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(I work at a year-round costume shop, where we have many ghoulish masks on display. Two women with their young children, two girls, come in to browse. The girls are looking at the masks and I chat with them while their mothers look around.)

One of the Girls: These masks aren’t real, are they?

Me: Don’t worry, they’re not.

Girl: Oh, good. (points to a mask) Because that one killed my husband.

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(I work at a seasonal Halloween store, and we do an annual donation drive for childrens Hospitals. The customer has come up to the register and he looks antsy)
Me: and how much would you like to donate to (local hospital)?
Man: Ah, how about this *puts 30 dollars on the counter* put the change into your little charity.
Me: ok, would you like your- um, Sir?
(I trail off because he is leaving, without taking his recipt or even before I can process his payment. Since he didn’t fill out his donation sticker, I wrote in “Dude that left before I could give him his recipt or finalize his payment”)

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So I work as an manager for a popular Halloween store and we have a strict return policy that only allows returns on a such date. For instance returns are no longer accepted a week before Halloween. Exchanges are fine just as long as the it’s for the same costume or another costume of equal to greater value.

Tonight my associate approached me asking me to explain to a customer we can not accept her returned item.

Me: Hello.

Customer: ” Hi, I bought this just last night and I didn’t try it on until I got home, and I realized I don’t need it.”

Me: “Well, we stopped accepting returns last Friday I can only offer you an exchange of a different item for the same price or greater.”

Customer: ” Well I don’t need anything else.”

This same conversation continues on for about 15 minutes. The customer constantly tries to stare me down and looks like she’s on verge of wanting to choke me until I submit to her request. She begins to ask why we don’t accept returns and I proceed to inform her on our company’s procedures and policy.

Customer:” You really can’t do anything?”

Me:” I’m sorry, not unless you want to exchange.”

Customer:”But I don’t need anything. That’s fine I’ll just dispute it.”

Me:” You go ahead and do that. Is there anything else can do for you.

Customer hastily replies no and walks away angrily.

Me: “Well have a good night.”

I thought it was an odd threat because I know she won’t get her money back because under credit card company policy and federal law a customer can not plea for a chargeback just because they weren’t satisfied with an item.

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(I am 18 and am currently working my first job at my aunt’s costume rental business after beginning recovery for anxiety and depression. It’s just before Halloween so things are pretty busy. We don’t rent hats and wigs without a costume to go with them.)

Me: Hi there! Can I help you find something?

Customer: Yeah, can you get me that Raggedy Anne wig on the wall? *gestures vaguely toward a wig*

Me: *managing to figure out which wig she wants* Well, not without a costume. That wig goes with-

Customer: *suddenly irate* That’s not what the guy on the phone told me two weeks ago!

Me: I’m sorry, but that’s always been our policy. The only man who works here has been here for four years, so I doubt he’d tell you that we can give you a hat or wig without a costume.

Customer: This is bullshit! My daughter is heartbroken now! She wanted to be Raggedy Anne so bad!

(The customer’s daughter, who is maybe 5 or 6, is looking at our display of costume necklaces without a care in the world.)

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but that’s always been our policy. I’d be more than happy to rent you the wig if you rent a costume with it.

(At this point, the customer grabs her daughter by the arm and begins roughly dragging her out of the store.)

Customer: Well, I guess you’re not FUCKING going trick-or-treating this year! This is fucking bullshit!

Me: … I’m sorry?

(The wig she wanted wasn’t even for our child-sized Raggedy Anne costume. It went with an adult-sized sexy rag doll outfit. She never came back.)

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I’m the customer in this story, I’m browsing masks at a popular seasonal costume shop when I see a wolf mask- it’s the last of its kind as far as I can see. I’m a furry but not at all open about it because of the volume of hate. There’s two teenage boys and their mother blocking the corner where the mask is so I can see it but can’t reach it without invading their personal space. They’re taking their time and I’m in a little bit of a rush so I decide to get their attention.

Me: “Excuse me Ma’am but could I get to that corner there?”

She says nothing and takes a few steps over, just enough for me to reach the mask. I grab it and start looking it over, deciding how I could alter it for an upcoming party. Suddenly I hear a gasp but think nothing of it, the prices in this store are paticularly steep.

Mother: “Oh my god, you’re not one of those furf***s!”

I know exactly what she means.

Me: *Dying in the inside* “Excuse me ma’am?”

Mother: “I didn’t think this store catered to YOUR KIND!”

She proceeds to knock the mask out of my hand, me completely dumbfounded and frozen in shock, then storm out of the store dragging one of her kids by the arm the entire way. Her second younger son sneers at me.

Younger son: BURN IN HELL FURF**!!”

He stomps of the mask, crack the plastic and follows after his mom and brother. An employee approached me afterwords and said he had their license and assured me they would be paying any cost it took to get me a new mask for free!