. Our policy—”

Customer #2: *pulls out his cell-phone* “I’m calling the police. Your policy is illegal.”

District Manager: “All I ask is you step aside so [My Name] can ring up other customers.”

([Customer #2] obliges, grabbing his costume and walking outside to, I assume, get better reception and wait for the police. We never find out what the police think of our “illegal” practices though, because the next time we look outside he and his wife have disappeared.)

District Manager: “You know, I would have given him his return just to get him out of the store until he threatened to call the cops.”

Me: “You have more patience than I do, because the first time he threatened that I was going to tell him I was refusing him service and he was trespassing on private property.”

(The kicker? He left his receipt, meaning that if he came back or went to the store across town that’s in our chain, he couldn’t get an exchange or return at all. I wonder if that policy is illegal, too.)

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